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'Nature' (2012) (Thailand)
A master of realism, Seksan Sing-on depicts beautiful birds in their forest habitat. Attracted by brilliant flowers, the tiny winged creatures celebrate the artist's love for nature. Around them, orchids of all kinds blossom in luxurious splendor.
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'Van Gogh's Garden' (2005) (Peru)
Theus takes his inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh, yet his interpretation is personal and Andean. Imitating the sun itself, golden daisies recall the 19th century Dutch master's sunflowers. Theus captures their ethereal beauty as the drift in a cool green ambience. "I strive to transmit life itself," the artist says. Titled "El jardín de Van Gogh" in Spanish.
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Manufacturer: NOVICA
'Grand Golden Fish' (2006) (Peru)
Theus creates sensations of movement and magic in this ethereal portrait of a fish. Filling the canvas with its undulating fins, it swims sinuously through blue waters. "This grand fish gave origin to the legend of how they procreated and multiplied in all the oceans of the world," The artist says. "We can appreciate the formation of golden fish at the bottom of the sea. But this fish was born in ...
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'Ancestral Passages' (2004) (Peru)
Ghosts of long-revered deities return from the past to serve as muses. Wrought in warm earth tones and multiple shades of blue, the canvas acquires a supernatural atmosphere. "Colors codified by time in remote epochs were transmitted to me," Kiro confides. "I have depicted these sensations, their im ...
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'Market I' (2007) (Indonesia)
Merchants set up shop under awnings in a Balinese town. In the distance, a temple dominates the scene and the lives of the townspeople. Women in sarongs and in contemporary dress move from stall to stall to make their purchases, and chickens stroll the street in between. Working in sepia, Odong Juna ...
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'Community Collaboration' (2009) (Peru)
"I this painting I seek to express the spirit of minka, meaning 'community collaboration' in Quechua," explains Peruvian artist Marco Donayre. "In times of aymi (help) and minka, a group of women gathers together to sell." Titled "Minka" in Quechua
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'Message of Peace' (2005) (Peru)
Radiant doves emerge from a field of sunflowers, their soft pink feathers glowing with life. Theus captures their innocent sweetness as they look out from among golden petals. The blossoms themselves are an ethereal presence against the cool blue sky. "There's no better way of transmitting a message ...
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'Horse in Shape of Clouds and Waves' (2011) (Peru)
"When I'm watching the ocean waves their crests appear to merge with the clear clouds up above, giving shape to galloping horses," confides Theus. The illusion becomes a source of inspiration which he masterfully transforms into a painting of powerfully artistry. Titled "Caballo en forma de nubes y ...
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'Fish Vendor' (2005) (Peru)
Carlos Morales paints a beautiful woman who offers two red flounders for sale. A scarlet cloth covers her head where she balances a bowl of shimmering fish. Applying layers of clear color, the artist achieves a sensation of depth and balance. The woman's vitality implies a source of life and her vol ...
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'Macaws' (2009) (Peru)
"Macaws are birds with colorful feathers said to mate for life," says Marco Donayre as he begins to explain his painting's theme. "I included two girls playing, trustful of their everlasting friendship, for when we are children we believe and trust that friendships are unconditional." Titled "Guaca ...
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'Daydreams' (2009) (Peru)
"In every child's soul and innocence there's a dream to fulfill, a dream that takes you to greater heights," believes Marco Donayre. "This painting symbolizes everyone's dreams and are personified by the child with his back to us. It is a posture of total relaxation, without a care in the world, whe ...
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'Human Pain and Indifference' (2005) (Peru)
Anguish and pain distinguish this work by Peruvian artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores. "This composition is like a human social work that expresses the Self's pain and our indifference to it," explains Lalupu. "We become indifferent to the internal and the external world of the Self, and this is a faithful ...
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'Reality, History and Sentiment' (2000) (Peru)
Livid color fills the canvas as fragmented figures surge from the shadows in a shouting mob. Bared teeth frame shrieking mouths and angry diatribes as menacing as the teeth themselves. All is chaos in this busy canvas by Wilmer Lalupu Flores. Winner of an Honorable Mention in the 200 Biennial Art Ex ...
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Bronze sculpture, 'Dancing Couple' (Brazil)
With sinuous forms and incredible artistic sensitivity Urubatan confers movement upon this sculpture, as potential energy pulsates beneath the contained surface of polished metal. Crafted from bronze, the deep contours and precise curves suggest a pair of dancers, their masculinity and femininity co ...
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'Market II' (2007) (Indonesia)
A shopper bargains for tiny bananas from a man who also sells ripe guavas from a basket. In the background, steps lead toward the temple. Strong young men offer their services to carry bags and boxes. Odong Junaidi captures the sensations of a traditional weekly market in Bali. Working in sepia, he ...
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'The Horse' (2010) (Peru)
Inquisitive and intelligent, five beautiful horses pose in an extraordinary equine portrait. A warm breeze ripples their silken mane, caressing rippling muscles beneath sleek coats. Lucid oils convey the vitality of these exquisite creatures. "I want to pay tribute to these noble and beloved creatur ...
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'Untamable' (2010) (Peru)
Rearing and dancing with lithe grace, a spirited stallion reveals a proud, strong character. Theus captures the might and power of this beautiful horse, each muscle tensed with energy in a compelling equine portrait. "Headstrong and untamable, this horse cannot be ridden by even the best horsemen," ...
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'Paracas Mantle' (2006) (Peru)
Flying figures turn to gaze at the viewer, extending an invitation into a mystical world. Working in bright colors, Theus recreates the precise geometry of pre-Hispanic textiles. The patchwork pays tribute to the Nazca-Paracas peoples, their history and their symbols. More prized than gold, Inca wea ...
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Bronze sculpture, 'Metamorphosis' (Brazil)
"The planet's air is highly polluted, and I want a better quality of air to live better," states Brazilian artist Urubatan. He sends his ecological message through the dramatic visage of a man. Sculpted of bronze, it is in the midst of metamorphosis struggling to survive. The sculpture rests on an i ...
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'Habitat of Bi-dimensional Spirits' (2005) (Peru)
A favorite theme of Edgar Aguirre, elves, gnomes and goblins inhabit this colorful dreamscape. Fairies flit through the air on gossamer wings in the Peruvian artist's playful vision of a magical world. Color fills the enchanted forest depicted in oils on canvas. Titled "Habitat del espíritus bidim ...
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'I Only Ask God' (2005) (Peru)
Anguish fills their features as they cry out with pain, but they find hope in the midst of their despair. Silent witnesses look on with compassion and encouragement. "My protagonists lift their faces to the sky, imploring clemency and help from the merciful Lord," artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores says. " ...
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'Heart of Nature,' sculpture (Brazil)
The complex and intimate relationship between the planet and humankind inspires this sculpture by Urubatan. A maternal figure seems to emerge from smooth, abstract contours, as a mesmerizing green patina accentuates the piece's subtle texture. Bronze's seductive presence results in an emotive image, ...
NOVICA 2454.99 USD
'Buddha of the Ayutthaya Period' (2004) (Thailand)
Paying tribute to Thailand's ancient splendor, Tanachai Ekuruchaitep paints an impressive portrait of Buddha. He realistically depicts the master as a lifelike stone sculpture caressed by lichens. The style is that of Thailand's Ayutthaya period, showing the influence of Lopburi, a provincial capita ...
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'Buddha of the Sukhothai Period' (2004) (Thailand)
Buddha appears in profile in this sublime study by Tanachai Ekuruchaitep. Lichen adds texture and realism to the sculpted stone image, reflecting the ancient atmosphere of Khmer temples. The artist is inspired by the Sukothai Buddha images whose style originated in Ceylon. Buddha's serenity is inten ...
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'Curtain of Mouth' (1982) (Brazil)
Maniacal expressions characterize this orgiastic composition, as Kaiuca's uniquely figurative sensibility evokes an atmosphere of ardent sexuality. An act of coitus takes place on the stage, but seems little noticed by the crowd, whose passion manifests itself in a colorful ecstasy of limbs and orga ...
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'The Cross of the Sinners' (1998) (Brazil)
The hallowed and the lascivious collide in this fascinating composition by Kaiuca. Renowned for his distinctive style, the artist elaborates monstrous forms, their intense colors and expressions accentuating the painting's sense of force and urgency. A cross rises from an island of red flowers, its ...
NOVICA 2312.99 USD
'Surreal Woman' (2009) (Peru)
A realistic woman seems to break through the constraints of the canvas, grasping abstract elements with strong hands. "I explore the strength of the human being who struggles to overcome obstacles. This is a woman who becomes a professional even though she is also a mother," says Peruvian artist Car ...
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'Fruit Seller' (2009) (Peru)
Blue shadows surround her, echoing the purple of her blouse and the startling azure of her scarf. She tucks a flower above her ear and proffers a succulent wedge of watermelon, the sweet red fruit's crimson flesh suggesting an invitation. Peruvian artist Carlos Morales composes a still life in front ...
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'Carrying Water' (2009) (Peru)
Marco Donayre masterfully captures the proud, tranquil expression of this man from the Andes. "He enjoys his life, proud of his work and tasks, including carrying water in a pot strapped to his back," says the Peruvian artist. Titled "Cargando agua" in Quechua
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'Mother Earth' (2009) (Peru)
"She represents the feminine side of nature in a meditation ritual. She is connecting with the sky and the earth in peace and harmony, with profound respect to Pachamama, or Mother earth in Quechua," says Marco Donayre as he describes his painting. "Blue hues symbolize strength and will, while the ...
NOVICA 2282.99 USD
'Happiness' (2009) (Peru)
"Happiness is the right antidote for stress, and all happy children are stress-free," believes Peruvian artist Marco Donayre. "In this composition, the angel's kiss symbolizes happiness as she jumps with her hands in the air and fuses with nature. That's why green is the predominant color, it repres ...
NOVICA 2282.99 USD
'Pure Innocence' (2010) (Peru)
The sun is high in the sky as a charming little girl helps her mom wash dishes in a bucket. At her tender age, she is unaware of what the family may lack. Instead she takes a joyous delight in helping those she loves. Andean artist Marco Donayre portrays the child with sensitivity and affection, won ...
NOVICA 2282.99 USD
'Mother Nature' (2010) (Peru)
A toddler curls up to rest with her head on mother's lap in this work by Marco Donayre. Drifting off to sleep, she is unaware of her mom's loving smile, yet the gentle caresses are perceived in pleasant dreams. Their setting is one of a lush meadow in a verdant forest, and the woman wears a red hibi ...
NOVICA 2282.99 USD
'With All My Soul' (2010) (Peru)
A little shepherdess holds a baby llama as she smiles shyly at the viewer. In the background, the flock seems not to notice. Rich colors and visual textures distinguish this beautiful expressionist portrait. "You can see in her eyes that she does her work with all the love in her heart. That's why I ...
NOVICA 2282.99 USD
'One Way' (2010) (Ghana)
Drawn by a natural force, minnows swim round and round undisturbed. "They seem to follow a leader, and though individually they may have a different life style, they come together in a great show of unity and togetherness," observes Robert Osei Anim. He prepares a palette of cool blue hues as he pai ...
NOVICA 2259.99 USD
Bronze sculptures, 'Ties of Love' (pair) (Brazil)
Working in bronze, Venetia Santos creates a superb pair of interactive sculptures. A deep green patina envelops the man, communicating strength of body and of character. A symbol of stability, he is affixed to a black marble base. In contrast, the woman is an ethereal presence, gleaming and golden. ...
NOVICA 2229.99 USD
'The Getaway' (2000) (Peru)
Glowing with ardent color, a woman runs from the looming green darkness. Vines reach out to grasp her as she hurries forward, undaunted. Liberty is her goal and destiny in this exquisite abstract. "In this work, the white, blank canvas permitted me the freedom to fill a wide, thick brush with thinne ...
NOVICA 2199.99 USD
'The Symphony of Plants' (2011) (Peru)
Theus creates the illusion of a three-dimensional painting as he paints with vibrant colors over a dark green background. "I wanted to capture and share the harmony of colors that we could have if we are mindful of looking after the place where we live on Earth," explains the Peruvian artist. "Let's ...
NOVICA 2197.99 USD
'God of Birds' (Peru)
The god of birds soars through the sky regal and celestial, his ample wings protecting all the species within his realm. Peruvian artist Theus creates a mystical being through his unique art and a wonderful palette of oil paints. Titled "Dios de las aves" in Spanish.
NOVICA 2197.99 USD
'Lotus in the Dry Season' (2005) (Thailand)
Lucid watercolors conjure an exquisite scene, their realistic beauty captured by expert brushwork. Illustrating Buddhist doctrine, Seksan Sing-on portrays lotus flowers in different stages of development. Some are buds, some full-blown and others only seeds. Buddha taught that all living creatures e ...
NOVICA 2159.99 USD
'Leaning' (2012) (Guatemala)
Mario Sergio Aviles depicts a young Maya woman leaning against a wall on a sunny street. Wearing the traditional clothing of her people, she gives herself over to a daydream. "She is absorbed in her thoughts," the Guatemalan artist says. "She is distant, galloping after the illusions in her dreams. ...
NOVICA 2142.99 USD
'Saxophonist' (2010) (Ghana)
Leaning back, lost in his music, a man coaxes sultry notes from his golden sax. "This work depicts a master of his craft doing what he does best. The multiple colors are an expression of his emotions and mood as he hits the notes one after the other," says Ghanaian artist Lawrence Kwaku Agyeman. "Th ...
NOVICA 2109.99 USD
'Ganesha' (2004) (Thailand)
Brahmin and Buddhist cosmology overlap in the veneration of Ganesha. In Thailand, the Hindu deity is known as Phra Pikanet or Phra Phikhanesawora. Tanachai Ekuruchaitep depicts the auspicious lord as a stone sculpture where lichen attest to the passing centuries.
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'The Competition and the Color' (2013) (Peru)
Sailboats glide through the sea, their colorful swollen sails reflected on the crystalline waters. Sailors expertly navigate between competitors as they pick up speed. A favorite theme in Teodoro Reque's art, this regatta takes place on a windy day, which the artist conjures through subtle horizonta ...
NOVICA 2079.99 USD
'End of the World I' (2011) (Thailand)
Nattaleya Paidan's ecological concerns find strong expression through her art. "This painting is about the disastrous melting of the ice in the poles. Global warming and climate change are destroying nature. Without nature, we will die too," denounces the Thai artist. "It saddens me when I hear stor ...
NOVICA 2064.99 USD
'End of the World II' (2011) (Thailand)
Nattaleya Paidan's ecological concerns find strong expression through her art. "This painting is about the disastrous melting of the ice in the poles. Global warming and climate change are destroying nature. Without nature, we will die too," denounces the Thai artist. "It saddens me when I hear stor ...
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Bronze sculpture, 'Horse' (Brazil)
"Horses make me think of beauty, power and freedom," says Brazilian artist Urubatan. He sculpts the handsome face of a horse in bronze, masterfully capturing the stallion's mighty poise. The sculpture rests on an imbuia wood stand. Titled "Cavalo" on Portuguese.
NOVICA 2052.99 USD
'Landscape' (Brazil)
Aloysio Novis creates an ambiance of evasive aesthetic movements - where light, perspective, and essential theme fluctuate in space, sketching a reflective vision of the human mind. An urban landscape emerges intriguingly in the composition, as rapid shadows and echoes of color suggest the city’s ...
NOVICA 2052.95 USD
'Rupture of the Quotidian' (2005) (Peru)
This enigmatic canvas by Edgar Aguirre explores three levels of reality. Divided into planes, it depicts people going about their day-to-day tasks. At the bottom of the canvas, the figures wear medieval dress. Conflict fills the middle plane, while the topmost portion is inhabited by a fairy. "This ...
NOVICA 1989.99 USD
'Tolerance' (2007) (Indonesia)
Pausing in front of the temple gate, a woman helps a girl with the basket she carries on her head. Their attitude is one of respect and cooperation. "Balinese people like to help each other," artist Odong Junaidi says. "Even if they have never met the person in need, they willingly lend a hand." He ...
NOVICA 1987.99 USD
Sculpture, 'Gymnast' (Brazil)
Arching her body, a gymnast reaches out to touch her toes. Every movement is grace as Urubatan depicts the lithe young woman in a signature sculpture. His line is minimalist and sleek, yet the modern figure study is most eloquent. "It is God who is wisest," he muses. "We artists only portray his wor ...
NOVICA 1982.99 USD
'Dancing with Love' (2008) (Peru)
"My painting is about lovers dancing freely as they give-in to passion. He gives her a flower as symbol of his love and loyalty," Juan Carlos Ñañake says as he describes the symbolism in his work. "The red hues in this painting symbolize the passion and flames of love that envelopes them." Titled ...
NOVICA 1979.99 USD
Sculpture, 'Pensive Nude' (Brazil)
Seated with legs tucked under her, a girl is deep in thought. Urubatan depicts the pensive young woman in a modern sculpture. The elegant nude is signed and receives an aged bronze finish.
NOVICA 1979.99 USD
'The Three Forces of Nature' (2007) (Peru)
Gentle shapes move in a swirling abstract of vibrant color. "This depicts the three forces that dominate our blue planet," Theus says. "Air for the birds, earth for humankind and water for the fish. According to my personal criteria, this painting represents nature and its forces." Titled "Las tres ...
NOVICA 1977.99 USD
'Torrent with Eucalyptus' (2010) (Peru)
Crystalline waters cascade down the face of a cliff in a white torrent beneath an azure sky. In the foreground, eucalyptus trees rustle in the wind. Raúl Cárdenas pays tribute to the Andean trilogy venerated by pre-Hispanic peoples – earth, air and water. "These basic elements are converted into ...
NOVICA 1977.99 USD
'Sunset in Paracas' (2010) (Peru)
Offering one of the most spectacular sunsets, Paracas inspires Raul Cardenas. He prepares a palette of oil colors with fiery hues to capture the quietude of dusk, the serenity and its inspirational aura.
NOVICA 1977.99 USD
'Yesterday' (2004) (Peru)
Glittering golden arcs recall the tumi, or ceremonial knives used by pre-Hispanic Andean cultures. The pebbled texture alludes to the peanut, a food staple, and the forms themselves represent ornaments found in the tomb of the Lord of Sipan. Teodoro Reque Liza conjures gold, water and a luminous sky ...
NOVICA 1977.95 USD
'Song of the Soul' (set of 4, 2008) (Indonesia)
Clouds cover the world, enveloping everything in a cool, white mist. Peeking through the haze, patches of blue are infinite. Luminous shadows traverse this set of four enigmatic abstracts by Sutianto. "This is an expression of a man trying to search for a purity in his soul to create peace in his li ...
NOVICA 1959.95 USD
'Life Travel' (set of 4, 2008) (Indonesia)
Flowing across four canvases, color describes experience. "This is a poem about the life travel of each and every person. The life story that is endless and full of trials and obstacles as we strive for a better life. To reach our goal always requires hard work, and meeting its challenges. I symboli ...
NOVICA 1959.95 USD
'Loyal Friend' (2012) (Guatemala)
"I took this gentleman's picture one day on 6th Avenue in our capital city," begins Carolina Cabrera. "I made some changes, like the warehouses in the background, and I added the little dog. I painted it this way because animals are so sweet and loyal, and the inspiration came from our dog, which is ...
NOVICA 1949.99 USD
'Summer Feats' (2011) (Peru)
Boats return at dusk carrying weary fishermen after a fruitful day at sea. Pulling their nets, lowering their sails, their feats at sea become ingrained in the memory of Teodoro Reque Liza. Painting with oils in a palette of gray hues, the Peruvian artist finds inspiration in childhood experiences. ...
NOVICA 1947.99 USD
'Ouro Preto - Minas Gerais' (2006) (Brazil)
Captured in brilliant tones with quick, sure brushstrokes, a church dominates this composition, elevating towers toward the sky like prayers. Dallier paints a dynamic portrait of Ouro Preto. The historic town in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Titled "Ouro Preto ...
NOVICA 1944.99 USD
Batik art, 'Brothers in Love' (Indonesia)
Exquisitely detailed, this extraordinary batik is the work of Balinese artist Ida Bagus Lawa Bargawa. The Hindu epic Ramayana inspires each vignette, with the central panel depicting Sugriva, the Balinese name for Hanoman, with his brother Kiskenda Subali. Both brothers are feuding over the love of ...
NOVICA 1919.99 USD
'Illusion' (2'009) (Peru)
Sessarego moves his brush over the canvas in a dance to his favorite music. Selecting golden yellows and rich blues, he conjures a melodious mood that is full of light. An inspirational composition painted with acrylics on canvas. Titled "Ilusión" in Spanish
NOVICA 1899.99 USD
'Cheerful Day' (2009) (Thailand)
A scarlet elephant trumpets with excitement as four other pachyderms frolic in a forest of pines. Festooned with scarlet globes and golden tinsel, the trees bow and dance. Supachet celebrates the holidays with this fanciful painting. "This is an elephant family party on Christmas day," the Thai arti ...
NOVICA 1874.99 USD
'Two Fisherwomen with Shawls' (2005) (Peru)
A rich palette of primary hues gives shape to a portrait of women from the Peruvian coast. Pulling their shawls over their heads against the sun overhead, they stroll homeward with their shimmering catch. Carlos Morales' stylized forms are large and comforting, the source of their families' sustenan ...
NOVICA 1862.95 USD
'Spring Moon' (2010) (Peru)
Bright and glorious, the moon lights the path for cyclists on the seashore. Accompanied by their loyal dog, they enjoy the spring's warmer climate. Painting with oils, Antonio Marquez creates an expressive composition to celebrate the enjoyment of life. Titled "Luna de primavera" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1822.99 USD
'Trapped Nymph' (2005) (Peru)
The myths and legends of ancient Peru find renewed popularity through the art of Wilmer Lalupu Flores. "This painting is inspired by a myth from the Tallan culture that tells of a goddess who zealously guards a certain ceramic pot," says the artist as he explains the abstract imagery. "She never all ...
NOVICA 1804.99 USD
'Busy Women' (2012) (Ghana)
Standing tall and self-assured, a woman makes her way through a busy marketplace, her purchases balanced in a tray on her head. Other women fill the scene with movement. Ricson Agyare pays tribute to the busy women of West Africa, both shoppers and merchant women eagerly searching for customers to m ...
NOVICA 1799.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Organics II' (Brazil)
Opening to life, this statuette by Urubatan appears like a blossoming seed. Bronze's rustic elegance is well complemented with granite's organic essence. Extraordinary in abstracted meaning, this piece celebrates life's simple glories. Titled "Orgânicos II" in Portuguese, this is one of a signed l ...
NOVICA 1794.99 USD
'Musical Frenzy' (2008) (Ghana)
Swirling shapes fill the canvas, evoking the sounds of a banjo and flute duet. Working with a palette of vibrant, primary hues, Mark Buku explores sheer sensations. The musicians are intent on their instruments, but the woman who listens lets her feelings flow as freely as the melody.
NOVICA 1789.99 USD
'Coastal Estates' (2009) (Ghana)
"The sea never dries, so never give up keeping on," encourages Seth Korkodi through his art. He directs his message to the community of fishermen at Nyanyano beach, in Ghana, who seem to have left their canoes empty on the shores though fishing is the only source of income in the area.
NOVICA 1789.99 USD
'Central Market' (2012) (Ghana)
Seen from above, umbrellas form a vast patchwork pattern. Beneath, merchants from the Central Market offer a dizzying array of merchandise. Godwin Atta Geoman depicts a bustling West African marketplace, filled with merchants and shoppers on any day of the week.
NOVICA 1777.99 USD
'White and Black' (2012) (Peru)
A master of realism, Alberto Herrera captures the beauty of an African zebra. Intricate patterns of white and black appear as the animal turns its head. Limpid brown eyes, long lashes and soft fur distinguish a portrait so vivid it seems to convey the noble animal's spirit. Titled "Blanco y negro" ...
NOVICA 1764.99 USD
'Encounter of Two Oceans' (2005) (Peru)
Theus recalls a time when fish could fly and birds could swim, conjuring that magical moment in a glowing abstract. Radiant, bright goldfish mingle with soft doves in a serene world of the mind. Feathers and scales meld with sea and sky. "Imagine that past world, imagine this present world," the art ...
NOVICA 1762.99 USD
'Latin-American Song' (2005) (Peru)
Wilmer Lalupu Flores celebrates the rhythm and song that serenades Latin-American countries. He paints a juxtaposition of traditional musical instruments that gradually shape the image of a musician. Lalupu chooses colors that are earthy, warm, with a slight shadow of nostalgia and the fear of losin ...
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'Universal Space…Elements…Consciousness… Introspection and Power' (2003) (Thailand)
Inchoate clouds swirl in a roiling universe inspired by a dream. Deep blue evokes mystery and awe, while a blazing star is mesmerizing. Whirling like the Milky Way, stars unite in luminous clouds in this elegant oil on canvas. Rungsak Dokbua paints a fantasy series that exalts all of nature – sea, ...
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'Latin America Song' (2006) (Peru)
"I give music an expressionist style in my canvas," says Peruvian artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores. "The musicians' songs express different messages as I try to rescue and re-vindicate traditional Latin American music." An intense palette of oil paints serves the artist well, as he portrays each musician ...
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'You Are' (2008) (Peru)
"I've chosen lyrical abstraction for the freedom it allows me to express my feelings, my dreams, my fantasies and my perceptions of reality," confides Peruvian artist Leonidas Zavaleta. For this oil on canvas he creates a colorful, nebulous composition that is inspired by the poetic words of Joselit ...
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'Your Sweet Hands' (2008) (Peru)
"My perception of reality is based on my sensations, which I turn into color with absolute chromatic freedom," explains Peruvian artist Leonidas Zavaleta as he paints with oils. Showing a preference for abstract lyricism, he finds inspiration in "The Value of Your Hands" ("El valor de tus manos), a ...
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'Andean Dawn' (2010) (Peru)
Blue shadows shroud steep mountain cliffs in indigo as the sun peeks above an azure horizon. Gilding the sky, it announces dawn in the sierra. A waterfall cascades to a rushing river as the first birds awaken and sing to its music. "The pale light of sunrise when the world seems almost monochrome in ...
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'Torrent at Sunset' (2010) (Peru)
Peru's dramatic landscape inspires this oil on canvas by Raul Cardenas. "This composition makes a geographic and cultural reference to the people of the Andes. To them, the water, sky, and earth are deities that make possible humankind's existence." Titled "Torrente al caer la tarde" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'August Second' (2011) (Peru)
"To me, sunflowers are the most beautiful of all the flowers. That's why August is my favorite time of the year, it's when they are in full bloom in Peru," says Theus, who explains the title of the painting is reference to the day he painted it. Titled "Dos de agosto" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'The Perfect Couple' (2011) (Peru)
"I am fascinated by birds in general, and most specific by cuculí or West Peruvian doves," says Theus of his muse. "I love their song, which announces the arrival of dawn, and by all the love they show when they find their perfect mate." Painting with oils, he takes artistic license to depict the u ...
NOVICA 1759.99 USD
'Reflection' (2013) (Peru)
Exploring the quality of light, Teodoro Reque Liza demonstrates his luminous style in which forms take shape as though in a dream. He captures the magic of sunset in Peru's Amazon rain forest. Tall trees keep vigil on the shore of a wide, glassy river. In the distance, on an island, boats ride at an ...
NOVICA 1757.99 USD
'His Majesty' (2007) (Ghana)
Men carry drums on their heads in a royal procession, while drummers walk alongside, beating out the rhythms. By Anakwa Asabea, this dramatic work conveys the pomp and ceremony surrounding a West African king. It is inspired by an Akan proverb – Obra pa gya owura kwan, meaning "Your good works wil ...
NOVICA 1754.99 USD
'Geometric Ideas' (2012) (Peru)
Teodoro Reque conjures voluptuous grapes in succulent clusters that rest amid mysterious geometric forms. Working in a luminous palette, he creates an abstract variation of the classic still life. Vertical light partitions the canvas with elegant force, creating multiple planes. A colorful red neckl ...
NOVICA 1752.99 USD
'Melting Culture' (2006) (Peru)
Abstract shapes struggle in the foreground in a painting of great power. "I show the tenuous form of a container placed near the fire," says Peruvian artist León Dextre. "The upper and lower portions melt in incandescent color. This is a theme that alludes to the transformation of all cultures, eit ...
NOVICA 1717.99 USD
'Andean Family at Dawn' (2007) (Peru)
Wishing to convey the force of the family bond, Edgardo Crovetto paints with a warm palette of colors. "In the Andes, families wake up at the crack of dawn to set off on their daily chores. They always seem so united, so I wanted to convey the love and peace and that reigns within them," confides th ...
NOVICA 1714.99 USD
'Every Night's Train' (2008) (Mexico)
Blue bodies stretch lazily across azure clouds in a star spangled heaven of quiet gray. Dappled light plays across the lovely nudes, their feminine features given over to slumber. Indira Castellon adds hints of dawn's glory in fiery color that peeks between the women's forms. "I wanted to represent ...
NOVICA 1702.99 USD
'Christ and the Twelve Apostles' (2013) (Brazil)
Christ shares his last supper with his twelve apostles in Ana Martin's original interpretation of this Bible story. Painting with acrylics, she captures the solemnity of the occasion as she evokes the timeless beauty of a stained glass window. Her portrayal of Jesus and the apostles is moving though ...
NOVICA 1702.99 USD
'Bringing Banten Offerings' (2010) (Indonesia)
Made Surita captures beautifully dressed women who hurry toward the temple to worship. The offerings they carry are made from young coconut leaves and special herbs, decorated with the most beautiful fruits, cakes, rice and meat. Banten (offerings) are always borne on the head, in order to honor God ...
NOVICA 1694.99 USD
'Bringing Fishes Home' (2009) (Indonesia)
After a day of fishing, a family walks home with the day's catch. Behind them, sea birds soar above a boat on the beach. A women carries a basket brimming with fish on her head while her companion and son embrace a huge grouper. By Made Surita, this beautiful Balinese landscape is filled with sensat ...
NOVICA 1694.99 USD
'Prototype of Woman' (2004) (Peru)
Appearing in many guises, women form the theme for this thoughtful work by Wilmer Lalupu Flores. From oriental ingénues to a contemporary beauty queen, each embodies different roles in today's world. The artist's characteristic personages appear, melding human and animal attributes, and golden colo ...
NOVICA 1692.99 USD
'Human Suffering' (2004) (Peru)
Grief, death, hunger and the objectifying of the individual are Wilmer Lalupu Flores' themes for this thoughtful collage. He gathers newspaper clippings that illustrate his central concept, unifying them with sober earth colors. Enveloped in nebulous clouds of green and opal, they struggle to the fo ...
NOVICA 1692.99 USD
'Jars of Hope' (2011) (Guatemala)
Standing in the cobblestone street, a woman purposefully arranges large clay pots along the edge of the sidewalk. Their sale provides the income her family needs for day to day expenses. Carolina Cabrera depicts the itinerant merchant in a colorful mixed media painting. Crushed eggshells provide the ...
NOVICA 1689.99 USD
'Amazon Still Life' (2001) (Peru)
Light enters through stained glass windows to illuminate translucent bottles. Surrounding them, luscious fruits carry the perfume of the rainforest. Persi Narváez pays tribute to Peru's Amazon region in this exquisite composition. His use of color confers a magical effect on everyday objects, exalt ...
NOVICA 1682.95 USD
'Water, Wind and Shadow I' (2003) (Thailand)
Abstract colors evoke reflections in water as Tawee Donpun explores the elements of nature. On the river shore, wind ripples the surface where trees and sunshine are reflected. "Earth, water, wind and fire form the cycles of nature," he says. "They form the harmony of what is natural."
NOVICA 1659.99 USD
'Forest Spirit' (2004) (Peru)
Extending a welcoming greeting, a woman invites all to enter a world of verdant beauty. A shaman hides between the tall grasses as he carefully admires the precious balance between flora, fauna and humans. "People and animals rejoice in freedom," Francisco Vilchez says as he presents this energetic ...
NOVICA 1652.99 USD
'Blue Dream' (2012) (Peru)
Seen in profile, a woman's hair seems to meld with storm clouds in a dreamlike work by Alberto Herrera. Her eyes are closed, her expression serene as waves surge beneath the roiling sky. Titled "Sueño azul" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1652.99 USD
'Family' (2006) (Peru)
Depicted in cool blue with abstract line, a family is both modern and ancient. Pre-Hispanic art influences this painting by Juan Carlos Ñañake. "The figures represent family unity guided by the father. The mother and daughter are joined with fraternal love. The image symbolizes the father's protec ...
NOVICA 1649.99 USD
'City at Night' (2008) (Peru)
Superimposed on a crazy quilt of vivid color, a woman's face gazes quizzically at the viewer. All is movement in this busy composition as Miriam Chipana conjures a city that never sleeps. "The shapes are inspired by cave paintings and pre-Hispanic art," she confides. "Through her memory, the woman o ...
NOVICA 1642.99 USD
'Objects of Crystal' (2010) (Peru)
Engraved glassware nestles alongside a cut glass decanter and a crystal pitcher. Set against deep blue draperies, their crystalline transparency refracts a subtle rainbow. Elias Perez works with extraordinary realism, capturing the regal beauty of each object. Titled "Objetos de cristal" in Spanish ...
NOVICA 1629.99 USD
'Calming the Oceans' (2005) (Thailand)
Tanachai Ekuruchaitep paints an impressive portrait of Buddha in one of his standing poses, stylized to Thailand's Ayutthaya period. It is known as "Calming the Oceans" or Paang Harm Samoot and it symbolizes mastery over passions. Ekuruchaitep's inspired painting exudes the peaceful aura that surr ...
NOVICA 1614.99 USD
'Man and His Paths' (2010) (Mexico)
Standing before a maze of colors, a tall male figure seems to study them in silence. Rich textures draw the personage to the foreground as colors flow and meld in rainbow hues. "The geometric shapes represent the man's thoughts, which create his own reality," says Mexican artist Humberto Paniagua. " ...
NOVICA 1614.99 USD
'Sunny Sunday' (2010) (Peru)
Bright summer days bring the promise of fun at the beach, inspiring this composition by Antonio Marquez. Painting with oils, the Peruvian artist portrays a woman and her son enjoying a Sunday holiday by the sea. Titled "Domingo de sol" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1597.99 USD
'Deep Memories' (2008) (Ghana)
"This painting takes us back in our memory to appreciate the good things our ancestors left for us," artist Prince Asher says. Working in deep, rich colors, he creates a mesmerizing vortex that pulls the viewer into a personal reverie.
NOVICA 1587.99 USD
'Flow of Ownership' (2008) (Ghana)
Caressed by white light, luminous colors move lithely across a spirited canvas by Prince Asher. He works in primary hues, layering clear colors to create a sense of depth and movement. "The flow of colors suggests the flow of life and death – both spiritual and physical – to where they are suppo ...
NOVICA 1584.99 USD
Bronze sculptures, 'I'm a Little Bird' (Brazil)
A small child balances on his mother's feet as he stretches out his little arms, imagining he can fly. But her own arms are ready to steady the child. Venetia Santos depicts the playful pair in two handsome bronze sculptures, one with a darkened surface, the other polished to a sheen. The woman is a ...
NOVICA 1584.99 USD
'Blue World' (2008) (Ghana)
Prince Asher creates a beautiful ambience based on one of his favorite colors. White light caresses sapphire shapes that seem to move and multiply. "This is an expression of a symbolic world where truthfulness, understanding and love rule," the artist says.
NOVICA 1584.99 USD
'Mutual Role' (2008) (Ghana)
Essential elements in the West African kitchen, the calabash symbolizes an African identity for Prince Asher. The artist exalts the hollow gourd, used for everything from bowls and baskets to resonant musical instruments. "This painting emphasizes the respected role of the calabash in African societ ...
NOVICA 1584.99 USD
Rutile quartz long chain necklace, 'Imperial Eyes, from the Roberto de Villacis Collection' (Peru)
"The Imperial Eyes of Machu Pichu are contemporary treasures of art to wear," says Roberto de Villacis, who entrusted his design to Novica artist Carlos González to craft. "This collection is a testament to the timeless elegance of one of the most mysterious cultures of the ancient world," says de ...
NOVICA 1582.95 USD
'Guardian of the Fort of Nari-Walac' (2005) (Peru)
Like robots or animals, guards are a powerful presence, gazing impassively across the canvas and snapping strong jaws. Earth colors pervade this handsome work by Wilmer Lalupu Flores. They stand vigil at huacas, ceremonial structures found throughout Peru. Flores invokes the guardians of Nari-Walac ...
NOVICA 1579.99 USD
'Green Hope' (2006) (Peru)
"In this theme, the human being is always the protagonist," says Peruvian artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores. "Here, he takes the first plane where forms and faces fluctuate in the atmosphere. Their profiles are thoughtful, positive." Flores' warm palette is punctuated by patches of green, symbolizing hope ...
NOVICA 1579.99 USD
'Morning Impression' (Thailand)
Seksan Sing-on transforms the life cycle of lotuses into a beautiful artistic metaphor for Buddha’s teachings. In his "Four Noble Truths," Buddha postulates that one can escape life's pain and suffering through enlightenment. Painting with oils, Sing-on depicts a newly blossomed lotus, one that be ...
NOVICA 1577.99 USD
'Anxiety' (2008) (Peru)
Like phantoms, amorphous shapes move restlessly across a rainy canvas. Ominous clouds threaten a storm and anguish permeates the composition. "I wanted to express the strength and vitality I can achieve through color," artist Sessarego explains. "This painting shows the panoramic vista of a city in ...
NOVICA 1574.95 USD
'Millennium' (2013) (Brazil)
Myriad moods of blue confer a sensation of peace that emanates from their infinite depths. Nuances of green ripple across a composition filled with light and mystery. In his hallmark style, L. Ferraz creates a visual enigma filled with quiet texture. Golden clouds represent yet another millennium. ...
NOVICA 1572.99 USD
'Scene from Bahia' (2005) (Brazil)
Baianas strike a seductive pose for Brazilian artist Ezequias. They set their stalls in Pelourinho to sell a wide variety of items. "My painting represents a traditional scene from the streets of Salvador (Bahia), where women sell tidbits and food to tourists," explains Ezequias. Titled "Cena da B ...
NOVICA 1569.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Brazilian Flag' (Brazil)
The Brazilian flag rises from a bronze palette, undulating proudly throughout the passing of time. Urubatan masterfully works the metal to achieve a surreal sense of movement. The artist sets the bronze sculpture upon a base of recycled imbuia wood, transforming this piece into a proud tribute to Br ...
NOVICA 1557.99 USD
'Sea View' (2012) (Ghana)
Dawn gilds the horizon as fishermen take to the sea in the early morning light. While the townspeople sleep, these young men prepare boats and nets for their daily rounds. Godwin Atta Geoman depicts a scene from Africa's Volta Region.
NOVICA 1557.99 USD
'Echoes of a Near Dimension' (2005) (Peru)
Mythic figures come together in a joyous dance. Gnomes, elves and harlequins play the violin, guitars and panpipes as they emerge from a dream world. By Edgar Aguirre, this playful composition is fascinating, drawing the viewer deep into an imaginary world. Titled "Ecos de una dimensión cercana" i ...
NOVICA 1542.99 USD
'Faith Across Time' (2011) (Guatemala)
The passing years have left their mark on her face and weathered hands, but her gaze is firm and bright. Carolina Cabrera depicts an elder woman in a handwoven skirt wrapped in a sweater and rebozo. In her hands, she holds a rosary, symbol of the faith that has sustained her all her life. "I took th ...
NOVICA 1542.99 USD
Sculpture, 'Horse's Head' (Brazil)
Magnificent in its beauty, a powerful horse seems to pose and prance, its grace evoked only by the head and neck. Brazilian sculptor Urubatan creates this extraordinary work of art. The sculpture is signed and receives an antique black finish.
NOVICA 1539.99 USD
'Market Day' (2005) (Guatemala)
It is market day in the Guatemalan town of Chichicastenango, and itinerant merchants display their wares in front of the church of Santo Tomás. A woman who wears the yellow blouse of San Juan Sacatepéquez offers fresh calla lilies, chrysanthemums and avocados along with terracotta jars. Beside her ...
NOVICA 1537.99 USD
'Super-ego' (2009) (Mexico)
Ana Rubí Panduro defies convention by painting the upside-down portrait of a woman. "She represents a rebellion against an institutional sense of morality, without being immoral herself," says the Mexican artist. She takes her inspiration from psychoanalytic theory, in which Sigmund Freud defined t ...
NOVICA 1529.99 USD
'Reach Customer' (2005) (Ghana)
Shielding herself under a colorful umbrella, a woman waits her turn in a line at the market. Explaining his title, Ricson Agyare says she is waiting in line to reach the stand where she can buy her favorite goods. He depicts her holding her basket, her face expressing a mix of patience and boredom. ...
NOVICA 1519.99 USD
'Balinese Girl' (2009) (Indonesia)
Seen in profile, a beautiful girl is caressed by moonlight in a dreamlike Balinese landscape. "With her prim hairdo adorned with beautiful flowers and her red lips, this woman's portrait looks stunning and represents the true beauty of a Balinese girl," artist Made Surita confides. He pays tribute t ...
NOVICA 1507.99 USD
'Twilight Beach' (2005) (Thailand)
Golden light envelops rugged rocks that jut into the ocean. The darkening sky intensifies the glorious colors of sunlight reflected on the water. Washing gently to shore, the waves are tinted with rose and orchid that contrast with deep sapphire and sunny yellow. Prachuap Chaikham-udom paints an enc ...
NOVICA 1504.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Wine' (6x9.5) (Mexico)
Lush burgundy tones offset white in this intriguing matrix of patterns and shapes by the Ruiz Bazan Family. Nestled in the highlands of Oaxaca, the family practices traditional weaving dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Exceptional care to detail and use of traditional organic dyes contribute to exc ...
NOVICA 1499.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Vino' (6x9.5) (Mexico)
Lush burgundy tones offset white in this intriguing matrix of patterns and shapes by the Ruiz Bazan Family. Nestled in the highlands of Oaxaca, the family practices traditional weaving dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Exceptional care to detail and use of traditional organic dyes contribute to exc ...
NOVICA 1499.99 USD
'Woman in Love With the Andes' (2003) (Peru)
Gazing at a pre-Hispanic mask that hovers in the sky, she hugs her thoughts close. Steep mountains dominate the horizon where a golden sun shines. Pantigoso creates a stained glass image filled with symbolism. "I depict the Andes converted into cubist planes filled with color. There is a closeness h ...
NOVICA 1497.99 USD
'Buddha Image' (2008) (Thailand)
Buddha appears in sublime meditation in this inspiring study by Tanachai Ekuruchaitep. Lichen adds texture and realism to the sculpted stone image, reflecting the ancient atmosphere of Khmer temples. The artist is inspired by the Sukothai Buddha images whose style originated in Ceylon. Buddha's sere ...
NOVICA 1494.99 USD
'Couple' (1998) (Peru)
All is mist, shrouding the scene as though in clouds and intensifying the impact of the central figures. "I represent a couple in abstract form; my palette is yellow and opaque," says Peruvian artist León Dextre. "I used a warm gray atmosphere to achieve perspective and depth." Titled "Pareja" in ...
NOVICA 1489.99 USD
'Nest' (2006) (Peru)
Stylized birds sit in a nest of vivid orange and yellows. Their expressive faces seem to show amazement as they watch other birds take to the sky. León Dextre exalts a traditional Andean art, that of transforming dried mate gourds into whimsical figures and objects. In the background, mighty mounta ...
NOVICA 1489.99 USD
'Dancer' (2001) (Peru)
A harp and violin set the rhythm for a folkloric dancer who moves to the melody of a saxophone. Emerging from geometric patterns, his form evokes a Harlequin. "I explore the pompous costume of a dancer, emphasizing not his face but his hat," artist León Dextre confides. Titled "Danzante" in Spanis ...
NOVICA 1489.99 USD
'Blurred Space' (2013) (Peru)
"This painting is inspired by the notion of empty spaces and how they are transformed according to how different people see them," says Adolfo C'colque of this oil on canvas. Abstract in nature, the composition comes to life as ocher, green, white, brown, blue, and beige are blurred together into a ...
NOVICA 1489.99 USD
'Flute Symphony' (2009) (Indonesia)
The night sky peeks through a window into her bedroom. Oblivious to time, a woman coaxes an enchanting melody from her flute. Joel Mangundirjo depicts a girl whose best friend is the flute, which she plays morning, noon and night.
NOVICA 1489.95 USD
'After the Feast' (2008) (Peru)
A nostalgic mood sets over the canvas as Joaquin Ramos laments the end of local festivities. "This is inspired by the villages I visited in southern Peru, where they have big celebrations for their patron saints, as well as traditional feasts that date back to the Inca Empire," explains Ramos. Titl ...
NOVICA 1487.99 USD
'The Morning Sunrise' (2005) (Indonesia)
Surging upward, gold and yellow press against ethereal blue. Sutianto paints a dazzling abstract allegory, communicating through sheer color. "Orange, yellow and grayish black are true colors of the sun when he wakes us in the morning sky toward the east," the Balinese artist muses. He expresses his ...
NOVICA 1487.95 USD
'Soul Searching' (2007) (Indonesia)
Waves of blue and sapphire wash across an abstract canvas, leaping skyward to evoke clouds. Freely expressing his ideas in color, Sutianto explores the innermost soul. "This painting was born of contemplation," he says, "of searching the soul to find what is pure, in order to find peace. My message ...
NOVICA 1487.95 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Sensuality' (Brazil)
Cubist contours evoke a seated nude, sculpted in polished bronze and presented on a base of granite. Goga creates a provocative signature piece she calls Sensualidade (sensuality). A visual feast, the exquisite work invites touch.
NOVICA 1479.99 USD
'Yellow Sunset' (diptych, 2008) (Indonesia)
Glowing fields of yellow cross two canvases kissed by golden sun. Repeating curving line, Sutianto creates a luminous universe of extraordinary peace. Black symbolizes night clouds that caress a shining orb. "The sunset is one of the beauties of God's creation," Sutianto says.
NOVICA 1479.95 USD
'Looking for Water' (2007) (Peru)
Desperation fills this painting as anxious people search for water. Despite the cool blue tones, the images cry out with thirst. "I tell the story of when we no longer have water, that elemental liquid in our lives. Those who don't have any seek it at all costs," artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores explains ...
NOVICA 1469.99 USD
'Esthetic Geometry II' (2008) (Peru)
Creating optical illusions, Teodoro Reque works with planes of luminous color. They seem to change positions, taking the foreground then moving toward the background in this fascinating abstract. Dazzling white light envelops the geometric shapes in a harmonious aesthetic. Titled "Geometría estét ...
NOVICA 1459.99 USD
'Preparing to Fish' (2011) (Peru)
The first light of dawn sheds its light on sleepy boats lulling on the sea. In time they'll soon be ready to set sail. Painting with oils, Peruvian artist Teodoro Reque creates an inspired composition with his inimitable style. Titled "Preparando la faena" in Spanish
NOVICA 1459.99 USD
'Racing in the Wind' (2010) (Peru)
Sails swollen, boats approach the finishing line fueled by the high winds. Peruvian artist Teodoro Reque shares his passion for sailing through his original art as he paints with a warm palette of oil colors. Titled "Carrera de viento" in Spanish
NOVICA 1459.99 USD
'Peace Like a River' (2007) (Ghana)
Standing under a tree with an oar in his hand, a man contemplates the serenity that reigns over the river bank. Painting with acrylics, Alex Mensah transforms the canvas into an inspired message of peace. "I would like to tell the world that we can all live together in peace despite our differences ...
NOVICA 1454.99 USD
'Reunion' (2010) (Peru)
People from every part of the globe come together peacefully in a reunion for world peace. Juan Carlos Ñañake depicts them in abstract form, each one different, each one a world to him or herself. "Yet, despite our apparent differences, inside we are all the same," the Andean artist affirms. Titl ...
NOVICA 1434.99 USD
'Mother Earth' (2011) (Peru)
Depicted in fertile shades of brown and ochre, Mother Earth dominates this handsome canvas by Juan Carlos Ñañake. A child embraces her, seeking a role model as she herself faces adulthood. "Different characters that surround Mother Earth represent abundance, fertility and economic progress," the a ...
NOVICA 1434.99 USD
'Face' (2010) (Peru)
Depicted in cheerful colors, a girl's face radiates beauty and innocence. Pre-Hispanic art influences this painting by Juan Carlos Ñañake. "This represents a family relative," the artist says. "I want to convey all her beauty and joy, both inside and out." Titled "Rostro" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1434.99 USD
'Together' (2010) (Peru)
Standing side by side, people of all ages hold photos of one another. "They will be together forever," says Peruvian artist Juan Carlos Ñañake. "My inspiration is the family nucleus, which is the most important thing we possess. We will always be united and these are the people who will always sup ...
NOVICA 1434.99 USD
'Prosperity II' (2010) (Peru)
Voluptuous and inviting, twelve clay cántaros (jars) symbolize the 12 months of the year. Used by ancient man to store grains and liquids, they represent prosperity in this exquisite work by Juan Carlos Ñañake. Warm earth tones embrace the rounded forms as they pose enticingly in tenuous light. ...
NOVICA 1432.99 USD
'Still Life' (2010) (Peru)
The room is dim, but the tenuous light caresses a copper tea set, illuminating the contours burnished by years of use. To the right, a porcelain teacup awaits the fragrant brew, a silver teaspoon resting in the saucer. Elias Perez creates this evocative image with loving detail, inviting the viewer ...
NOVICA 1399.99 USD
'The Singing of the Sea' (diptych, 2005) (Indonesia)
As rippling waves caress the sandy beaches of Indonesia, their melody inspires this diptych by Sutianto. He prefers to paint this composition with acrylics as they render his palette of blues, oranges and white more vivid. "Nature is so harmonious," exclaims the Javanese artist.
NOVICA 1389.95 USD
'Bathers' (2010) (Peru)
Surrounded by lush nature, women bathers enjoy a day in the sun. Colors are bright and intense yet they convey an aura of relaxation. Painting with oils, Peruvian artist Joseph de Utia reveals the influence of past masters while creating a composition that is admiringly unique. Titled "Las bañistas ...
NOVICA 1387.99 USD
'Mountain' (2011) (Indonesia)
"Mountains store great mysteries and energy," believes Javanese artist Sutianto. "A small brown crack begins to appear threatening to empty all of their mysteries." With oils as his medium, he prepares a palette of bright orange hues as he paints a composition of abstract artistry.
NOVICA 1384.95 USD
'Visions of Quixote' (2010) (Peru)
Don Quixote's many battles inspire this modern interpretation of the legendary hero. Holding his lance safely, Quixote engages his opponent, while Rocinante his horse and Sancho Panza's mule look on. Painting with oils in bright colors, Joseph de Utia creates a vibrant composition that holds element ...
NOVICA 1382.99 USD
'African Beauty Parade' (2005) (Ghana)
Ricson Agyare celebrates the beauty of African women with this original acrylic on canvas. He paints seven women in silhouette wearing colorful dresses. Poised, their natural elegance is admirable.
NOVICA 1377.99 USD
'Fragile Lotus' (2006) (Thailand)
Wild pink lotuses open their petals to welcome the rising sun as they lay on a bed of green leaves. Seksan Sing-on achieves admirable clarity as he paints with watercolors on Arches paper. Lotus are the artist's favorite theme, and in Buddhist philosophy they symbolize purity.
NOVICA 1374.99 USD
'Birds' (2005) (Peru)
"This is an original interpretation of the engraved mate gourds, a traditional Andean handicraft," León Dextre says. He depicts a bevy of gourd birds that come to life before the viewer's eyes. "I interpret them pictorially with harmonious interplay of forms and colors. By managing the light, atmos ...
NOVICA 1374.99 USD
'Rebirth' (2008) (Peru)
"I was thinking about violent acts, such as 9/11, and the pain and destruction they leave behind. I got to think about the people that survive such horrors. I painted this composition in their honor, because it is admirable how, through their strength and determination, they have been reborn," Joaqu ...
NOVICA 1374.99 USD
'Mortal Warming' (2011) (Peru)
Red splashes across a gripping image, suggesting blood, implying a mortal danger. Busy shapes race to and fro, set against what may be a sky that is still blue. "Conservation concerns me," says Andean artist Theus. "With this painting, I make reference to a lack of scruples toward birds and toward a ...
NOVICA 1374.99 USD
'Autumn' (2010) (Peru)
Draped in transparent silks, two women peek from behind an open door onto a mysterious space filled with mist. Warmth envelops the pair, created with layers of translucent oils. Adolfo C'colque paints this magical composition, inviting the viewer into a world of autumn colors. "For me, woman forms a ...
NOVICA 1372.99 USD
'Mollusks' (2010) (Peru)
Captured in radiant hues, mollusks thrive in a sea of magical color. Dappled sunlight plays across the shells, filtered and gentled by the water. "For me, the marine world in its totality is much more beautiful and grand than we realize. Therefore, I find it important to represent these life element ...
NOVICA 1372.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Insinuating' (Brazil)
Standing in front of him, she leans slightly into him feeling him close as he welcomes her. Working with cold bronze, Goga masterfully creates a sculpture of heated intimacy over a bed of black granite. The sculpture features a slight contrast of polished finishes. Titled "Insinuante" in Portuguese ...
NOVICA 1372.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'The Kiss' (Brazil)
He leans over her as she swoons with emotion, brushing her lips with his in a gentle kiss. Goga conveys their sentiment and complicity in an original bronze sculpture. Intertwining bodies in pure lines and sensuous curves, she demonstrates her mastery of abstraction. This exquisite sculpture receive ...
NOVICA 1372.99 USD
'Untangling' (2012) (Guatemala)
"This painting is an analogy of the daily difficulties of Guatemalan women when, surrounded by so much beauty, they barely have time to appreciate it because they are so busy untangling quotidian problems," says Mario Sergio Avilés. Painting with oils, his artistic sensitivity is translated into th ...
NOVICA 1369.99 USD
'Harmony in Blue I' (2007) (Thailand)
This very realistic painting shows pebbles in different sizes and shades. Washed by blue water, they rest in a riverbed. Choojit distinguishes each stone from the others in a superb nature study. It evokes sensations of calm and peace.
NOVICA 1367.99 USD
Gold and quartz cocktail ring, 'Infinity' (Brazil)
Zircons sparkle into infinity under the protection of a quartz shield in a design that exudes original elegance. Ekaterina Pokrovskaya sets the faceted gems on 18k gold, creating a mesmerizing ring. Marked 750, the official designation for 75% gold and the equivalent of 18k.
NOVICA 1367.99 USD
'Totem' (2005) (Peru)
Abstract in form, a human body leans backward to reveal intricate tattoos along the legs and thighs. The distant moon drifts overhead in a fiery sky while solid gray monoliths divide this fascinating canvas. Luis Ordinola evokes the ancestral adoration of fertility by way of the sun god and moon god ...
NOVICA 1364.99 USD
'Men Domesticated Nature' (2004) (Peru)
Long low fields stretch across the vast countryside, their dappled colors suggesting great distance and space. Hovering in the air, spirits are observant. To the right, all is color, riotous as it struggles inside an orderly grid. Kiro's exquisite abstract explores man's need to tame animals and to ...
NOVICA 1359.99 USD
'Woman Who Gives Birth to a Dove' (2004) (Peru)
Misty borders reach into the distant past where myths and legends still live. Working in rich, warm colors, Kiro tells a story from the times of the ancient Inca. The daughters of Pacha Kamaq, an Inca chieftain, transformed themselves into birds. Since then their mothers call them urpay wachaq, whic ...
NOVICA 1359.99 USD
'Pampas Blanket' (2005) (Peru)
Mist blankets the verdant Andes, softening the jagged power of the majestic peaks. Beneath the mountain meadow, all is color and activity. Kiro depicts the apus, or spirits of the hills, in a beautiful allegory that deals with the earth's creation. The spirits represent feelings. "Share with me thes ...
NOVICA 1359.99 USD
'Loves in Blues' (2006) (Peru)
"They fly from the enchantment of the sea after overcoming worlds beautified in mists of gold, their minds conceiving the unknown for our times," muses Andean painter Kiro. He depicts two birds amid azure waves with green hills in the distance. The work forms part of his Urpay Wachaq (woman who give ...
NOVICA 1359.99 USD
'Nude in Red' (2008) (Peru)
Enveloped in ardent color, a nude gazes curiously at the viewer. Wilmer Lalupu Flores depicts the reclining woman in his hallmark style, suggesting the myriad sensations she feels. "This work breaks down the human figure through line and colors," he says. "The painting is inspired by the form of the ...
NOVICA 1357.99 USD
'Homage to My Friend Wilo' (2006) (Peru)
With a silent wail of lamentation, his distraught features convey a deep anxiety. Earth colors create a somber portrait by Peru's Wilmer Lalupu Flores. "This is a theme with a message in which I speak of the death of a great friend and colleague," he explains. "He was a melancholy man, and we rememb ...
NOVICA 1354.99 USD
'The Turquoise Bull' (2006) (Peru)
Life's wonderful creatures inspire the surreal artistry of Peru's Guma Alvites. Humans in different poses tell stories of challenges and perseverance. "The turquoise bulls symbolize their personal strengths," explains Alvites as he describes the meaning that underlies his composition. Titled El tor ...
NOVICA 1352.99 USD
'The Treetop Bar' (2006) (Peru)
"This is the illusion of humankind, to be able to eat the leaves of some mystical tree in order to be purified," reflects Guma Alvites. He paints of people sitting in a bar on a treetop, some alone and some with friends. There are others climbing tall ladders seeking peace through purification. Pain ...
NOVICA 1352.99 USD
'The Ozone Cat' (2006) (Peru)
Oils and carbon pencils fuel the artist's imagination as he creates a world of fantasy and color. "Many humans envy this cat and would like to be able to do what he does, which is to escape pollution by climbing the branches of a tall tree," reflects Guma Alvites. An element of endearing naiveté tr ...
NOVICA 1352.99 USD
'Sunset in Paracas' (Peru)
The setting sun creates an aura of peaceful serenity as Paracas prepares for night. "This is a beautiful and historic place, where General San Martin arrived to free Peru," explains Raúl Cardenas. "It is a natural reserve now, but much of it disappeared with the 2007 earthquake." Titled "Cae la ta ...
NOVICA 1349.95 USD
'Market Gossip' (2009) (Ghana)
Baskets on their heads, women on errands pause for a chat. Sunlight illuminates the street corner where they eagerly to listen to the conversation. Using luminous color, Mark Buku creates an enchanting Ghanaian street scene. Beneath its charm lies his own observation of human nature and the joy of f ...
NOVICA 1347.99 USD
'Flutist II' (2008) (Ghana)
Intent on her music, a girl coaxes sweet notes from a flute. Mark Buku captures her youthful beauty, neatly braided hair and casual dress. But it is her rapt concentration that mesmerizes the viewer. Her red skirt blends with the ardent air that surrounds her.
NOVICA 1344.99 USD
'Passionate Lyrics' (2008) (Ghana)
Intent on the mandolin, a woman coaxes passionate melodies from its sonorous strings. Blue shadows envelop the lovely young musician, yet her delight is palpable. Mark Buku selects a challenging perspective for this portrait, demonstrating his consummate skill in oil on canvas. "This lady is passion ...
NOVICA 1344.99 USD
'Enchantment of a Dream' (2012) (Brazil)
Yellow butterflies alight on summer trees while birds serenade bright mandalas. Evoking a sensation of peace, this fanciful work by Kika Sevn is dreamlike and beautiful. Titled "Encantos de um sonho" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1342.99 USD
'Dancing' (2005) (Peru)
Poised in the spotlight, dancers rise and gracefully twirl. The ballerinas are wreathed in the sheerest of tulle, each ethereal woman absorbed in her performance. With a realism that tends toward abstraction, Teodoro Reque pays tribute to classic ballet. This radiant and lyrical work of art is titl ...
NOVICA 1339.99 USD
'Constructions II' (2008) (Peru)
Massive blocks of stone rise tall and imposing. Yet the play of light across them gives the impression of buildings that float in the mist. Teodoro Reque selects a palette of green that turns to deep jade. His transparent colors share shadows of imaginary beings inside. Titled "Construcciones II" i ...
NOVICA 1339.99 USD
'Constructions III' (2008) (Peru)
Vertical strokes of color suggest tall buildings, yet Teodoro Reque gives this canvas a feeling of lightness. Subtly shading the geometric shapes, he applies layers of transparent color to create planes and depth. Gold evokes Inca treasure while mysterious shapes suggest ancient deities. Titled "Co ...
NOVICA 1339.99 USD
'Flight on the Blue Planet' (2011) (Peru)
Like prehistoric birds, winged creatures scatter through the sky, their hoarse cry loud on the wind. Strong, aerodynamic shapes rocket through the air, impelled by the rhythmic beating of wings. "I explore all the emotion sparked by flight. An important frontier for the human race, it has required u ...
NOVICA 1329.99 USD
'Disintegration' (2011) (Peru)
Dense tangles of feathers and bone force their way skyward, almost filling an enigmatic canvas by Theus. A passionate ecologist, the Andean artist expresses his anxiety through color. "My theme is global warming and birds as its victims. They are dying slowly due to our indifference," he laments. T ...
NOVICA 1329.99 USD
'Evolution of Flight' (2011) (Peru)
Seabirds soar on soft, strong wings, gliding on air currents that blow above the ocean. Working in a soothing palette of blues and grays, Theus conveys their serene beauty. "The excitement of flight above the sea or in space… flight is a dynamic art. Humans have always wanted to fly and this paint ...
NOVICA 1329.99 USD
'Marine Landscape' (Peru)
Applying layer upon layer of sheer color, Mishelle Ramos creates a mood of mystery and beauty. Horizontal brushstrokes flow gently across the canvas as the artist evokes an underwater world. "This painting is inspired by the Peruvian sea," she explains. "The combination of colors refers to the diver ...
NOVICA 1329.99 USD
'Splashing the Atmosphere' (2013) (Peru)
Frisky young horses gallop along the river shore, splashing a rainbow of water droplets at dawn. Leading the pack is a magnificent white steed. Adolfo C'colque captures their strength, their intelligence and their spirit in radiant oils. Titled "Chapoteando la atmósfera" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1329.99 USD
'Riding' (2006) (Brazil)
Palominos gallop in a field of sunshine, their reality melding into a world of dreams. Diaphanous as the breeze that sweeps across this painting, a nymph leaps astride a golden steed. A ghostly white horse materializes to accompany her as Ronaldo Pio transforms a dream into mesmerizing images. Titl ...
NOVICA 1327.95 USD
'The Blue Dove' (2007) (Peru)
Quiet and beautiful, a blue dove glows amid stylized flowers. Theus tells how this mystical painting came about. "Something amazing and wonderful happened to me. One day when I was going to paint, I went to take out my easel. What a surprise! A dove had nested there. I couldn't paint. All I could do ...
NOVICA 1324.99 USD
'Cactus Flower' (2007) (Peru)
Delicate pink petals reach toward the azure sky in this lovely painting by Theus. "This is a cactus flower from the desert. It offers us its fragrance and luminous color to captivate our senses," he says. "It is said that in other times, this flower was a sea flower. It looks like the starfish on oc ...
NOVICA 1324.99 USD
'Together for Peace' (2008) (Peru)
Working in warm colors, Juan Carlos Ñañaque expresses the fervent wish of children in this beautiful composition. "They have come together in a peaceful protest, requesting the end to mistreatment, discrimination and conflict in Peru and in the rest of the world," the artist explains. "They carry ...
NOVICA 1324.99 USD
'Language of the Doves' (2010) (Peru)
Face to face, birds fill the air with their soft twitter. Yet they also communicate through eye contact and body language. Feathers like ruffles suggest their excitement, beautifully captured in oil on canvas. Theus discovers magic in all of nature. Titled "El lenguaje de las palomas" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1324.99 USD
'Passion' (2010) (Peru)
Safe in her nest of fragile twigs and petals, a bird sits on tiny eggs, awaiting the moment when her hatchlings join her. Light radiates from her eyes like love, and her chicks are her only passion. Birds and their flight are favorite themes for Peruvian artist Theus. Working in lucid oils, he insti ...
NOVICA 1324.99 USD
'Impassioned' (2010) (Peru)
Romance is in the air in a magical moment when lovebirds fly in an avian dance. "Love is my inspiration!" Theus exclaims. "Animals also feel love, just as people do when we find our partners." Expressing the concept through birds – a favorite theme for this Peruvian artist – he creates the dizzy ...
NOVICA 1324.99 USD
'Insinuations' (2006) (Peru)
Circular color fields meld and merge like a kaleidoscopic image. Working in jewel-like hues, Theus explores relationships. "Artistic representation is beautiful in itself," he says. "I do not forget the image of the life of man and of woman. Together, they are the likeness of love, passion and chall ...
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'Wicungo Flower' (2006) (Peru)
The legendary wicungo grows deep in the Peruvian forest and blooms beneath the full moon. Theus captures its mystical allure with a palette of greens, blues and gold. Magical, religious and mystical, the plant is thought to bring love and beauty. The artist depicts the nocturnal blossom, prized by c ...
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'When Oranges Fall from the Sky' (2007) (Peru)
"I painted this composition to express how time factors-in with people's economic stability, especially with their contentment and will to live," confides Enrique Bustamante. "The title is inspired by the Bible, where it says that God will send the manna from the skies, meaning He'll always be watch ...
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'Abstract II' (2007) (Peru)
Enrique Bustamante mixes abstract and figurative art along with a palette of bright acrylic colors, creating a composition that radiates cheerful energy. "It is a composition underscored by horizontal spaces that guard natural forms," explains the Peruvian artist. Titled "Abstracto II" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'The Family' (2007) (Peru)
Nesting in a field of sunflowers, doves and quails become a symbol of family unity in a painting by Enrique Bustamante. "A family's unity and togetherness will persevere regardless of distance or differences," believes the Peruvian artist. Titled "La familia" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'Abstract I' (2007) (Peru)
Enrique Bustamante transforms abstraction into a colorful composition that exudes artistic optimism. "It's a composition that relies on oblique lines that are interrupted by vertical rectangles filled with color and natural elements," explains the Peruvian artist. Titled "Abstracto I" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'The Sun Rises for Everyone' (2007) (Peru)
Nestled together in the branches of a tall tree, colorful doves welcome the bright energy of a brand new day. "The sun coming out every morning is like a gift from the sky. Life gives us many suns," reflects Enrique Bustamante. Titled "El sol sale para todos" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'Blossoming Peace' (2008) (Peru)
Peruvian artist Juan Carlos Ñañake paints a composition with a powerful message that comes from the orphan children of Ayacucho. "The children's dance clamors for peace in the world. They are painted in red to symbolize the blood that was unjustly shed by their parents in armed conflicts, and thei ...
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'When Yesterday Becomes a Dance' (2007) (Peru)
"This painting is about those fragments of our lives in which rhythm is a constant movement of color, of forms, and of enthusiasm," says Enrique Bustamante. He captures life's vibrant energy with a colorful palette of acrylic paints. Titled "Cuando el ayer se convierte en danza" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'Deception' (2007) (Peru)
A dagger that pierces a heart and potions that become veneno ("poison") are the consequences of deception. "This painting narrates a person's suffering due to the ill-treatment of another. A broken heart tries to hide in alcohol and potions, and eventually sees the surrounding flowers of hope," sa ...
NOVICA 1322.99 USD
'Taking Sekah' (2008) (Indonesia)
"Sekah is a symbolic tool to represent the spirit of ancestors in a ritual of purification called Nyekah for Hindu people in Bali," says artist Made Surita. "Sekah might be presented in a form of effigies, which – inside the soul of the spirit – must be purified in order to receive protection fr ...
NOVICA 1319.99 USD
'Balinese Woman' (2008) (Indonesia)
Gracefully, she balances a basket brimming with the day's catch on her head, while carrying another fat fish on a stringer. Her husband's boat is resting for the day on the shore, awaiting another expedition tomorrow before dawn. "I was inspired by hardworking Balinese women. Usually they bring home ...
NOVICA 1319.99 USD
'Abstract Still Life' (2011) (Peru)
Precisely depicted with astonishing detail, an ensemble of bottles, ceramic vessels and South American fruit cover an earthen canvas. Americo Ccala paints an exquisite still life, recalling memories of pre-Hispanic splendor. Titled "Bodegón abstracto" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1304.99 USD
'Tiger' (2008) (Brazil)
At rest, a tiger is nonetheless alert. Arruda Camara depicts the great cat with its sleek golden coat and white ruff as it gazes just past the viewer. Limpid, golden eyes seem nostalgic in this superb tribute to nature. Titled "Tigre" in Portuguese.
'Subtle Forms II' (2008) (Peru)
Dawn illuminates an abstract landscape, seen as though through a window. Teodoro Reque captures the mystique of an imaginary world in vibrant colors. His language is an abstract one as he depicts textured shapes on multiple planes of depth. Titled "Formas sutiles II" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1292.99 USD
'A Drop of Gold Dew I' (2006) (Indonesia)
"A small drop of water in the desert is as valuable as the most expensive gold," muses Wayan Suarjiwatman. His existentialist reflections find expression in a vibrant composition where golden hues predominate. Suarjiwatman paints with acrylics, his brushwork masterful and energetic.
NOVICA 1284.95 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Seduction' (Brazil)
Sensuality exudes from the powerful imagery of this sculpture. Sometimes subtle, at other times brusque, the contours reveal the energy of the Brazilian woman, sculpted in bronze by the hands of Urubatan. The anonymous, truncated figure suggests a kind of universality, immortalized by the antique gr ...
NOVICA 1274.99 USD
'Beauty and Music II' (2006) (Brazil)
Lying on her back, a beautiful young nude plays a gleaming saxophone. Wearing only sunglasses and red high heels, she lifts the instrument to create a sweet melody. Eduardo Marques depicts the mysterious woman in all her grace and sensuality. Highlights on her glowing skin repeat the curves of the s ...
NOVICA 1269.99 USD
'Reach the Skies' (2006) (Thailand)
Illustrating Buddhist doctrine, Seksan Sing-on portrays a cluster of pink lotus flowers in different stages of development. Some are buds, some in full bloom. Buddha taught that all living creatures exist within the cycle of life – birth, age, death – but a wholesome existence guided by proper u ...
NOVICA 1269.99 USD
'Rugby Jump' (2006) (Indonesia)
Athletes leap, dodge and run to control the ball. A rugby fan, Odong Junaidi takes his inspiration from the game, conveying its excitement in sepia. He focuses his gaze on only two players in a superb figure study charged with energy. Its name, Salto means "Jumping and Rolling" in the Indonesian lan ...
NOVICA 1267.99 USD
'Counter Attack' (2006) (Indonesia)
A rugby fan, Odong Junaidi captures the excitement of the game as opponents struggle for the ball. Taut bodies grapple in a masterful figure study dedicated to sports. The artist's use of sepia tonalities lends a timeless air to the painting.
NOVICA 1267.99 USD
'The Coral II' (2008) (Indonesia)
Like building blocks of subtle color, bits of coral come together to form an intricate reef. Wayan Suarjiwatman works in quiet tones of white, brown and cream with accents of red and orange. "We may see coral with variations of color. Its beauty hides the strength of nature," the artist confides.
NOVICA 1262.99 USD
'The Coral I' (Indonesia)
Wayan Suarjiwatman constructs abstract objects with blocks of white, brown and cream. His inspiration comes from coral reefs in the Indonesian sea. "We may see coral in color variations. Its beauty hides the strength of nature," the artist confides.
NOVICA 1262.99 USD
'Road Toward Red and Yellow' (2012) (Peru)
Amorphous shapes in red and crimson lead the eye on a voyage that moves upward across the canvas. Or is it an inward voyage, as color deepens? Applications of bronze leaf add to the complex beauty of this artistic vision by Gabriel Juarez. Titled "Camino hacia el rojo y el amarillo" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1262.99 USD
Sculpture, 'African Woman' (Ghana)
"The African personality makes a difference to behold," says Jonathan Amartey. Working with fiberglass, he honors the beauty of women throughout the African continent with this highly detailed sculpture.
NOVICA 1259.99 USD
'Shadow of the Sun' (2010) (Indonesia)
"This painting is about the universe and the sun, its source of energy," says Sutianto of his dynamic composition. He paints with acrylics, mixing a palette of intense blue hues that is contrasted by white, effectively conveying the vivid power of the universe.
NOVICA 1259.95 USD
'Enjoy Solitude' (2010) (Indonesia)
"Sitting on a chaise lounge, a solitary woman embraces her thoughts and enjoys being alone," says Balinese artist Joel Mangundirjo. With his characteristic bright palette, he paints a bold, modern tribute to well earned time for oneself.
NOVICA 1259.95 USD
'Time of Major Cities I' (2010) (Thailand)
Lights flash on in the impending dusk in a quintessential Asian metropolis; it could be any vast city around the globe. Daylight competes with incandescent lights, neon and taillights in a dramatic and dynamic cityscape. "Everything seems to meld together to demonstrate beauty under the power of spe ...
NOVICA 1254.99 USD
'Song to the Sun IV' (2006) (Peru)
"The vibrant red hues symbolize the paths of the gods, whereas great distribution and discipline can be observed in the super-imposed images. They heighten the imaginary landscape that appears when thinking about the Sun God," says Peruvian artist Carlos López Ávila. From his "Song to the Sun seri ...
NOVICA 1252.99 USD
'Tallan Faces and Traces' (2006) (Peru)
Peru's legendary Tallan culture inspires this oil on canvas by Carlos López Ávila. "I wanted to paint a modern work of art with strong underpinnings from ancestral cultures," confides the talented artist. Lights and shadows reveal myriad masks and artifacts once used in the spiritual ceremonies of ...
NOVICA 1252.99 USD
'Huancabamba Rites' (Peru)
"People in ancestral times revered magical powers, and many still do today," observes Peruvian artist Carlos López Ávila. "This painting portrays the rites that represent life and death. Some are performed during the day, and some during the night." The ceremonial rites performed in Huancabamba (n ...
NOVICA 1252.99 USD
'Ship of the Mountaineers' (2012) (Peru)
Like a prism, a pyramid surges through the mist, emanating blue smoke. Stones piled in a cairn are a point of reference for the sojourners aboard the craft. "In this work, you can see an infinity of mountains cloaked in grey fog," says Andean artist Kiro. "This is totally abstract and personal." Ti ...
NOVICA 1249.99 USD
'Joy' (2010) (Indonesia)
Dressed as a monk, artist Ketut Teler laughs out loud. He drifts amid billowing clouds, attracting lotus blossoms by the sheer force of his happiness. "Joy is the mood of me, trying to get freedom by expressing something with laughter, laughter and laughter… ha ha ha ha ha!" he says.
NOVICA 1249.99 USD
'Golden Boy' (2009) (Indonesia)
Holding an apple, a nude woman has a head of leaves and branches. Birds fly toward her shelter, even though one of two men tries to capture them in a cage. In the foreground, a figure in blue robes and hood holds a baby who, in turn, cradles a white bird in his hands. "This painting describes humank ...
NOVICA 1244.95 USD
'Blossom and Wither' (2012) (Thailand)
Lotus blossoms cluster in a marsh, some fresh, others drooping languid petals as they wither away. Known as a bua in Thailand, the lotus is hailed as the queen of water plants. Yet even the most beautiful of flowers grows old when the time comes. Seksan Sing-on creates a poignant metaphor with aston ...
NOVICA 1242.99 USD
'My Devil' (2010) (Mexico)
Standing on the steps of her urban home, a little girl plays with an oversized doll. The red horned creature represents a devil, a popular toy when artist Indira Castellon was young. The street is deserted; not even a bird appears in the sky. So the toy is the child's only companion. "This painting ...
NOVICA 1239.99 USD
'Heart (Trains of the World)' (2008) (Mexico)
By Indira Castellon, this intriguing image depicts the human heart as a stone that exists in a cool blue sky. Veins move busily through the organ, suggesting subway trains and factories with smokestacks. "I wanted to show the Earth as a cardio-planet," the Mexican artist confides. Titled "Corazón ...
NOVICA 1239.99 USD
'Atol Makers' (Guatemala)
Before sunrise and after sunset, the atoleras set up in parks and markets with clay pots filled with atol. The drink is prepared with dried maize kernels mixed into a paste which they then roast, then they mix it with water, unrefined cane sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Deliciously enticing, atol stan ...
NOVICA 1239.99 USD
'The Man with Wisdom' (2009) (Indonesia)
Emerging from darkness, a nude is bathed in golden light. Yet he appears unaware, his head lowered as his thoughts seem far away. Rippling muscles cast shadows across the taut body in this elegant figure study by Aricadia. "He is deep in thought," the artist confides.
NOVICA 1239.95 USD
'Longing' (2012) (Guatemala)
Mario Sergio Avilés honors Guatemala's past and present with this impressive oil on canvas. Inspired by history and textile arts, his composition becomes a powerful statement. "This painting is about the sorrow the descendents of the Maya feel about their lost glory. They look for their roots in th ...
NOVICA 1232.99 USD
Gold and tourmaline chandelier earrings, 'Amazon Treasures' (Brazil)
"I wanted to highlight the beauty of green tourmaline," confides designer Ekaterina Pokrovskaya. Mined in Paraiba, Brazil, tourmaline is regarded as a gem of the finest quality, which therefore makes it one of the most expensive. Pokrovskaya sets the lush green tourmalines in 18k gold for a radiant ...
NOVICA 1232.99 USD
'Love' (2004) (Guatemala)
Blue pervades this stylized portrait by Bonifacio Maxia Cutzal, known as Boni. He depicts a Maya woman in her traditional dress as she stands barefoot in a desolate landscape. Holding her pregnant belly, she raises aloft two red blossoms. "The poppies symbolize the mother's love for her unborn child ...
NOVICA 1224.99 USD
'Subtle Forms III' (2008) (Peru)
Dazzling light envelops an abstract by Teodoro Reque. He suggests a landscape assembled from marine elements in a painting of mythical quality. Sailboats race across the ocean in the shadow of tall sea cliffs. Titled "Formas sutiles III" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1219.99 USD
'Lights on the Horizon II' (2008) (Peru)
Radiant color emerges from darkness in this striking abstract. Bringing together an assemblage of marine elements, Teodoro Reque Liza creates the illusion of a fleet of sailboats. His characteristic luminescence envelops this work with the light of sunset. Titled "Luces en el horizonte II" in Spani ...
NOVICA 1219.99 USD
'Opposite Direction' (2010) (Peru)
Facing backward, rowers propel their boats forward with powerful synchronized strokes. Two other boats compete in the race as teams of two surge toward their goal. Enveloped in the early light that reflects off a glassy sea, the men seem beatified in this elegant painting. Boats are a favorite theme ...
NOVICA 1219.99 USD
'Trio' (2010) (Peru)
"This image is engraved in my memory," Juan Carlos Ñañake recalls. "I was visiting the province of Ayacucho in a village whose name I cannot remember. Three country people treated me as though I were a member of their own family and I'll never forget their generosity." Titled "Trío" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1217.99 USD
'Colorful of Summer' (2006) (Thailand)
Lucid watercolors conjure an exquisite scene, their realistic beauty captured by expert brushwork. Illustrating Buddhist doctrine, Seksan Sing-on portrays a group of praw (lotus flowers) in different stages of development. Some are buds, some full-blown and others only seeds. Buddha taught that all ...
NOVICA 1209.99 USD
'Nude' (2006) (Peru)
"This painting is about the beauty of nature, especially in a woman's body," explains Peruvian artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores. "This is the surreal portrait of a woman's nude body, presenting her anatomy as well as the delicate purity and tenderness. She expresses love and she is my muse." Titled "Des ...
NOVICA 1209.95 USD
'Harmony in Blue II' (2007) (Thailand)
Seen up close, pebbles become individuals as each reveals a distinct shape and range of colors. Choojit depicts every smooth stone with astonishing realism. Sunshine highlights some while shadows envelop those beneath, creating a sensation of depth. This extraordinary nature study celebrates the ear ...
NOVICA 1204.99 USD
'Summer Regatta' (2008) (Brazil)
Sailboats cruise across the waters of Rodrigues de Feitas Lagoon, a popular site for regattas. Berenice paints a beautiful Rio de Janeiro scene that approximates a picture post card. The funicular carries visitors toward Sugarloaf Mountain, high above blue waters. Titled "Regata de verão" in Portu ...
NOVICA 1202.99 USD
'Reflection in Her Eye' (2007) (Brazil)
Enigmatic and beautiful, she gazes past the viewer with seductive green eyes. Her clear, smooth brow reveals the youth of this mysterious woman. A wisp of hair fall across her forehead in the elegant portrait. An absolute master of realism, Brazilian artist Eduardo Marques finds his inspiration in t ...
NOVICA 1199.99 USD
'Meditation' (2006) (Peru)
With eyes closed, she meditates deep in an enchanted forest. One hand faces outward, the other inward as falling leaves caress the beautiful woman. This dreamlike composition comes from Vidal Bedoya Altamirano, who utilizes his characteristic fiery palette. "I create a positive metaphysical atmosphe ...
NOVICA 1199.95 USD
'The Holy Family' (2009) (Peru)
Fernando Sayan Polo depicts the Holy Family enjoying an afternoon in the countryside. Sumptuous brocades adorned with gleaming bronze leaf envelop the Virgin and Saint Joseph, and both are enthralled by little Jesus, who pets a little lamb. Christ is known as the Good Shepherd, a metaphor taken from ...
NOVICA 1197.99 USD
'Nude' (2005) (Peru)
Posing in the studio, he seems mindless of the artists who recreate the rippling form of musculature over strong bones. "This work was painted using a live model in an art class," Mishelle Ramos says. "I began in black, but then I added color without taking the expressive force from the figure. To m ...
NOVICA 1194.95 USD
'Los Pasos Street' (2008) (Guatemala)
"This painting is inspired by a rainy day in Antigua," artist Filiberto Chalí confides. "This street has 12 chapels along its length. After the rain, I love to go out for a walk." The Guatemalan master paints a scene from Los Pasos Street where bougainvillea tumbles over ancient walls and cobblesto ...
NOVICA 1192.99 USD
'Las Animas Street' (2008) (Guatemala)
Bougainvillea blossoms in brilliant colors on stone walls that hide colonial homes. In the distance, the Acatenango volcano and Yepocapa mountain rise blue beneath an azure sky. Filiberto Chalí captures a moment of peace and beauty along a cobblestone street in Antigua. "This was the location of th ...
NOVICA 1192.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Dancing Palace' (Brazil)
Working in bronze, Goga creates a graceful sculpture that transmits sensations of lightness and movement. Curved line swoops upward as the dancer poses on one knee. Goga's love of dance is evident in this elegant sculpture. It stands on a marble base. Titled "Paço de dança" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1189.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Rest' (Brazil)
Lying on a bed of granite, a woman enjoys absolute relaxation. Goga depicts her nude bronze body with her arms raised and knees slightly bent in a sculpture of expressive abstraction. Titled "Repouso" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1189.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Mitla Butterflies' (6.5x10) (Mexico)
Sizzling colors blaze across the handloom as Mario Chávez creates this extraordinary rug. Working in virgin wool, he weaves colorful bands of bright geometric motifs. They frame rows of "god's eye" diamonds that point to the four cardinal directions. All the patterns allude to the ornate fretwork a ...
NOVICA 1184.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Phases of the Sky' (6.5x10) (Mexico)
Sun colors blaze across the handloom as Mario Chávez creates this extraordinary rug. Working in virgin wool, he weaves colorful medallions in red, yellow and brown. Bands of geometric motifs frame them as they glow on an elegant rug. Titled "Tierra soles II" in Spanish. Because each rug is indivi ...
NOVICA 1182.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Comfort' (Brazil)
Turning in graceful arcs, bronze textures suggest a couple in a heartfelt embrace. Their love is contagious, melding them into a single soul. Goga sculpts a beautiful image, exploring the many facets of a relationship. Titled "Aconchego" in Portuguese, it stands on a granite base.
NOVICA 1179.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Insinuating' (Brazil)
Portrayed in abstract angles, the female anatomy is shaped in pure lines and sensuous curves. Goga works in bronze, eliciting powerful planes and polished contours. The artist's stylized figure communicates a woman's innate sexuality. The signature piece stands on a marble base. Titled "Insinuante" ...
NOVICA 1179.99 USD
'Paradise I, The Ants' (2011) (Guatemala)
Mist rises from a serene river basin deep in the Guatemala rain forest. Bromeliads cling to jungle vines and fragrant orchids flourish. Lulled by the drone of dragonflies, a tiny lizard laps up unwary ants, hard at work. "I'd like for this painting to help create an ecological conscience," artist Pe ...
NOVICA 1179.99 USD
'Mulata' (2007) (Brazil)
Sitting with poised elegance in the middle the town square, a woman wears a flower on her head as she models for the artist. Ezequias refers to her as Mulata, used in Brazil as a term of endearment, and paints her vivid portrait with oils on canvas.
NOVICA 1174.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'The Leap' (Brazil)
Leaping lithely, a slender couple whirls in a joyous dance. Goga's airy sculpture seems to transport them to the sky to waltz amid clouds. Polished bronze contours gleam in the light to contrast with dark oxidized surfaces that highlight its three-dimensionality. It results in a mesmerizing modern w ...
NOVICA 1172.99 USD
'Grilled Maize' (2010) (Ghana)
Naab-Morg Musah Abdallah capture a scene from Ghanaian street corners during the rainy season. A woman grills fresh corn on the cob into toasty ears to be savored with coconut. Passersby come and go in the busy city and buildings in the background tower above the scene. Yet the compelling portrait w ...
NOVICA 1172.99 USD
'Models' (2008) (Ghana)
Two beautiful models proudly show contemporary African fashions as they strut on the catwalk with poise and elegance. On the right, a panel of Adinkra symbols celebrates Ashanti beliefs such as life after death; good fortune and sanctity; wisdom and creativity and, God's omnipotence. Painting with a ...
NOVICA 1172.99 USD
'The Colors of African Drums' (2010) (Ghana)
Father and son sit together in the quiet blue dusk, which comes to life with their drumbeats. Seeming to lance fire, the donno drums call out in the imminent darkness. Naab-Morg Musah Abdallah exalts the customs and traditions of Ghana in his art work. "Don't forget who you are and where you come fr ...
NOVICA 1172.99 USD
'Stilt Walker' (2006) (Guatemala)
Walking barefoot on rustic stilts, she carries a red clay jar balanced on her head. Her expression is serious and purposeful as she makes her way across a barren landscape. This painting by Bonifacio Maxia Cutzal – who signs his work as "Boni" – honors the native Guatemalan woman. "This symboliz ...
NOVICA 1172.99 USD
'The Archangel Michael' (2009) (Peru)
The solemn figure of the Archangel Michael strikes a pose of triumph, conveying power and grace. Eliciting reverence, the leader of heaven's forces in their battle against evil is always called upon by the Church, for he is its patron and protector. Fernando Sayan captures the spiritual defender wit ...
NOVICA 1169.99 USD
'Virgin with the Child' (2009) (Peru)
Little Jesus sits in his mother's lap as Mary plays with the child, her sewing basket set aside. The beautiful Madonna wears rich silk brocade, as befits the Queen of Heaven. In the background, a quiet village is at peace beneath a serene blue sky. Fernando Sayan Polo depicts the Virgin and child in ...
NOVICA 1169.99 USD
'Nocturnal II' (2011) (Mexico)
"I want to share with you the beauty of a full moon’s night at the beach, when all is filled with light, life and harmony," says Maria Deras as she describes her style as magical realism. Deras prepares her own paints with natural materials such as flowers and earth pigments, which she mixes with ...
NOVICA 1169.99 USD
'Fusion of Cultures' (2005) (Peru)
Nestor Lopez describes this work as a "fusion of our culture. I express our modernized Peruvian culture. The texture is the idea of our Paracas weavings." The artist masterfully achieves rich textural dimension and subtle luminosity. The elongated canvas suggests a continuum of time. Titled "Fusió ...
NOVICA 1167.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Scarlet Paths' (6.5x10) (Mexico)
Glyphs of Zapotec origin tell of the region's rich artistry in a design by Mario Chavez. Working with wool, he weaves the rug on a traditional loom in vibrant shades of crimson. Titled "Etapas de la vida" in Spanish. Because each rug is individually woven, measurements could vary +/- 5 cm.
NOVICA 1164.99 USD
'Moche Masks' (triptych, 2003) (Peru)
Pantigoso depicts a trio of masks from Peru's ancient Moche culture. Her warm palette repeats colors favored by the ancient people themselves. Capturing their individual expressions, the artist flanks the central painting with two other textured canvases. Titled "Mochica máscaras" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1159.99 USD
'Marshland III' (2013) (Brazil)
Like lace, blue jungle vines overlay warm tropical colors, suggesting a stained glass window. Aurora Bicalho provides a glimpse of the dense marshland of Mato Grosso in this elegant and modern mixed media painting. Titled "Pantanal III" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1159.99 USD
'Marshland I' (2013) (Brazil)
Deep, rich shades of rose, red and turquoise conjure interlaced vegetation in the dense marshland of Mato Grosso. Aurora Bicalho works in oils and acrylics, meticulously applying each color by hand to create this beautiful painting. Titled "Pantanal I" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1159.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Bird' (Brazil)
Angular in form and strong in nature, this sculpted bird glows with metallic originality. Sculpted in bronze, the bird is perched on a granite base. Goga's original statuette exudes strong determination, its opened wings saluting the artist's admirable talent. Titled "Pássaro" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1154.99 USD
'Faithfulness and Happiness I' (2012) (Thailand)
Emerging from a stylized lotus, a serene face gazes beyond the viewer. It could represent a woman or a man — what matters is the human experience. Aeknarin Chuanglao explores symbols of his Buddhist faith through his art. "In Thailand, the lotus is the symbol of purity and goodness. It is often us ...
NOVICA 1154.99 USD
'Old Lima' (2008) (Peru)
An alleyway enters into the courtyard of a house in a section of Lima where Colonial architecture barely survives the passing of time. Carlos Morales allows a view of everyday customs in a painting of remarkable clarity. Working with watercolors, he masters the use of perspective to create a three d ...
NOVICA 1152.99 USD
'The Years that Pass By' (2007) (Peru)
Time passes by so quickly, that it inspires Carlos Morales to freeze a moment through his art. He paints a scene from the city of Lima, with its ageless domes and bell towers in the distance. In the foreground, what once was a brand new, coveted car, now it's reduced to scrap, with chains keeping th ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Lima Big House' (2007) (Peru)
Intrigued by the relativity of time, Peruvian artist Carlos Morales contrasts past and present in a detailed watercolor painting. Morales captures the exterior of a Lima casona, or big house, its walls shedding its paint and plaster to reveal old bricks. Light and shadows create a surreal effect a ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Surreal Composition with Newspapers' (Peru)
"My intention was to show how human beings try to break through the obstacles that won't allow them to develop, one of them being the media," confides Peruvian artist Carlos Morales. "This painting symbolizes the struggle it takes to realize our destiny." Morales paints with detailed clarity, allowi ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'The Tenderness of a Bear' (2008) (Peru)
Nestled amid poppies, a small white bear drifts off to sleep. "In this work, I wanted to demonstrate a bit more of a bear's tenderness as well as his strength, without a need to make him grotesque or rude. This is a painting filled with color," Andrea says. Bears are a favorite theme of the young An ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Walking in the Dark' (2008) (Peru)
Juan Carlos Ñañaque depicts a mother and daughter during a nocturnal walk. Enveloped in shadows, the daughter is illuminated by her white gown, a symbol of the purity with which she faces life. They share the confidences of women as they stroll together through the darkness. A third person in the ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'A Bear's Presence' (2008) (Peru)
Poised amid a field of blossoming flowers, a bear is a mighty presence. "What I want this composition to convey is my passion for bears, because I consider them to be very strong animals," confides Peruvian artist Andrea. "A bear's sole presence can be intimidating, but they can also be very sensiti ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Ecosystem of the Bear II' (2008) (Peru)
Lumbering through a sunny meadow, a bear pauses to sniff the flowers. In the distance, sky caresses snowy peaks. Red glows at the heart of the great bear, suggesting the vital flame of life. By Andrea, this painting forms part of a series on animals found in the planet's distinct ecosystems." Title ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'My Best Friend' (2008) (Peru)
Lounging in a florid field, a bear poses for Peruvian artist Andrea. "A bear to me is like a best friend," confides Andrea. "Despite its imposing presence, there is a tenderness and softness in its eyes that says there's more to a bear than its strength. Inside there's a sweetness, and we have to fo ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Loving Nature III' (2008) (Peru)
Proud and free, a hawk perches amid green foliage that intensifies the walnut tones of soft feathers. Andrea depicts the majestic bird in a splendid setting of vibrant color. Light washes over the elements and seems to emanate from the heart of this exquisite canvas. Titled "Amando la naturaleza II ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Ecosystem of the Bear' (2008) (Peru)
Emerging from the night's blue shadows, a bear seems golden in the moonlight. Wildflowers fill the fragrant meadow with glorious color as the bear prowls his domain. "This painting was inspired by nature and forms part of a series on animals found in the planet's distinct ecosystems," Andrea explain ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Ecosystem of the Bear III' (2008) (Peru)
Spring comes to the mountains, covering highland meadows with radiant color. In the midst of this lavish beauty, a bear surveys his domain with satisfaction. Andrea explores the eternal bond with nature in a series on animals in their distinct ecosystems. Titled "Ecosistema del oso III" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Loving Nature III' (2008) (Peru)
A duck takes flight, its brilliant feathers melding with sunset's fiery sky. Conjuring the evening breeze, Andrea impels bright clouds across a canvas of breathtaking drama. "Nature's distinct forms of life are worthy of admiration," she says. "I wanted to pay them tribute and to depict some of the ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Comparisons' (2008) (Peru)
Alone in his mountain domain, a bear stands tall and sniffs the air. "He lifts his head and stands with pride, demonstrating his bravery without a single fear. He faces the world, he faces life. I am also showing attitudes of courage as I carry out my passion for painting, sure of who I am, and happ ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'The Bear Affection' (2008) (Peru)
Sunlight surrounds a bear in a golden halo as the great bruin roams through a mountain meadow. "Such a beautiful bear, affectionate, lazy and loving. That bear is soft, ticklish, and a trickster when he plays," Andrea muses. Bears are a favorite theme for this talented Andean artist. Titled "El oso ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Without Limits and Without Time' (2012) (Peru)
Geometric shapes suggest houses, offices, traffic signals and cars glimpsed in movement. Working in a palette of gray, blue and cream, Gabriel Juarez shares the sensations of a bicycle ride. Everything is seen through a blur of motion as he glides down the street. Titled "Sin lìmites y sin tiempo" ...
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Eyes of God' (6.5x10) (Mexico)
The geometric ojo de dios, or "eye of god" covers a vibrant red rug; they point to the four cardinal directions. Working in soft virgin wool, the Ruiz Bazan Family weaves a bold and generous rug. It exemplifies traditional Zapotec textile art. Titled "Pequeños ojos de dios" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1149.99 USD
'Fall Asleep' (2009) (Indonesia)
Dressed in a red strapless gown, a woman awaits a visit from her sweetheart. Yet she dozes off as a fat marmalade cat purrs a soothing feline lullaby. Depicted in radiant color by Joel Mangundirjo, her dreams are sweet, and she smiles in her sleep.
NOVICA 1149.95 USD
'Alone' (2009) (Indonesia)
Reaching outward toward the summer wind, a scarecrow symbolizes loneliness for artist Joel Mangundirjo. The realistic face is enigmatic, almost human, in a setting of vibrant color. Golden wheat and a tree filled with fruit bear witness to the fertile land.
NOVICA 1149.95 USD
'Strength of the Wind' (2008) (Peru)
Bursting through the sky, Pegasus takes flight on powerful white wings. The winged horse of Greek mythology comes to life with stunning realism and beauty. The creature's flight is often regarded as a symbol of poetic inspiration and Pegasus was eventually placed in the sky as a constellation. By An ...
NOVICA 1147.99 USD
'Peasant Beauty' (2008) (Peru)
"I depict three beautiful campesino women," Jenny Castillo says. "I created textures in the painting by applying lace and jute to the canvas. The colorful wildflowers that surround them meld with their traditional clothing." A palette of blue and yellow intensifies the emerald accents. Titled "Bell ...
NOVICA 1147.99 USD
'My Old Piano' (2010) (Indonesia)
Seated at the keyboard, an elderly man plays the piano and lifts his voice in song. "This is a man with his piano, one of his best friends in life," artist Joel Mangundirjo explains. "It is filled with history and holds memories of his life." A vibrant palette of warm hues envelops the image.
NOVICA 1147.95 USD
'Harlots' (2005) (Peru)
Clamoring from blue shadows, anonymous eyes seek willing clients and rouged lips cry out an invitation. Desperation permeates this insistent canvas. Sanchez works in his hallmark style to reveal the situation of women who are driven by necessity to prostitution. Hands beckon and naked breasts are so ...
NOVICA 1139.99 USD
'Song to the Sun I' (2006) (Peru)
The "Song to the Sun" series by Carlos López Ávila features a visual narration of the concepts of life and death according to history. López selects a palette of warm and vivid colors that at once express vibrancy and desperation. "In this series I wished to portray the contradictions within huma ...
NOVICA 1139.99 USD
'Altar with a Chair' (1996) (Mexico)
All is color as Marilis Cárdenas takes Mexico's Day of the Dead for her theme. Banners of papel picado – cut paper – frame the altar in long curtains. Skeletons and grinning skulls seem to enjoy their own celebration. Skulls are a recurrent motif in Mexico, from Aztec altars covered with those ...
NOVICA 1139.99 USD
'The Prison' (2000) (Guatemala)
According to Maya cosmogony, they are the "People of the Corn," and Hermelindo Mux Yool dedicates this oil on canvas to them. "The Maya people have suffered exploitation and alienation for over 500 years, that is why I portrayed handcuffs around two corn stalks," explains the talented Guatemalan art ...
NOVICA 1139.95 USD
'Imagining Peace' (2006) (Guatemala)
Standing in the middle of blue roses and sharp thorns, a dove appears with a message of peace. In its heart four corn cobs point to the four cardinal points. They showcase the colorful varieties in which it grows in Guatemala: yellow, red, white, and blue. They represent different nations, races and ...
NOVICA 1134.95 USD
'Woman Selling Flowers' (2006) (Brazil)
Captivated by Afro-Brazilian beauty, Ezequias paints the portrait of a woman sitting by the roadside selling calla lilies. She strikes a coquettish pose as she sits with parasol in hand. The unique artistry of Ezequias is characterized by lavish colors and voluptuous figures, resulting in an admirab ...
NOVICA 1129.99 USD
Fiberglass sculpture, 'Ghanaian Queen Mother' (Ghana)
Working in fiberglass — a favorite medium — Jonathan Amartey depicts a beautiful woman with an intricately-tied head scarf. He applies the versatile material over a wooden frame to achieve a slender, elongated image. "She wears a scarf and braids her hair in the back," he explains. "This conveys ...
NOVICA 1129.99 USD
'Dominant Pig-Sheep Governor' (2010) (Mexico)
Red pigs talk together while watching people and sheep fall from the sky. Some of the persons are emaciated; some of the sheep have no fleece. "The title of the painting alludes to the power of government and its abuse of the people. I see this as the reality here in Mexico," says artist Indira Cast ...
NOVICA 1129.99 USD
'Big Hat' (2007) (Ghana)
Selling bananas in an outdoor market, a woman wears a big straw hat to shield her from the glaring sun. "This type of hat is very effective in providing comfort and shade," says Mark Buku as he shares the customs of Ghana through his art.
NOVICA 1124.99 USD
'Flying Colors' (2011) (Ghana)
Enveloped in a torrent of color, homes bask in glowing light. Mounted on a peacock, a beautiful woman takes to the skies where a gentle face emerges from bright clouds. Ghanaian artist Luqman Boateng says, "This painting is about reaching for the stars, irrespective of your background or difficultie ...
NOVICA 1124.99 USD
Gold and amethyst dangle earrings, 'Versatile' (Brazil)
A trio of dazzling gems creates exquisite contrasts in an exclusive design by Ekaterina Pokrovskaya. She crafts the earrings with 18k white gold and selects the incomparable beauty of amethyst, citrine, and blue topaz to conjure the essence of versatile sophistication. Marked 750, the official desi ...
NOVICA 1119.99 USD
'Time of Major Cities III' (2010) (Thailand)
Traffic speeds down a city avenue past bright billboards and tall buildings. Taking an unusual perspective, Rattapon Pirat conveys the dizzying pace of urban life in an urgent city landscape. "Cities look like the fastest places on earth," the artist muses.
NOVICA 1119.99 USD
'Crape Ginger with Bird' (2010) (Thailand)
Perching in a crape ginger plant, a colorful bird gazes at the sky. Thai artist Seksan Sing-on demonstrates his absolute mastery of realism with this exquisite nature study. He works in watercolor.
NOVICA 1114.99 USD
'Woman Amid Reds' (Peru)
Emerging from what at first seems a strictly abstract canvas, a woman gazes serenely at the viewer. Bold brushwork and swirling colors create a sensation of mystery. This painting by Mishelle Ramos suggests the girl's latent passion. Titled "Mujer entre rojos" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1109.99 USD
'Fierce Beasts Stalking' (2004) (Peru)
Victor Farfán speaks in symbols, suggesting rather than portraying a lion. Yellow eyes stare menacingly at its prey as the king of the jungle hunts for survival. In the lower portion of the canvas, a bullet and a spear threaten the big cat. Totally abstract, this painting is created in luminous oil ...
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
'Song to Woman' (2006) (Peru)
A flutist pipes a melody while the woman moves gracefully across the canvas. Ancient figures look on in a work of enigmatic beauty. "This scene pays tribute to women. She is masked in order to represent all women. Several men court her but one sings with the notes of a quena flute. The bull symboliz ...
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
'Abundance V' (2008) (Peru)
Voluptuous and inviting, clay cántaros or (jars) cluster on fields of terracotta. Abstract motifs in the background imitate the rounded forms as they pose enticingly. Used by pre-Hispanic man to store grains and liquids, they symbolize abundance in this handsome work by Juan Carlos Ñañaque. Titl ...
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
'Orchid Fragrances' (2008) (Peru)
"When I'm painting in May, the month of flowers according to some regions, the soft fragrance wafting from the blossoms is so delicate. It inspires me to express it on my canvases like this one. Its theme is the scent of orchids," says Peruvian artist Theus. He fills the composition with colorful pe ...
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
'The Horse' (2005) (Thailand)
Carrying a cluster of lotus buds, a splendid horse seems to gallop across the clouds. Aeknarin Chuanglao paints a beautiful stallion who occupies the seventh position in the Chinese lunar calendar. Quite intelligent and extremely animated, the horse embodies energy, strength and an extroverted natur ...
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
'Beautiful Birds' (2010) (Peru)
Bright color seems to glow against the infinite blue sky. Quick and beautiful, the gallito de las rocas (cock of the rocks) and his mate nest amid radiant leaves that evoke tongues of fire. Theus captures the magic of Peru's national bird, a distinguished inhabitant of the Manu Natural Reserve. Tit ...
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
'Yellow Cattleya' (2011) (Thailand)
Blooming in waxen clusters, yellow cattleya orchids lift ruffled throats to the sky. These exquisite blossoms are glorious in the light. Seksan Sing-on paints a magical scene from the Thai forest.
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
Zapotec rug, 'Diamonds at Dusk' (6x10) (Mexico)
Glyphs of pre-Hispanic inspiration appear like waves in the colorful intensity of dusk. Woven from pure wool by the Ruiz Bazán Family, the rug's imagery is reminiscent of the art of the Zapotec people. Colors are bold and bright, and feature a natural pigment base.
NOVICA 1107.99 USD
'Ghostly Inhabitants' (2005) (Peru)
Victor Farfán emulates the cubist style of Giacomo Balla's 1913 works on the automobile. Warm yellows and cool violets invite the viewer into an intricate study of spaces. "I have drawn the interior of a room and the projection of the solar rays that pass through the window," Farfán says. "They ta ...
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
Gold and citrine cocktail ring, 'Solar Orbit' (Brazil)
Bright and beautiful as the Brazilian sun, a citrine cabochon captivates with glowing energy. Ekaterina Pokrovskaya sets the radiant gem on an original 18k gold ring. Marked 750, the official designation for 75% gold and the equivalent of 18k.
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Dove Dialogue' (2009) (Peru)
Chirping and chatting, doves inspire this composition by Peruvian artist Theus. "To me, doves symbolize candor, simplicity and innocence," he tells us. He paints this endearing scene with oils on Folcote card paper, masterfully capturing the birds' lively energy. Titled "Dialogo de las palomas" in ...
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Life at the Bottom of the Sea' (2009) (Peru)
Swimming with synchronized dexterity, colorful fish inspire this composition by Theus. "I am fascinated by their colors and their formations, as well as by the physics that underlie their swim," confides the Peruvian artist. Titled "Vida en el fondo del mar" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Woman of the Andes' (2009) (Peru)
Theus honors women from the Andes with this vibrant composition. Painting with oils on Folcote card paper, he concentrates on their colorful skirts or polleras, their trademark white hats, and their long braids. Titled " Mujer de los Andes," in Spanish.
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Splashing Birds' (2009) (Peru)
Colorful birds splash and dance on Peruvian shores in a vibrant composition by Theus. Avid admirer of nature, he depicts each stylized bird with inspired artistry as he paints with oils on Folcote paper. Titled "Chapoteo de las aves" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Andean Torrent' (2010) (Peru)
Raúl Cárdenas captures the sense of natural magic that pervades in the Andes. Torrents of water create dramatic cascades falling from rugged mountains. Their flow creates a harmonious contrast to the sleepy landscape. Painting with oils, Cárdenas creates a composition that inspires a welcomed sen ...
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Zapotec Magnificence' (6.5x9.5) (Mexico)
Fiery red and deep blue underscore the magnificence of Zapotec art in the design of this handsome rug. Alternating with beige undertones, Mexico's Ruiz Bazan Family uses cochineal and indigo to dye the wool prior to weaving the rug on a traditional pedal loom. They finish the fringe by hand.
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Wall' (Guatemala)
"Silent witness to a colonial city that has seen magical and legendary characters pass by; it has resisted modernization and the passing of time," so Mario Sergio Avilés describes a random wall. His brushwork is as lyrical as his prose as he paints the wall that was built with adobe and bricks, and ...
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Glances' (2013) (Peru)
Beautiful and graceful, giraffes cast their expressive eyes toward the horizon as they inspire Peruvian artist Alberto Herrera. Painting with oils, he creates a composition of admirable realism as he honors nature through his art. Titled "Miradas" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1104.99 USD
'Harmony of Forms II' (2008) (Peru)
Soft translucent images dance across the frame, illuminated from above by beams of light. Warm earth tones point toward the center of the composition; they lead the eye inward. Teodoro Reque paints a joyous soliloquy with his characteristic radiance. Titled "Armonía de formas II" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1102.99 USD
'Dreams of Clay and Moon' (Peru)
"The main theme in my painting is to idealize the geography of northern Peru's coast, and the ancestral cultures that flourished there," explains Fernando Mauricio Ortiz. "They built their houses of clay, and they adored the moon." Ortiz mixes a palette of warm colors to convey desert temperatures, ...
NOVICA 1099.99 USD
'Study of Forms' (2012) (Peru)
Teodoro Reque uses geometric elements and distributes them harmoniously, seeking different planes, symmetry, depth and contrast. A very personal fantasy takes shape as he insinuates images that are enigmatic and beautiful. Despite the cool palette, Reque's characteristic luminosity permeates the lov ...
NOVICA 1099.99 USD
'Protect' (2005) (Thailand)
Working in the style of classic Buddhist art, Poovadol depicts a deva, or angel who assumes a protective gesture. He stands at the door of the temple above a demon, who appears disconcerted. Tradition and belief invoke devas for protection from evil and to keep bad things from entering the place of ...
NOVICA 1094.99 USD
'Cho Fa Crown II' (2005) (Thailand)
With slender grace, three cho fa appear on a gilded background. These are the elongated triangular finials capping the gables on Thai temples and palaces. Tanachai Ekuruchaitep depicts the mesmerizing forms like shadows. "This springs from Thai imagination," he says. "I wanted to present its easy li ...
NOVICA 1094.99 USD
'Cho Fa Crown I' (2005) (Thailand)
Rising upward like a twisting flame, this graceful image recalls the symbol of a Thai temple, seen from a distance. Known as a cho fa, it is the elongated triangular finials capping the gables on Thai monastic and palace buildings. Tanachai Ekuruchaitep depicts the silvery form and its shadow on a g ...
NOVICA 1094.99 USD
'Golden Light' (2004) (Thailand)
Regal and powerful, an elephant strides purposefully through the golden darkness beneath a full moon. Tanachai Ekuruchaitep depicts the mighty pachyderm in the style of ancient paintings. Once favored by the kings of old Siam, the elephant became a national emblem seen on royal thrones as well as on ...
NOVICA 1094.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Cruces' (6x9) (Mexico)
An exquisite work of textile craftsmanship rich in muted reds and autumn colors interspersed with a intriguing matrix of crosses and abstract shapes. This rug is hand-loomed by Gregorio Ruiz in southern Mexico. The family's workshop is located in the highlands of Oaxaca, where the weaving tradition ...
NOVICA 1092.99 USD
Fiberglass sculpture, 'Ghanaian Princess' (Ghana)
Ghanaian artist Jonathan Amartey often applies fiber glass to his paintings. In a different vein, he sculpts the image of a young woman with the versatile material over a wooden frame. "She wears a scarf on her head," he explains. "In our African culture, women dignify themselves by their way of dre ...
NOVICA 1092.99 USD
'Chinese New Year' (2009) (Indonesia)
Standing beside an Oriental lamp, a man plays a clarinet with fervor. Joel Mangundirjo selects a sizzling palette to convey the excitement of the Chinese New Year. Layers of oils in sheer red, yellow, orange and green make this composition a mesmerizing one.
NOVICA 1092.95 USD
'Waiting for My Sweetheart' (2009) (Indonesia)
After slipping into a crimson dress that hugs her lithesome body, she pours a glass of wine. Anticipation fills the air as she awaits the arrival of her sweetheart. Crimson throbs with latent passion in this vibrant work by Joel Mangundirjo.
NOVICA 1092.95 USD
'Waiting for My Love' (2009) (Indonesia)
He leans against a wall by lamplight, seeming nonchalant. But the young man can hardly wait for his beloved to walk by. He holds a rose to present to his sweetheart as the night air burns with ardent passion. Artist Joel Mangundirjo employs a vibrant palette of oils for this enchanting work.
NOVICA 1092.95 USD
'Light of the Sun' (2005) (Peru)
Bathed in radiance, earthenware jars appear in the shimmering stillness, their contours suggested more than depicted. Tito Julio Tarqui Prado paints a luminous portrait of the Andes, capturing the voluptuous promise of each figure. He works in an abstracted style that confers a dreamlike quality on ...
NOVICA 1087.99 USD
'Sweet Wait' (2006) (Peru)
"This painting is about one of the most precious events in a woman's life, gestation," says Peruvian artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores. "It is a sweet and tender period of waiting while life develops within her." Lalupu combines oils and carbon to achieve a spectrum of intense colors that are similar to t ...
NOVICA 1087.99 USD
'Wat Chang Lom' (2008) (Thailand)
All is peaceful at the beautiful Wat Chang Lom where elephants surround a temple's ancient walls. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the historical park seems to awaken to morning's early light. Phomin Singkwang paints the scene as a symbol of Thai identity. Parrot trees, also known as flame of the fores ...
NOVICA 1084.99 USD
'Pre-Hispanic Abstract Art' (2009) (Peru)
Evoking the majestic past of his forefathers, Tito Julio Tarqui Prado paints a luminous abstract. Shadowy personages inhabit a world on multiple planes of existence, sharing their space with ceramic pots and colorful weavings. Seducing the imagination, this enigmatic work calls forth the legendary r ...
NOVICA 1082.99 USD
'The Cacique' (2009) (Peru)
Tito Julio Tarqui Prado conjures a gathering of stylized figures seated in a group. Emerging from anonymity, the central figure represents the curaka, or cacique who governs his group with wisdom. He shares power with a second person, usually a relative, who governs in the curaka's absence. The Inca ...
NOVICA 1082.99 USD
'Ancestral Melody' (2009) (Peru)
Stylized figures beat drums and play the zampoña panpipes and quena flute amid a backdrop of rugged mountains. Working with a fiery palette, Peruvian artist Tito Julio Tarqui Prado invokes ancient musicians. Light floods the composition, which reveals a marked pre-Hispanic influence. Applications o ...
NOVICA 1082.99 USD
'Two Collectors of Tribute' (2009) (Peru)
Charged with collecting tribute for the empire, the tukuy ricuy go forth to gather the property and wealth due the Inca leader. Tito Julio Tarqui Prado depicts the pair as luminous beings in a landscape filled with light. In the distance, rugged mountain peaks are no obstacle for these highly respon ...
NOVICA 1082.99 USD
'Ancestral Mystery' (2009) (Peru)
Working in ochre, brown and red – colors favored by the Inca – Tito Julio Tarqui Prado explores the rich legacy of ancient Andean civilizations. The rich textile tradition is manifest in this work in which elaborate ceramic jars attest to the ancestors' skill. Fish from the seacoast drift throug ...
NOVICA 1082.99 USD
'People I' (2009) (Peru)
People in wide-brimmed hats go about the daily routine of the farmer, ever attuned to the changing season and the land itself. Brown hills of fertile soil dominate in this beautiful composition. By Tito Julio Tarqui Prado, it invokes the forebears of this ancestral way of life through handwoven text ...
NOVICA 1082.99 USD
'The Last Incas' (2009) (Peru)
Emerging from a nondescript background that suggests the sandy dunes of Paracas, anonymous figures face off. Tito Julio Tarqui Prado paints an enigmatic scene inspired by the Inca. His intriguing juxtaposition of amorphous shapes suggests ghostly warriors. Titled "Los últimos Incas" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1082.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Abstract Movement' (Brazil)
Dynamic, this sculpture effectively conjures movement through its heavy, solid appearance. Goga works with bronze, contrasting a golden with a rusty copper finish, creating a piece of great visual force. The sculpture stands on a granite base. Titled "Movimento abstrato" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1079.99 USD
'Field in Dry Season' (2008) (Thailand)
Fallow fields are dry but nonetheless beautiful, their colors more subtle and quiet. By Phomin Singkwang, this portrait of the Northern Thai landscape comes from his own village. Parrot trees, also known as flame of the forest, are a common sight in northern Thailand, blooming gloriously across the ...
NOVICA 1079.99 USD
'Enigma of Dawn' (2012) (Peru)
Early morning light awakens docked ships, the sea's soft lulling reflecting the magical display of colors in the sky. Teodoro Reque paints with oils, creating a palette dominated by blues, pinks and purples that don an enigmatic cloak to this special dawn. Titled "Enigma del amanecer" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1074.99 USD
'Joyous Wine' (2006) (Brazil)
Bright colors move with joyous abandon, each fluid shape representing emotion. Deep scarlet and burgundy cover this canvas by Kassabian. Fascinating, the abstractions invite a multitude of interpretations. "The effects of a good wine," the artist explains. Titled "Vinho Alegre" in Portuguese.
NOVICA 1074.95 USD
Wool tapestry, 'Give Me Five!' (Peru)
"The muse for this composition is my daughter Pilar, who was two years-old at the time," confides Leoncio Tinoco with obvious pride. "Time has passed by, and that's why I chose to return to that tender time, always in my mind. Every time we'd say 'Give me five!' she would lift her little soft hands, ...
NOVICA 1072.99 USD
'Adoration of the Magi' (Peru)
In the tradition of the Cuzco School of Religious Paintings, Fernando Sayan Polo faithfully replicates the "Adoration of the Magi" by Peter Paul Rubens. Originally painted in 1624, it depicts the three Magi bringing gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense to the Baby Jesus. Preparing the canvas with g ...
NOVICA 1072.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Samba' (Brazil)
Arching her back, she steps to the sensuous beat of a samba. Sleek legs, gleaming arms and an agile torso take shape in a bronze sculpture by Goga. Two different finishes create the illusion of dual color in this outstanding sculpture. The samba is known around the world as a symbol of Brazil and of ...
NOVICA 1069.99 USD
'Surface' (2008) (Peru)
Sessarego conjures a world of beauty, viewed from the sky. Set in a sea of blue, bodies of green and gold are punctuated by vibrant crimson. "When I'm painting, I find so much inspiration in classical music. The lines that move across the canvas are orchestrated by music," he says. Titled "Superfic ...
NOVICA 1069.99 USD
'Unity' (2010) (Ghana)
Eyes gaze forth from diamonds and triangles as Joseph Adibleku explores the inherent value of all human life. "The numerous faces symbolize the fact that even though we are all of diverse backgrounds, socialisations, values and thinking patterns, we can learn to accommodate each other perfectly to f ...
NOVICA 1064.99 USD
'Hawlatu Sells Rice' (2010) (Ghana)
The scene is a traditional commercial kitchen, or "chop bar" in the middle of a housing compound. Grain spills from a cracked clay pot and a hungry little hen pecks at it. Bubbling over the fire, cauldrons of food waft delicious fragrances that call to passersby as Hawlatu cooks for a living. Naab-M ...
NOVICA 1064.99 USD
'Behind the Closet' (2004) (Peru)
Hidden safely behind a closet, a mythical being of unknown origin sits on a whicker chair. Light shyly creeps in, illuminating a checkered board; the game of life is about to begin. Francisco Vilchez paints a captivating composition in which shadows and light struggle with the safekeeping of a secre ...
NOVICA 1062.99 USD
'Market Porter' (2010) (Ghana)
She sinks wearily into the basin she uses to carry merchandise, and sips water from a rubber bowl. Alert, she gazes past the viewer with eyes devoid of hope. Behind the teen mom, looking much older than her years, her toddler surveys the market surroundings with distrust. Life is hard for migrants w ...
NOVICA 1062.99 USD
'Majestic' (2008) (Ghana)
The sunset sky is indigo, the day's last light reflected against a majestic tree. African warriors with shields and spears gather near the venerable trunk in a beautiful painting by Ghana's Agyarko Kotoko. "This depicts the natural wealth of the land set within a calm blue background suggesting peac ...
NOVICA 1062.99 USD
'Market Parade' (2012) (Ghana)
Women dressed in traditional attire fill this canvas with brilliant color. Balancing trays on their heads, they offer ripe tomatoes and peppers for sale. Ricson Agyare captures the hustle and bustle of a West African market, achieving rich visual textures with a palette of primary hues.
NOVICA 1062.99 USD
'Market Day' (2004) (Ghana)
With the moon still glowing at dawn, she joins the long line of women who, like herself, make their way to the market. They all share the hope of selling everything they have brought along on trays over their heads. Painting with acrylics, Ricson Agyare is sensitive to their hard work in this inspir ...
NOVICA 1059.99 USD
Zapotec wool rug, 'Dancing Colors' (6x9.5) (Mexico)
Primary hues traverse this design in orderly rows, yet some flow like waves while others seem to skip and whirl. Gregorio Ruiz Lopez conjures dancing colors in an extraordinary rug. A superlative example of traditional Zapotec weaving, the piece is handloomed of soft virgin wool tinted with natural ...
NOVICA 1059.99 USD
'Lupita and the Birds' (2008) (Brazil)
An emerald hillside and sapphire sky form the setting for moment of magic. Birds fly skyward, while others sing in their cage to the music of a boy's flute. A girl at an easel pauses a moment to observe the sight. Berenice pens a poem called "Lupita and the birds," and illustrates it. "It was full ...
NOVICA 1054.99 USD
'Amazon Region in Spring' (2008) (Brazil)
Spring comes to Brazil's Amazon region, filling the scene with magic. Berenice pens a poem to describe this painting. "Amazonia in spring The flowers show themselves Ultra colorful. Fruitful plants Give their same fruit without its being Harvest time. The nights are clear and brilliant. The w ...
NOVICA 1052.99 USD
'Golden Dance I - Peace' (set of 4, 2005) (Mexico)
Beto Araluce traces the movement of dancers in low relief on a set of four canvases. "Dance is an ancestral method for achieving an altered state of consciousness and knowledge. Dervishes use it in Turkey, as did the Maya civilization. Dance as union, dance as the great pacifier. That great union of ...
NOVICA 1042.99 USD
'Golden Dance IV - Growth' (set of 4, 2005) (Mexico)
"Growth is inherent to the human being," says artist Beto Araluce. "Moral, intellectual, economic growth. But there is also the growth of well being and inner peace, often forgotten due to the fast pace of contemporary life." With this set of four paintings, he extends an invitation to review one's ...
NOVICA 1042.99 USD
'Golden Dance III - Understanding' (set of 4, 2005) (Mexico)
"Understanding is the ability to live in the here and now, not in the past or the future. This dimension doesn't exist. And only in this way will you be in understanding, the comprehension of yourself and your surroundings," says Mexican artist Beto Araluce. "Go back to yourselves, return to your tr ...
NOVICA 1042.99 USD
'Golden Dance II - Love' (set of 4, 2005) (Mexico)
Beto Araluce takes his inspiration from classic religious writings for this beautiful set of paintings. He uses textures to describe the movements of a dance. "In the Buddhist texts, the name of God was always written in gold," he says. "In the old Koran texts, the name of God was always written in ...
NOVICA 1042.99 USD
Bronze sculpture, 'Angel of Light' (Brazil)
Standing tall with wings towards the heavens, an angel receives divine light. "I wish for my work to bring light to the world of art and its admirers," says Urubatan fervently. He sculpts the bronze angel with exquisite detail, letting it stand on a recycled peroba do campo wood base. Titled "Anjo ...
NOVICA 1042.99 USD
'Faithfulness and Happiness II' (2012, set of 4) (Thailand)
Stylized lotus blossoms burst into bloom as they drift in a dark universe. Illuminating the night, they radiate a sensation of magic. Aeknarin Chuanglao paints four enchanting canvases as a testimony to his faith. "In Thailand, the lotus is often used to worship Buddha. It is a symbol of purity and ...
NOVICA 1042.99 USD
'Ancestral Images IV' (2006) (Peru)
Rivets suggest a series of tiny eyes within the elongated bodies of triangular creatures. Working in colors favored by Peru's ancient civilizations, César Cirilo creates an enigmatic abstract. "This is an ancestral stone image," he confides. "It was inspired by the Inca in color and form. For examp ...
NOVICA 1032.99 USD
'Amazon Family' (2007) (Peru)
"I wanted to highlight how important is the family in Amazonian cultures. To them, the basic family unit is a source of sustenance and continuity through time," confides Edgardo Crovetto. He paints with a palette of intense oil colors that is underscored by lush greens. Titled "Familia amazónica" ...
NOVICA 1032.99 USD
'Like the Softness of the Rose' (2008) (Peru)
Blonde curls cascade across her shoulders, caressing skin as soft as rose petals. Her expression is one of shy innocence as she poses for the artist. Emmanuel depicts the girl's exquisite beauty, ephemeral as the flower beside her. Titled "Como la suavidad de la rosa" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1032.99 USD
'My Old Guitar' (2009) (Indonesia)
Seated beneath a shade tree, a man strums his guitar and lifts his voice in song. "This is a man with his old guitar, one of his best friends in life," artist Joel Mangundirjo explains. A vibrant palette of primary hues envelops the image in beauty.
NOVICA 1032.95 USD
'One Heart' (2009) (Indonesia)
Dressed in racing silks, a jockey urges his mount to run ever faster; his riding crop is supplanted by words of encouragement. Joel Mangundirjo conveys the close connection of man and horse in a vibrant oil painting. "He feels that he and the steed share one single heart," the artist explains.
NOVICA 1032.95 USD
Alpaca tapestry, 'Spirit of the Wind' (Peru)
A whirlwind of colors and images surrounds a bright planet as Cesar and David Laura find inspiration in Inca cosmogony. They weave the tapestry on a traditional loom with threads of alpaca wool. The Inca believed Pariacaca was the god of water, rain, and wind, and they also believed him to be a divi ...
NOVICA 1029.99 USD
'Amazonian' (2007) (Brazil)
The verdant fervor of the Amazon rain forest inspires Olivia Feder to create this exceptional painting. Bright berries join emerald leaves and jade branches in an evocative abstract. "This is a contemporary work that uses concepts already discussed in the past. But it receives the influence of life ...
NOVICA 1029.99 USD
'Time of Spring and Harvest' (2008) (Peru)
Flowers drift through a dreamscape scene in rich jewel-like colors. By Jenny Castillo, this magical painting depicts three women in traditional country dress who play the charango guitar. Applications of lace and jute add texture and beauty to this extraordinary painting. Titled "Época de primaver ...
NOVICA 1029.99 USD
'If You Weren't You' (2011) (Mexico)
"The title, 'If You Weren't You' is something that simply crosses the mind without specifying if it is her mind, or her friend's, or a thought in the air. Maybe that's what she thinks of her partner, or of herself, or of someone else. It could even be what the other figure thinks of her," explains A ...
NOVICA 1029.99 USD
'Stay a While Longer' (2011) (Mexico)
There is a sense of mystique in this acrylic on canvas as Ana Rubí Panduro depicts a woman connected through her headphones to another being. "This other being can be like her shadow, who is always with her sharing everything in her life. In that sense, this painting is about finding comfort in one ...
NOVICA 1029.99 USD
'Emotions and Passions' (2012) (Peru)
Rich, limpid colors are enchanting, as Kiro evokes a magical landscape. Purple peaks emerge from an azure sky above fields of bright wildflowers. "It's as though a condor soaring overhead looked down to see imposing violet mountains. Energy slides across crackled images in a perspective of infinity, ...
NOVICA 1029.99 USD
'The Unknown' (2008) (Peru)
"I depict an imaginary world, one that emerges from every dream I have with other suggestive poetic worlds," artist Olimpio Pozo says. The images are abstract – light and ethereal as the artist explores a separate reality. Titled "Lo incógnito" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1029.95 USD
'Ancestral Presence' (2008) (Peru)
Subtle but ever present, the art of Peru's ancient cultures is present in Olimpio Pozo's works. It permeates this elegant abstract, whispering of their grandeur. Clouds suggest the mist of forgetfulness, yet the presence of the ancient ones is felt in burning colors. The artist creates nostalgic moo ...
NOVICA 1029.95 USD
'Red Flowers' (2007) (Brazil)
Red poppies reign in a garden of yellow blossoms and emerald foliage. Patches of blue sky in the background peek from amid the blooms. Dazzling in their beauty, flowers fill this enchanting canvas by Regina Pecanha. She applies paper in a collage technique to create texture. Titled "Flores vermelha ...
NOVICA 1028.95 USD
'Daydream Women' (2005) (Peru)
Earth's warmth and nature's serenity merge in this painting by Peruvian artist Dinyo. He paints with a well-chosen palette of oil paints to create a warm, peaceful mood for this composition. Alternating between brush and palette knife, the artist reveals the nude bodies of women as they dance unabas ...
NOVICA 1027.99 USD
'Presence of a Dream' (2009) (Peru)
By Olimpio Pozo, this elegant abstract conjures images seen in a dream. They hover just beyond the edge of consciousness, enveloped in mist and in mystery. The Peruvian artist explores his own interior world, discovering other, and deeper realities. Titled "Presencia de ensueño" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1027.95 USD
'Sublime Surface' (2009) (Peru)
"This painting was born at the moment of its execution," Olimpio Pozo says of his lighthearted abstract. "I wanted to create a sensation of beauty. I began weaving dreams – suggestive and transparent images, immersed in fog that translate into a poetic calm or a silent space." Titled "Superficie ...
NOVICA 1027.95 USD
'Harvest' (2011) (Indonesia)
Protected by a wide brimmed hat and white scarf, a woman labors in the rice fields of Bali. There are philosophical implications to her activity, for the act of bending down to collect a ripe, full paddy symbolizes bowing to knowledge and avoiding arrogance. "Prosperity is the hope of all people. St ...
NOVICA 1024.99 USD
'Continents and the Inhabitants of Atlantis' (2011) (Peru)
Bright goldfish swim back and forth in a mystical sea where the silhouettes of people emerge from the depths of dreams. Misty mountains tower above. "This is the beginning of the human era," says Andean artist Kiro. "This shows the evolution of the human being, his magic and the mystery of the first ...
NOVICA 1024.99 USD
'Fish and People' (2011) (Peru)
Painting with oils, Kiro delivers a composition of surreal artistry. "I wanted to express the relationship between the sea world and humans," confides the Andean artist. "I also included the moon and her effect on the sea, fish and waves. They are all intimately co-related. What one does has an effe ...
NOVICA 1024.99 USD
Fiberglass sculpture, 'Ghanaian Beauty' (Ghana)
"The African woman is exceptionally beautiful," Ghanaian artist Jonathan Amartey says. Working in fiberglass over a wooden frame, he depicts a graceful girl with intricately braided hair, a flowing gown and long earrings. "I wanted to share her unique loveliness," he says.
NOVICA 1024.99 USD
'The Strings of Power' (Peru)
German See Wu Medina takes a symbolic theme for this colorful abstract. Geometric elements seem to hold the strings to control puppets that are suggested but not seen. Golden colors flood the central portion of the canvas in a beautiful but cryptic work. Titled "Los hilos del poder" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1022.99 USD
'Circumstantial Deaths I' (2004) (Peru)
A citizen of the world, Wilmer Lalupu Flores turns his eye to circumstantial deaths in this new century. His style is expressionistic as he creates a busy collage. Yet a warm earth palette unifies the many images into those of one single planet. Some fade into the nebulous clouds of the forgotten wh ...
NOVICA 1022.99 USD
'And the Ship Sails On' (2007) (Peru)
Geometric shapes overlap, forming a delightful interplay of color. By Frida Zanatti, this elegant abstract depicts a sailboat that represents the journey or road taken in life. "I was inspired by "E la nave va," that exceptional movie by Federico Fellini," she confides. Filmed in 1983, it is known i ...
NOVICA 1019.99 USD
'The Tallan Beheader' (2008) (Peru)
Legend tells how a god of the Tallan people stood watch at the huacas – pre-Inca houses built of adobe that were known as centers of culture. The guardian of the Ñariwalac fortress challenged usurpers and beheaded them. The people erected a temple to honor the deity. Wilmer Lalupu Flores depicts ...
NOVICA 1019.99 USD
'Selling Hope' (2008) (Peru)
Passersby stare as a young woman offers ripe watermelon for sale. Wilmer Lalupu Flores selects an expressionist style for the portrait, fragmenting the features so that they meld into one another. Despite the abstractions, he communicates his subject's youth, her beauty and her tremulous hope as she ...
NOVICA 1019.99 USD
'Pilgrim in Life' (2008) (Peru)
Clasping a heavy cross, a person walks steadily forward. An expression of resignation mingles with the determination expressed through posture. The personage could be a man or a woman, young or old, in this way representing everyone. "I narrate the pilgrimage that every person carries inside, expres ...
NOVICA 1019.99 USD
'Native Woman' (2011) (Mexico)
A woman in traditional dress kneels on the stone steps of an ancient church in Mexico. Ribbons adorn her long, braided hair and embroidery covers her crimson blouse. A member of Callinart Artists, Laura Madrigal works in lucid oils to paint this intriguing portrait. Titled "Indígena" in Spanish.
NOVICA 1019.99 USD
'El Tajin Pyramid' (2011) (Mexico)
The setting sun bathes ancient stones in purple and crimson, giving them an immediate vitality. A member of Callinart Artists, Ana Rosa Navarro depicts the famous pyramid at El Tajin, an archeological zone near Papantla. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Titled "Pirámide El Tajin" in Spanish. Th ...
NOVICA 1019.99 USD
'Father and Daughter' (2008) (Indonesia)
Safe in her father's arms, a little girl watches the world go by. Dad is holding her pretty pink bonnet as he looks over her. A red line surrounds them like a loving aura in a composition that is warm and expressive. Abdul Mochammad Arifin captures the unique bond between a father and his daughter i ...
NOVICA 1017.99 USD
'Volcanic Rock' (2011) (Indonesia)
Lava running down from the mouth of a volcano streams through this oil on canvas by Sutianto. "This painting was inspired by the last eruption of Mount Merapi, which left behind many casualties, including one of my relatives," confides Sutianto.
NOVICA 1017.95 USD
'Chief Drummer' (2012) (Ghana)
A festive mood spreads across the canvas as Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae paints of joyous Nigerian customs. "I painted this composition to demonstrate that music and dance complement one another. It is about our cultural performance through dance," says the talented Nigerian artist of this acrylic on ...
NOVICA 1014.99 USD
'The Storm of Life' (2012) (Ghana)
A family huddles together against the storm in a painting of powerful meaning. "Live for a day at a time. Life is a journey unknown," says Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae. Painting with acrylics, his composition is filled with energy as a whirlwind of dramatic colors envelops the young family.
NOVICA 1014.99 USD
'Dew in Your Gaze' (2011) (Mexico)
Quiet Guitron selects a palette of autumn tones to paint this enchanting landscape. Dawn light caresses gentle mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. The artist says, "It expresses the compassion and the dreams of all people to appreciate a true love for nature." Titled "Rocio en tu mira ...
NOVICA 1014.99 USD
'A Sense of Mary' (2013) (Mexico)
Quiet Guitron selects a palette of pastel tones to paint this enchanting abstract landscape. Dawn clouds in glowing rose and lilac are gilded by the early sun, caressing gentle mountains shrouded in mist. "This is a clear image of the soul's spirituality," the artist says. "It represents the strengt ...
NOVICA 1014.99 USD
'The Masterpiece' (2012) (Ghana)
"Enjoy the melody that flows through the fabric of the canvas," says Alex Mensah as the musician enchants all with his melodies. Painting with acrylics in a sunny palette of colors, Mensah transmits the flautist's self-abandon to his tunes.
NOVICA 1012.99 USD
'African Woman' (2009) (Ghana)
"Like African women, never forget to wear a smile as you carry out your duties, for you may never know its impact on people's lives," advices Alex Mensah. He masterfully captures both her inner and outer beauty in this expressive composition. To paint her portrait he prepares aciduro by soaking rust ...
NOVICA 1012.99 USD
'Beauty Behind the Veil' (2012) (Ghana)
"If only we could lift off the veil that clouds our eyes, we would really see how beautiful the world is," believes Ghanaian artist Alex Mensah. Painting with acrylics, he portrays a woman surrounded by bowls, her back to the viewer. "In her effort to hide her beautiful face, she is unaware that her ...
NOVICA 1012.99 USD
'Time of the Memory from Nature II' (2011) (Thailand)
Flowers with fiery red petals dance on the vast green plains of Thailand inspiring Chaiya Wannalert. With birds soaring through the skies, the composition captures nature's vibrant energy. Wannalert masters woodcut printing techniques to create this colorful landscape.
NOVICA 1009.99 USD
'Time of the Memory from Nature I' (2011) (Thailand)
Bright frangipanis fly in the wind, their dance beckoning admiration. Thailand's Chaiya Wannalert creates an inspiring composition as he masters woodcut printing techniques with exquisite detail.
NOVICA 1009.99 USD
'Body and Form II' (Brazil)
At once anonymous and universal, a female body stretches luxuriously across the canvas. Conjuring a rich sensuality with warm color and confident contours, Eduardo Marques creates a composition of intense delight. Light from above haloes the nude in splendor. "The photographer's same vision inspires ...
'Tree of Life' (2007) (Guatemala)
Perched in a flowering tree, a bluebird sings. "One day in 1986, in an exercise sponsored by the Spanish Embassy for the Hispanic culture, we were invited to reflect on the word 'intimacy.' A couple making love came to mind, how sacred that moment is and that's where the idea for this painting comes ...
'Light of Life' (2013) (Mexico)
Golden light seems to radiate from a venerable shade tree, its leaves dressed in autumn colors. Sensations of peace pervade a beautiful canvas by Mexican artist Quiet Guitron. Working in a pointillist technique, she shares her own feelings. "This painting represents the light of life, the love of li ...
'Deveorohana, Descent from Heaven' (2006) (Thailand)
Poovadol paints an admirable composition that exudes spiritual serenity through its festive theme. The painting commemorates Deveorohana, the day Buddha descended from Heaven. He is accompanied by Chang Sian Sian, the three-headed elephant, and Indra, painted in green. Graceful thevada angels da ...
'Wrath' (2007) (Peru)
Opening his mouth in a scream of impotent rage, a man expresses his frustration with the ever-changing world. Primal color expresses fundamental human emotion, and Juan Carlos Ñañaque's expressionistic style endows this powerful man with universal human emotions. Titled "La ira" in Spanish.
'Loving Security' (2007) (Peru)
He holds his little girl close with loving arms, while an older child clings to the man. "This is a single father who faces the world with only his son and daughter. He protects them with much love and affection," Peruvian artist Juan Carlos Ñañaque explains. Filled with magical colors, this beaut ...
'Maternity' (2007) (Peru)
Scooping her child out of his bath, a young woman gazes into the distance. "This is a mother who protects her son," Juan Carlos Ñañaque says. "She looks toward the horizon as though envisioning his happy future." Warm colors fill this elegant, stylized canvas. Titled "Maternidad" in Spanish.
'Historical Journey' (2006) (Ghana)
Jake Kwesi Bennett explores years of African history with this beautiful painting. Superbly composed, it is wrought in earth tones that give it a sensation of timelessness. Warriors with spears and tall shields line the background, while women move gracefully with them. Traditional carvings are also ...
'N'oj Glyph' (2002) (Guatemala)
The religious syncretism that pervades in Guatemala inspires this oil on canvas by Hermelindo Mux Yool. "N'oj is a Maya glyph that represents wisdom," explains the artist of Maya descent. "According to our calendar, on N'oj day all the elders and spiritual leaders get together to make the important ...
'Stigmatic Beauty' (2007) (Guatemala)
"We have hurt nature and our world so much over the years," laments Guatemalan artist Hermelindo Mux Yool. "Nature is the most beautiful thing alive, and we've been treating it like a storm of tacks showering upon a rose. The damage is irreparable." Mux Yool creates a powerful visual imagery with oi ...
'Beautiful Emotions' (2007) (Guatemala)
Giving its heart-shaped petals to the wind, a flower becomes a metaphor in the work of Hermelindo Mux Yool. "We all have feelings," says the Guatemalan artist as he reflects on human nature. "It's only that some people show their emotions with more beauty, like this flower. It hasn't yet lost all it ...
'Heavenly Visit' (2005) (Thailand)
Poovadol tells a story of Buddha, representing heaven with an extraordinary palette of pinks and purples. The religious importance of the characters is shown though the use of luxurious gold. "This work depicts the time when Buddha visited his mother in the second heaven, where Indra dwells. I featu ...
'Jazz' (2010) (Ghana)
African color conveys the vital beauty of music by a jazz quartet. Traditional drums underscore the African heritage in modern jazz through their complex rhythms and the "call and response" musical dialogue. "These musicians are dedicated to their music, playing the saxophone. Their melodies combine ...
'Noon Day' (2012) (Ghana)
The sun is high overhead, casting no noonday shadows in a West African town. Houses crowd both sides of the street as people go about their business in a quiet and breathless atmosphere. By Joseph Adibleku, this painting offers a glimpse of life in Ghana.
'Regina' (2013) (Mexico)
By Quiet Guitron, this magical image caresses the sight with sensations of immense tranquility and joy. Flowers in pink, ivory and orchid cover the branches of an ancient tree, celebrating the birth of a girl named Regina. Working in a pointillist technique, the Mexican artist creates images that se ...
'Your Blue' (2011) (Mexico)
Gentle clouds caress gentle mountains that extend to the horizon. Quiet Guitron selects a palette of pastel tones to paint a landscape filled with peace and beauty. "This painting represents the soul at peace to we can appreciate all the wonders of the abstract scenery," the artist says. Titled "Az ...
'Roses within You' (2011) (Mexico)
Red roses multiply, their beauty repeating itself into infinity. Quiet Guitron works in encaustic with oils to create an image of great peace and passion. Framed in pinewood, the elegant painting evokes velvet petals and their sweet fragrance. Titled "Rosas en ti" in Spanish.
'Walk in Sweetness' (2013) (Mexico)
Afternoon light caresses a shade tree, its leaves dressed in autumn colors. Sensations of peace pervade this beautiful canvas by Mexican artist Quiet Guitron. Working in a pointillist technique, she creates images that seem to dance in the wind. Titled "Dulce caminar" in Spanish.
'Purple Sensation' (2011) (Mexico)
Purple roses multiply, their beauty repeating itself into infinity. Quiet Guitron works in encaustic with oils to create an image of great peace and passion. Framed in pinewood, the elegant painting evokes velvet petals and their sweet fragrance. Titled "Morada sensación" in Spanish.
'Stop' (2005) (Thailand)
Radiantly beautiful, Buddha's hand emerges from the darkness in a gesture that says, "Stop." It calls a halt to evil. Tanachai Ekuruchaitep adapts the style of an ancient sculpture to tell a story. The narrative describes how Buddha was seated on a lotus when Evil came to meet him and asked him to c ...
'Powerful' (2005) (Thailand)
Regal and powerful, a luminous elephant strides purposefully through the darkness. Tanachai Ekuruchaitep depicts the mighty pachyderm in the style of ancient paintings. Once favored by the kings of old Siam, its image became a national emblem seen on royal thrones as well as on the national flag. Fa ...
'Auspicious Elephant' (2005) (Thailand)
Depicted in russet, an elephant with splendid tusks walks proudly through the darkness. Tanachai Ekuruchaitep portrays the mighty pachyderm in the style of ancient paintings. Once favored by the kings of old Siam, the elephant's image became a national emblem seen on royal thrones as well as on the ...
'Forgotten' (2005) (Mexico)
Lonely and melancholic, a person is drained of color while sitting in the middle of a vibrant world. Israel Villanueva uses a powerful palette of colors to convey a solitary, nostalgic mood. "Forgotten by the world, and maybe forgotten by oneself," reflects the Mexican artist. Titled "Este olvido" ...
'Cell Phone Beach' (2007) (Brazil)
Legendary Ipanema beach hosts a multitude of visitors and tourists seeking the warm sun and golden sands. The ambience is a-buzz with everyone chatting on their cells, creating a vocal symphony. Luiz Badia records technological changes in leisurely days for this acrylic on canvas. Titled "Praia do ...
'Nude' (2007) (Brazil)
By Dallier, this brilliant painting depicts a nude. Wide, bold brushstrokes evince the woman's youth and vitality as sunlight highlights her full breasts and thighs. Set against a background of scarlet and crimson, the image radiates passion. Titled "Mulata nua" in Portuguese.
'Claiming Peace' (2004) (Thailand)
An aura of serenity rests on a young Buddha as his enlightenment brings inner piece. His tightly curled hair is brilliantly detailed – his expression is filled with tranquility. Keen on travel, Tanachai Ekuruchaitep recalls seeing this image in Sukhothai province. "When I looked at Buddha's face, ...
'First Love' (2004) (Brazil)
Swirling colors bring sensations of vertiginous movement. Racing across the canvas like a torrent of flames, hot yellow and orange pulsate with excitement. Smooth shapes on either side heighten the work's tense drama, and liberal use of the palette knife results in rich textures. Newton Reis capture ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Champion' (Brazil)
Rising with the pride of champions, a horse lifts its head in admirable elegance. Powerful in its abstract conception, this sculpture conveys dramatic expression. Goga sculpts this piece of bronze, evidencing her mastery of the media as well as her creative genius. The sculpture is set on a granite ...
'Musical Notes II' (2004) (Brazil)
Newton Reis creates a resonant architecture in his artistic expression. The images are ethereal and evoke the sensuality of the tropics. Newton Reis fills the painting with musical undertones in a melodious line that floats across the canvas. Dancing notes soar lightly through the air. Titled "Nota ...
Gold and citrine dangle earrings, 'Radiant Orbits' (Brazil)
Radiant as the Brazilian sun, citrine cabochons are surrounded by 18k gold halos. The dazzling gem is said to foster self-esteem, power, and abundance. Ekaterina Pokrovskaya designs the magnificent earrings in a style that exudes mystical energy. Marked 750, the official designation for 75% gold an ...
'Andean Fruits' (2009) (Peru)
By Teodoro Reque, this mystical composition combines deep blue and pale green with ochre and orange. He suggests an Andean landscape with blue shadows to the left and a shining waterfall to the right. Bathed in vertical rays of light, golden circles cluster in the center, paying tribute to the regio ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Encounter' (Brazil)
With abstract line, Goga creates featureless figures. Nonetheless, they communicate very human emotions. A man and woman encounter one another to express feelings of joy, attraction and sexual desire. The Brazilian artist presents the signature bronze image on a marble base. Titled "Encontro" in Po ...
'Master of Music' (Ghana)
A musician from northern Ghana inspires Nii Teiko Aryeetey to paint this verdant composition. "He is playing a horn, carved from real cow horn, but as an artist I allowed myself the freedom to depict the horn larger and more liberally," confides the Ghanaian artist. He portrays the musician wearing ...
'Brazilian Scene' (2004) (Brazil)
Ezequias selects the portrait of a woman to feature in a scene with strong Brazilian roots. Striking a coquettish pose, the woman sits on a box wearing a revealing yellow dress. Behind her is her village, which is situated near the mountains. Painting with oils, Ezequias offer a unique vision of Bra ...
'Mangrove' (2003) (Brazil)
Lush rich colors capture the natural beauty of Brazil as Ezequias paints of a mangrove in the north. Up above, the sky is an eternal blue that blends with the ocean in the horizon. Oils are Ezequias' medium of choice for this inspiring composition. Titled "O mangue" in Portuguese.
'Inca Weavings' (2009) (Peru)
Invoking the spirit of Inca ancestors, Tito Julio Tarqui Prado paints a collage of ancient images. Each motif seems to live once more as a coppery light plays across the canvas. Red, brown and ochre – colors favored by ancient peoples of the Andes – portray ceramic vessels, amorphous personages ...
'The Ceramist' (2009) (Peru)
Geometric shapes in bright colors flow across amorphous figures in shades of coffee and cocoa. By Peruvian artist Tito Julio Tarqui Prado, this elegant abstract pays tribute to the ancestors. "I try to convey the sentiment and dedication of ceramists to their designs," he explains. "You can see the ...
'Grandfather' (2009) (Peru)
Warm colors create a vital ambience filled with luminous imagery. Working in brown, ochre, yellows and red, Tito Julio Tarqui Prado creates a vision of mystical appeal. His theme is the ancestral wealth of the Inca, expressed through ceramics. Seducing the imagination, this abstract work pays tribut ...
'Abstract Inca Art II' (2009) (Peru)
Silhouettes suggest clay jars, panpipes and blankets, the handwoven Inca textiles more prized than gold. Flowing across the shapes, pre-Hispanic design motifs bring vivid color to an abstract canvas. "Much of this iconography comes from Peru's ancient Paracas culture," artist Tito Julio Tarqui Prado ...
'Designs' (2009) (Peru)
Creating a sensation of depth and movement, Tito Julio Tarqui Prado depicts the radiant legacy of ancient Andean civilizations. The Inca were skilled ceramists, but it was their elegant weavings that stand out – their textiles were more highly prized than gold. Tarqui's luminous palette suggests a ...
'Discovery' (2008) (Ghana)
By Joseph Adibleku, this enigmatic abstract seems superimposed upon a background of wide stripes. Blue, purple and red appear in amorphous fields, subtly drawing the eye toward a key. "The key to discovering in life can be attained by using the power of the mind," the artist explains.
'Three Days' (2010) (Guatemala)
Lilliana Guzman honors the sun with a composition that is filled with artistic energy. "To the Maya people, the sun was the most crucial element needed to study the passing of time," explains the Guatemalan artist. She is inspired by the legendary symbols of the Maya calendar as she paints a golden ...
'Some Culture' (Ghana)
Dressed in a sheer gown, a woman goes to the market for food and examines the clothes on sale. "This painting is inspired by my observations of Ga women, who will wear anything – or practically nothing – when shopping," explains Ricson Agyare as he paints with a warm palette of acrylic paints.
'Busy Day' (2004) (Ghana)
It is a busy day for this Ghanaian woman wearing a dress and turban of many colors. Sitting at the crowded market, she still has tomatoes, peppers, fish and garden eggs to sell on a large wooden tray. She becomes a muse for Ricson Agyare as he paints her portrait with acrylics on canvas.
'Marketplace' (2012) (Ghana)
A city bus cruises to a stop in front of a bustling West African marketplace. Waiting with a full basket, an early shopper prepares to head home. Ricson Agyare depicts her in a radiant yellow robe and head scarf, focusing all attention on the young Ghanaian woman. In the background, buyers and selle ...
'Evoking the Ancestors' (2009) (Peru)
By Olimpio Pozo, this luminous abstract evokes an encounter with Peru's ancient Chavin civilization. "I seek to reevaluate the richness of their past through layers of transparent color," he says. "The elements do not contrast with one another; the planes are suspended in the mist, suggesting other, ...
'Mothers Sweat' (2011) (Ghana)
Moving gracefully through the crowds, merchant women exemplify the human aspect of vendors in the noise, activity, and confusion of market day. Nii Teiko Aryeetey depicts the vendors in a startling freeze frame of market chaos. Placing their goods in baskets, basins, or on wooden trays, each woman a ...
'Love and Care lll' (2011) (Thailand)
Family warmth inspires this modern composition by Nattaleya Paidan. "Pure love is the greatest power. It pushes us forward to achieve our hopes," believes the Thai artist. Painting with acrylics, Paidan depicts the father protecting his family with loving care as the mother cradles their daughter.
'Pleasant Rest' (2005) (Guatemala)
The women of Chichicastenango become muses in the art of Otto Cajbón. "I'm inspired by the beauty of their traditional dresses and I'm impressed with how hardworking they are," confides the Guatemalan artist. He depicts a group of four women returning home from a hard day's work and they have wrapp ...
'The Musician' (2007) (Brazil)
Brilliant color evokes a clear, bright melody as a musician plays a golden flute. The dazzling Brazilian sun illuminates every corner of this warm composition. With his characteristic bold, quick brushstrokes, Dallier creates a fascinating portrait. Titled "O músico" in Portuguese.
'Melodic Fantasy II' (2008) (Ghana)
Flutes and horns sweep across the canvas, enclosing musicians pounding fervent rhythms on African drums. Stretching to infinity, they are a cultural manifestation. Samuel Asamoah fills the canvas with energy and excitement. He signs his work as "Prophask."
Gold and garnet band ring, 'Simply Three' (Brazil)
A trio of colorful and natural gems bring enchanted elegance to a band ring by Mary Geluda. She selects pink tourmaline, garnet and amethyst for this exclusive 18k gold ring.
'Mass Prayer' (2007) (Ghana)
Shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye can see, the devout make their way toward Mecca. Their pilgrimage is an expression of prayer. Agyarko Kotoko works in primary hues as he affirms the power of faith. "The more we advance in technology, the more we destroy our planet. Are we advancing in sense or ...
'Market Porter' (2007) (Ghana)
"She is a porter at the Agbogbloshie market in Accra, and she tries to make some money by carrying customers' goods. However, today business is slow, she has not had a customer yet, and other women in the distance are carrying their own goods," says Ricson Agyare from Ghana. He narrates the pictoria ...
'Fishing' (2011) (Ghana)
Fishermen beach their boats on the sands. After a departure at dawn, they will sell their catch to passersby in time for the family meal. Francis Amoah depicts an everyday scene in clear color, effectively communicating the beauty of honest work. "My painting talks about the hardship of fishermen. T ...
'Admire' (2010) (Ghana)
Gazing into a hand-held mirror, a woman secretly admires her own beauty. She is young, vibrant and nubile, each gesture charged with dynamism. Dio works in his hallmark style to depict the girl as she carefully combs her hair.
'Capital Hour' (2011) (Ghana)
Francis Amoah captures the hustle and bustle of downtown Accra as sunrise tints the sky. The vibrant capital of Ghana, the city's wide avenues are thronged with shoppers and working people in a hurry to get to their places of employment. "This painting explores the social and economic life of the pe ...
'Focus' (2010) (Ghana)
Adapting traditional Ghanaian symbols to the 21st century, Joseph Adibleku paints an evocative composition. What at first appears to be an elongated shield is at once a rocket. "It is a space ship taking off," the artist explains. The space ship has its destination before it takes off, and the same ...
'Boat Landing' (2001) (Ghana)
Ghanaian fishermen return with empty nets to beach their boat in the shallow. Yet they gaze out to sea with unflagging spirits. "Believe in yourself and love what you do in life," artist Francis Amoah exhorts. "One can appreciate in this painting the movement of fishermen, how they enjoy their work ...
'Compact Initiation' (2010) (Ghana)
Teen girls dress in beaded waistbands, shyly baring their budding breasts as they await the beginning of an initiation ceremony. This is a West African puberty rite in Kroboland in Eastern Ghana, when young maidens reveal their breasts as a sign that they are ready for marriage and can nurse their c ...
'Help!' (2003) (Indonesia)
The universe is filled with flying nails, their sharp, piercing points racing toward a tiny child. Clutching his face, he tries helplessly to staunch the flow of blood. Powerful and thought provoking, this work by A.A. Darmayuda carries the artist's plea for peace. "This painting expresses how viole ...
'Mask Composition in Red' (triptych, 2005) (Peru)
Pantigoso recreates the masks depicted by the Inca on their ceramics. Peering from amid complex geometric patterns, they seem to house the burning eyes of the ancestors. Rich, primal red predominates in this beautiful triptych. Abstract textures add to the complexity of the images. Titled "Composic ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Angel of Gratitude' (Brazil)
Kneeling with wings outstretched, an angel shows gratitude in an expressive bronze sculpture by Urubatan. "This is my way of showing my gratitude to God for my life, as well as for everyone's on this planet," says the talented Brazilian artist. Includes a recycled peroba do campo wood base. Titled ...
'Before the Journey II' (2009) (Ghana)
The afternoon is filled with activity on Jamestown Beach in Accra. Fishermen mend nets and fix up their canoes in this dynamic painting by Folusho Akomolede. Among the Ga Adangbe fishing community, Tuesdays are days considered sacred and thus no one is expected to go fishing. However they use this t ...
'The State of Unconscious Consciousness II' (2010) (Ghana)
Leaning forward, head on her arms, a woman drifts off to sleep. As her unconscious takes over, the slumbering woman moves into a dynamic state of dreaming. Dio depicts fluid images that move in all directions as the mind is unfettered in sleep.
'Market Lane II' (2012) (Ghana)
The street is packed with cars and people, everyone eager to get to the market in Accra. The chaotic energy of this traffic moves Francis Amoah to replicate it with acrylics, his use of perspective admirable.
'The Beach' (2009) (Ghana)
A call goes up, "The fishermen are here!" Brimming with the day's catch, canoes are pulled up onto the sand where shoppers wait to take home fresh fish. The boats line the shore to the horizon as Folusho Akomolede pays tribute to the hardworking fishing community. The dynamic scene depicts the town ...
'The Big Catch' (2009) (Ghana)
Fisherman beach their boats and offer their catch to shoppers awaiting them on the shore. By Folusho Akomolede, this exuberant painting conveys their joy and excitement over a big day's catch. In the distance, more canoes head homeward in a superb and dynamic portrait of the Ghanaian coast. "Always ...
'Show Me Please' (2010) (Indonesia)
Golden light plays across the body of a lovely young nude. "She is shy yet gentle as she talks with her lover," artist Aricadia explains. "The light reveals the sensuality of her body. I used wide brushstrokes and a dark fire to relate the untold story of the thousand nights."
'Musical Notes III' (2007) (Brazil)
Energetic and powerful, hot yellows and fiery reds overtake the serenity of blue. Newton Reis speaks a language of bright abstraction. He punctuates his hues with white lines that direct the composition's melody. His inspiration is musical notes as he paints a visual symphony. Titled "Notas Musicai ...
'Chimu Warrior' (triptych, 2003) (Peru)
Warriors gaze across the centuries, each one brought to life through masks. Pantigoso takes her inspiration from the Chimu culture, which flourished in northern Peru from 1400 to 1700 AD. Known for their distinctive pottery, the Chimu developed Peru's largest and most important political system unti ...
'Water Lilies' (2004) (Ghana)
"Water lilies blossom beautifully in ponds," says Jake Kwesi Bennett admiringly. He captures their natural beauty with a vibrant palette of acrylic paints, carefully detailing the lilies' petals, leaves, and the tall grass guarding their safe-haven.
'Planting' (2010) (Peru)
Beneath a blue sky, the earth is vast and fertile. Five men work together on the outskirts of their highland hamlet as they till the golden soil. Fernando Sayan Polo exalts their honest labor in this beautiful oil painting. He names it Chaquitaclla, for the pre-Hispanic tool they use. Titled "Chaqu ...
'Images from a Dream' (2012) (Peru)
"These are signs and symbols that are far from being interpreted through a recognizable reality," says Olimpio Pozo when talking about this oil on canvas. "The spontaneous language of art is expressed through burning colors amid a gray mist – as if they were coming out of a dream." Titled "Imágen ...
'The Harlequin and the Ballerina' (Brazil)
Enamored of her grace and beauty, a harlequin courts a ballerina in a balcony overlooking the Brazilian landscape. Luiz Badia paints the romantic scene with detailed artistry, celebrating his characters' romance and the beauty of his homeland. With Sugar Loaf Hill in the backdrop, this acrylic on ca ...
'The Ballerina of Venice' (2013) (Brazil)
Dressed in a white tutu, a young ballerina ties her point shoes. Her stage is the beautiful Venice with its myriad canals, legendary bridges and romantic gondolas. Luiz Badia paints with acrylics in a vintage impressionist style as he masterfully captures the romantic aura that surrounds this histor ...
'Sunset in the Woods' (2007) (Ghana)
Light radiates from the center of this composition, filling the scene with glorious color. Forest trees are silhouetted in the evening's splendor as Dio captures a sunset scene. He recycles paper from magazines to create this glorious collage.
'The Beauty and the Flute' (2007) (Ghana)
A mysterious woman dances on a hilltop as she plays a magical flute. Her mesmerizing music floats across the landscape, beckoning all who listen. Dio's palette is a deep, rich monochrome, the earth shades lending a mythic air to the composition. He recycles paper from magazines to create this enigma ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Girl' (Brazil)
Her girlish beauty conveys the charm of youth. Beautifully sculpted in bronze, the child wears a full feminine skirt. Yet her demeanor is demure and innocent. Julieta Sathler creates this beautiful image that bears her signature. Titled "Menina" in Portuguese.
'Flying Personage' (2007) (Peru)
"This personage is magical and can fly. A kind of shaman or warrior priest that is often portrayed in pre-Hispanic iconography," says Estrada as he confides his inspiration. "According to ancient beliefs, this character had the power to unite the three worlds, the superior, the central or terrestria ...
'Pieces of My Life' (2008) (Peru)
Like flowers, wispy white blossoms arise in an ambience of dazzling color. Sweeping strokes of green, yellow and red merge in the center of this abstract painting. By Andrea, it expresses a phrase by poetess Nora Lanzieri. "Suspended amid cotton and expectant before my life, I don't stop smiling and ...
'Keeping the Secret' (2008) (Peru)
Flowers whisper excitedly as they talk about a secret love. Flooded with light, the canvas hosts soft petals and emerald foliage as Andrea conjures the effect through color. Her language is one of abstraction, her message, one of beauty. Titled "Guardando el secreto" in Spanish.
'Night' (2008) (Peru)
"The night covered us with its mantle of stars, and you remained close to me with the moon as our spy. But you had only me and you loved me like a prophesy. Our love like an incorruptible crown of glory and pleasure, feeling fire run through our veins. A secret accomplice of two bodies loving one an ...
'For My Love' (2008) (Peru)
Abstract motifs in dazzling color drift in a radiant canvas filled with light. Suggesting passion, crimson fills the central plane while emerald cools the ardent shapes. A love poem is Andrea's inspiration as she interprets emotion through color and form. Titled "Para mi amor" in Spanish.
'My Angel' (2008) (Peru)
Andrea finds expressiveness through color, the words of Argentine poet Dora Forletti inspiring her art. "You are blue, a soft yet intense shade of blue, iridescent, clouds and cotton; subtle, sweet, tender and beautiful… perceptible only to my heart. You tenderly dry my tears, pin a smile on my pa ...
'I Am Loving You' (2008) (Peru)
"When you feel forgotten, when you feel love, when you feel sorrow, when you feel happiness, when you feel you are alone and you need me, think that I am loving you like the first day, like the first time your skin brushed mine and we were body, heart and life," poetess Nora Lanzieri writes. Loving ...
'I Love You' (2008) (Peru)
Andrea transforms the romance of poetry by an anonymous writer into images of magical beauty. "I love you like the sea loves rivers, like a bird loves a branch, like a cloud loves the air, like the body loves the soul," it reads. "I love you as the sun loves light, as fire loves the flame, as rain l ...
'Chaos and Creativity IV' (Peru)
Abstract shapes emerge from a canvas filled with gray clouds. Rectilinear shapes imply windows in tall buildings. "This painting explores the emotional chaos of overcrowding, of an exploding population," says Peruvian artist Estrada. Titled "Caos y creatividad IV" in Spanish.
'Yesterday's News' (Peru)
"I painted this oil on canvas to express how fast the news moves: everyday there are new stories and yesterday's get forgotten," says Estrada as he paints with a palette of ochre, pink and blue-green hues. "Sometimes it feels like it's a circus with all that movement and the type of news that are ch ...
'The Dark Bridge' (2003) (Peru)
"I took my inspiration from a bridge over one of our highways in the sierra. It is very dark over there, hardly any light – in fact sometimes the only light they get is from the moon," Peru's Estrada says of this oil on canvas. "A river runs underneath this bridge; its crystalline waters are very ...
'A Sonnet of Flavors' (2012) (Peru)
Emmanuel achieves crystalline clarity as he paints this colorful still life with oils. "This composition is a poem of colors, a sonnet of flavors. From the strong citric taste of a lime to the delicious sweetness of an orange and the bittersweet taste of grapefruit," confides the Peruvian artist. "I ...
'Self Portrait' (2001) (Peru)
"Numberless personages walk the streets. Only portions of their bodies can be seen, and one perceives his reflection on the sidewalk, pausing while the others continue on their ways, hurrying about their daily errands. This painting is a literary description," says Peruvian artist Leontina. "My insp ...
'Silent Dream' (2008) (Peru)
Clouds of mist part to reveal luminous planes of vision. Hovering in space, ethereal shapes emerge from the haze to bring a complex geometry to this work. It depicts an imaginary world of Olimpio Pozo's own feelings and inner peace. Titled "Sueño silencioso" in Spanish.
'Fragmented Spaces' (2008) (Peru)
Olimpo Pozo goes beyond the restrictions of the physical world in a painting that evokes a surreal three-dimensional illusion. Fragmented objects float in an ambient void of gravity, while a rich palette of colors is inspired by Nazca artistry. This legendary culture flourished in 200-600 AD, and it ...
'Strange Symphony' (2008) (Peru)
Melodious strokes of color orchestrate a pictorial symphony played on surreal musical instruments. "This painting expresses what is within me," confides Peruvian artist Olimpo Pozo. He mixes a palette of warm colors for this inspired oil on canvas. Titled "Extraña sinfonia" in Spanish.
'Fantasies' (2008) (Peru)
Abstract images bubble to the surface of this painting, each suggesting something familiar yet impossible to define. Olimpio Pozo shares of a glimpse of an imaginary world close to his heart. Dreams and memories take form in vivid color to emerge from white mist. Titled "Fantasías" in Spanish.
'Images' (2008) (Peru)
"My deepest emotions come to life in my work," artist Olimpio Pozo confides. Spontaneous forms appear and disappear against a dark background enveloped in mist. Cloaked in mystery, this painting suggests dreams at edge of consciousness. Titled "Imágenes" in Spanish.
'Evoking the Past' (2007) (Peru)
Subtle but ever present, the art of Peru's ancient Chavin culture is felt in Olimpio Pozo's works. It permeates this elegant abstract, whispering of the grandeur of the past. Clouds suggest the mist of forgetfulness, yet the motifs surge forward in burning colors. The artist creates nostalgic moods ...
'Woman's Face' (2005) (Peru)
Flames or feathers envelop her, evoking a hat and boa, or perhaps her own exuberant hair. Pensive, the young woman gazes at someone just out of view. John Chauca's portrait is filled with life. "A woman's face, rich in psychological connotations, transmits all her potential beauty when it is painted ...
'Nature and Beauty III' (2006) (Brazil)
"Women were always my inspiration, but I am also a lover of nature. Where my passion for women and nature come together, this work was born," Eduardo Marques says. He depicts a beautiful girl in braids. A banana leaf covers her breasts as sunshine caresses her bare shoulders. Titled "Natureza e Ra ...
'Fisherwomen II' (2007) (Peru)
Fisherwomen grasp slippery blue fish with strong fingers in a sun-kissed painting. Sánchez uses fragmented images to depict the women, eliciting the sensation of movement. The bright eyes and red smiles are shared among the group. Titled "Pescadoras II" in Spanish.
'Florists' (2007) (Peru)
Sánchez makes reference to the florists of the Peruvian highlands. Faces with shared features gaze at the viewer and seem to speak. Enveloped in sunny color, the women reach forward to proffer fresh cut flowers. Titled "Floristas" in Spanish.
'Swimming With Octopi' (Mexico)
Mysterious human figures glide silently through the water in a world beneath the sea. Sharing their space are octopi with undulating tentacles. Indira Castellon conjures a dream world of peace, harmony and mystery. Titled "Nadando con pulpos" in Spanish.
'Interior Space' (2009) (Peru)
"Here, I reveal my interior world, populated by forms that I deliberately do not define. The colors, through the effects of transparency and contrast, give the sensation of depth and tri-dimensionality," artist Olimpio Pozo muses. His vibrant abstract is filled with light and movement. Titled "Inte ...
'Reminiscences' (2009) (Peru)
Figures move purposefully just beyond the edge of consciousness in a place of glowing color. Olimpio Pozo's exquisite abstract represents the imaginary world of memories and dreams. Influenced by the ancestral images of the Chavin culture, he reaches toward the universal, tapping into a collective A ...
'Images from Daydreams' (2009) (Peru)
Lovely and lyrical, this abstract by Olimpio Pozo is filled with light. "My painting responds to a momentary energy, to emotional states combined with my knowledge of composition. And so I suggest beauty through form and color created in this incandescent spatial area, spaces that burn with emerging ...
'Emotions' (2009) (Peru)
Olimpio Pozo's language is an abstract one as he paints a composition of light and beauty. "Here, I express my own emotions as a human being, my own perception of life," he says. "I transmit them in their most pure form. This is a painting drenched in clouds that alludes to the presence of silence, ...
'Universe Forces' (Thailand)
Rungsak Dokbua creates a galaxy of swirling colors, evoking both the infinite heavens and droplets of water. Spinning around a central point, they draw the eye inward. Blues predominate in this beautiful abstract, yet fiery red and tenuous yellow bring heat to the work.
'Abstract in Ochres' (2009) (Peru)
Vertical planes divide the canvas into uneven fields that leap forward or creep toward the background. Villegas achieves the effect with warm colors. Sheer white clouds temper the bright palette, and gauze brings texture to this handsome abstract. Titled "Abstracto en ocres" in Spanish.
'Blue Spaces' (2009) (Peru)
Villegas' visual language is wholly abstract as he builds fascinating images in color. Working in shades of blue and gray, he creates the sensation of shapes that surge forward, inviting the viewer into many luminous planes. Hints of red, orange and yellow whisper of fire. Titled "Espacios azules" ...
'Self Portraits' (2006) (Peru)
Caught up in different moods, artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores shares them through a series of self portraits. His work is expressionistic with a strong cubist influence, intensified by his simple palette of browns, black and ivory. "Through the expressions, and in different situations, you can understan ...
'A Mother's Pain' (2006) (Peru)
Seen from a variety of angles, her face reflects surprise, puzzlement, pain and disbelief. Purple shadows shroud sharp blue angles inflamed with incandescent grief. "In this work, I try to express the human being's subjectivity. I explore the sorrow of a mother because one of her children has disapp ...
'Self Portrait II' (2006) (Peru)
Six faces reveal different moods, each one a representation of the artist. Wilmer Lalupu Flores works in an expressionistic style with a strong cubist influence. "These are studies that recreate my gestualities, managed through different expressions," he says. Titled "Autorretratos II" in Spanish.
'Andes Emerging' (2006) (Peru)
Color flows across the serene canvas in horizontal bands, growing ever more luminous toward the center. Busy clouds bisect this composition by Kiro. "Andean goddesses emerging from the insides of bundles," he says. "I was inspired by ancestral cultures from my imagination and my own abstract world." ...
'Ancestral Longing' (2008) (Peru)
A woman sits alone, her eyes closed as emotion takes over her being. Her garment glows against a gray-blue setting, and geometric shapes are filled with color. "I capture a telluric memory, with a woman in the front plane as protagonist. This permits a glimpse of that ancestral world," says Andean a ...
'Around the Base' (2008) (Ghana)
Small calabash bowls huddle together at the base of a much larger one as primary colors race across the canvas. Filled with energy and chromatic beauty, this lovely allegory comes from Prince Asher. In many countries, social status is extremely important and class distinctions are obvious. "This pai ...
'Mankessim Market' (2009) (Ghana)
Three women wearing headscarves cluster in the shade of a big red parasol. "They are going shopping at the famous Mankessim market," artist Prince Asher explains. "It serves the region of Central Ghana and you can find anything you need there." He selects a favorite palette of blues, violets and red ...
'Plowmen with a Boy' (2010) (Peru)
Beneath a blue sky, the earth is vast and fertile. Two men and a boy work together on the outskirts of their highland hamlet, plowing the golden soil. Fernando Sayan Polo exalts their honest labor in this beautiful oil painting. Titled "Aradores con niño" in Quechua.
'Market Day III' (2009) (Ghana)
Merchants and shoppers with umbrellas mingle in the bustling market, some seeking customers, others searching for the things their families need. In this dazzling painting, Prince Asher suggests light and movement. Blues and purples are rich and deep as the busy lives depicted. "This is a day for ma ...
'Blue World' (2010) (Ghana)
By Ghanaian artist Prince Asher, this handsome canvas reveals cubist influence in a rectilinear grid, while he expresses his thoughts through sheer color. "The world possesses all the good qualities of blue," he says. Clear white light is dazzling while bubbles drift skyward without a care.
Zapotec wool rug, 'Golden Diamonds' (5x8) (Mexico)
Precisely woven on a traditional handloom, geometric motifs form a brilliant sunburst. They attest to the weaving skill of Alberto Ruiz. He works in wool, colored with natural dyes, to create a dazzling area rug. Because each rug is individually woven, measurements could vary +/- 10 cm (4 in).
'Sunflowers and Violins' (2006) (Peru)
Guma Alvites paints a vibrant allegory of life with sunflowers that are as bright as sunshine. A man looks out from his palatial skyscraper, his window shaped like an old T.V. He sees a world of colorful fantasy where a man seems to float midair while two more sit on toadstools, one playing a violin ...
'Our Mother Nature' (2012) (Guatemala)
Rising from the green meadow, a native woman in traditional Maya weavings represents Mother Nature. Paula Nicho Cumez paints a composition filled with meaning. "A spring of water flows from her breasts," the artist explains. "It is a source of life for all humanity. Within her wide embrace are all h ...
'New Dawn' (2011) (Guatemala)
A family kneels before lighted candles in the corn field at dawn. "This painting represents gratitude to God for a new day," says Guatemalan artist Paula Nicho Cumez. "Our fathers and forefathers taught us to give thanks to our creator for letting us breathe another day, for giving us the opportunit ...
'Now the Day is Over' (Ghana)
Returning home after a hard day, a woman takes off her work clothes when she arrives home. She is surrounded by bright shades of red that cast a mood of intimacy. Mark Buku paints her vivid portrait with a palette of intense acrylic colors.
'Music Therapy' (2007) (Ghana)
Mark Buku selects a primary palette and a cubist style to explore the many kinds of music. Different instruments send swirling notes across the canvas, linking sounds and listeners. Although the composition seems spontaneous, a horizontal grid bisects the images, and four vertical divisions seem to ...
'Abstract Tree in Pink' (2010) (Mexico)
"I love nature and enjoy painting about it in its different manifestations," confides Mexico's Ana Rosa Navarro. Working with watercolors on Yupo paper, she paints with determined force evoking amorphous images surrounding tree branches in deep red, pink, violet, yellow, brown and black. Titled "Abs ...
'Imaginary' (2010) (Mexico)
Deep rich violet, pale yellow, rosy orchid and dark navy blue mingle like jewels. The rich colors flow fluidly across a composition divided into squares and rectangles. "This painting reflects the movement of water," says Mexican artist Ana Rosa Navarro. "With this abstract work, I explore a new exp ...
'Fashion Frenzy' (2008) (Ghana)
Matching their turbans to their gowns and richly accessorized, three friends attend a fashion show together. "I used the word 'frenzy' to refer to the excitement the women are feeling about going to the show," explains Ricson Agyare.
'Abstract in Turquoise' (2010) (Mexico)
Although flowing in similar shapes, vibrant colors contrast boldly with one another. Myriad shades of blue and turquoise meet and mingle with palest violet, crimson, teal and yellow. A master of watercolor art, Ana Rosa Navarro leaves her customary realist style to explore the world of abstract art. ...
'Short Break' (2012) (Ghana)
Artist Prince Asher brings a cubist influence to this compassionate portrait. A merchant woman takes a brief break in her workday. She rests her head on her knees and crosses her arms on her forehead. "African women often go to extra lengths to make ends meet, with little or no rest," he says.
'A Quiet Village' (2008) (Ghana)
Shaded by tropical trees, clay and straw houses alternate with oversized boulders in a vision orchestrated by Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae. He paints with acrylics, depicting people going about their chores in a village where quietude and peace seem to reign.
'Labyrinth of Colors' (2012) (Peru)
Seemingly random, abstract shapes undulate across the canvas, creating a vivid and beautiful labyrinth for the eye. Rosa Maria Larrabure evokes bright balloons, colorful lava lamps and even tropical fish in a composition that seems to evolve with every glance. Titled "Laberinto de colores" in Spani ...
'Fishing Time' (2012) (Ghana)
The workday begins early for fishermen along the Ghanaian coast. Tinting the sky with gold, the dawn sun fills the world with magic as men prepare their boats and nets. This beautiful seascape is the work of Godwin Geoman.
'Landscape of Colors' (2012) (Peru)
Conjuring a landscape seen from above, Rosa Maria Larrabure lays out fields and rooftops with quick, assured strokes. "The inspiration for this painting came to me one day while I was looking at a wall in my house," she says. "For some reason, I imagined it to be filled with colors that cheered up t ...
'Encounter in Copacabana' (1999) (Brazil)
Afternoon light imparts a sepia tone to a venerable old neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Beneath a shade tree, friends gather for conversation and a game of cards or dominoes. Mauricio Solano captures the dignity of Art Deco architecture, but also conveys the camaraderie of his subjects. "This was pa ...
'My Garden of Hope' (2010) (Peru)
Filled with abstract energy, this oil on canvas invites reflection. "This painting is inspired by hope. It is important to have it, because hope is the last thing we should ever lose," confides Peru's Leonidas Zavaleta. Titled "Mi jardín de esperanza" in Spanish
'Resting Cat' (2008) (Peru)
Mischievous by nature, a cat rests behind a shower of colors in a painting by Mishelle Ramos. Working with acrylics, she prepares a palette of bright and intense colors that convey the energetic, playful soul of a cat, even while seemingly at rest. Titled "Gato reposando" in Spanish.
Sculpture, 'Stylized Horse' (Brazil)
Reminiscent of Etruscan images dating to 600 BC, this elegant sculpture conveys equine beauty and strength. Brazil's Urubatan sculpts the horse with minimalist line, giving the piece an antique black finish. It bears the artist's signature.
'Torrent' (2007) (Peru)
Eagles soar through Andean skies guarding the valleys in Ayahuanco, in the Ayacucho province of Peru. "This is a personal way with which to depict the Andean landscape," confides Raúl Cardenas in reference to the purple undertones that color his composition. "I am highlighting three essential eleme ...
'Nocturnal' (2004) (Peru)
Inspired by the work of Appel, Pollock, and Afro Saura, Mishelle Ramos creates a composition to defy and entertain. "This is a very special composition where I combined expressive and abstract techniques. The idea is to follow the colors to arrive at the essence of this painting, the perception of a ...
'Chew-On' (2006) (Ghana)
A patchwork of color suggests movement in a sunny canvas by Thomas Greenslade. Emerging from the busy background, a woman is seen in silhouette. "I depict a market porter in-depth. She is sitting on an overturned basin with a long chewing stick in her mouth as she ponders her lengthy woes," he expla ...
'Playing With the Gods' (2010) (Peru)
Golden light plays around powerful storm clouds that drift in icy mist. Amid this scene of nature's splendor, a crimson spirit darts in and out, hovering, diving and playing. It creates an ephemeral bridge from cloud to cloud in this masterful abstract by Peru's Leonidas Zavaleta. Titled "Jugando c ...
'Radiance in the Lagoon' (2010) (Peru)
Leonidas Zavaleta conjures an Andean lagoon where the beauty of dancing flames magically ignite the mist. Even the air is charged with color in this sensuous abstract. Titled "Resplandor en la laguna" in Spanish.
'The Pacific War' (2010) (Peru)
Enveloped in the mists of time, brave warriors are not forgotten. Leonidas Zavaleta pays tribute to the "forgotten heroes" of the War of the Federation. In April of 1879, the newly formed republics of South America fought to dominate commerce on the western Pacific coasts in one of the longest confl ...
'Composition in Grays' (2010) (Peru)
Leonidas Zavaleta creates a nebulous world where colors leap to the forefront in a bright kaleidoscopic image. Gray clouds drift ominously in the quiet air. The artist conjures a storm in which hidden fire crackles across the canvas. Titled "Composición en grises" in Spanish
'Andean Festivity' (2010) (Peru)
Shrouded in mist, mountains lift jagged peaks toward the unseen sky. This is the setting for Carnival or a saint's day celebration in Andean towns and villages throughout Peru. Leonidas Zavaleta invites the senses into a magical dreamworld. Titled "Festividad andina" in Spanish
'Sweet Colors' (2010) (Peru)
Far from city lights and smog, the Andean air is pure and sweet. Leonidas Zavaleta captures the clarity of the sky kissed by clouds that promise rain. Vibrant colors dance amid their pearly splendor. Titled "Dulces colores" in Spanish
'Song to Hope' (2010) (Peru)
The Andean quena flute sings of the ancestors, bridging hundreds and years with the music of hope. Dressed in fertile green, a young musician plays melodies of peace and hope. "He hopes the world will calm down after so many social and political conflicts," artist Juan Carlos Ñañake confides "His ...
'Reflection' (2010) (Ghana)
Reflected in glassy waters, a man walks along the shore of Korle Lagoon. Urban homes rise above him, and palm trees tower toward the distant sun. Birds wing their way homeward, exulting in the peaceful beauty of this West African landscape by Joseph Adibleku.
'Home Story IV' (2010) (Thailand)
"I always walk home through paths where I can see nature all around me, so by the time I arrive I feel happy and energized. That's why I did this composition in green and blue hues," confides Rawikan. She masters drypoint etching techniques to create a composition filled with images from her walks h ...
'Single Mother' (2010) (Ghana)
With bowed head and weary shoulders, a woman walks alone despite anonymous people who surround her. Joseph Adibleku depicts the young mother in traditional West African dress. "The African woman often has to go through all sorts of hardship to make a living," he says with compassion. "She is a singl ...
'Home Story III' (2010)?? (Thailand)
"Pleasant memories nourish the spirit," believes Rawikan as she strolls down memory lane finding toys and games once shared with friends. "I believe the things we acquire and use in our daily life can tell our personal story. I choose green, blue and pink to express how happy and carefree those days ...
'Paths of Life' (2011) (Peru)
"To me these are the colors that illuminate the paths of life that we must travel and which will be filled with such emotions as sadness and happiness," confides Leonidas Zavaleta as he explains the title of this composition. He mixes a palette of yellow, blue and different earth tones as he paints ...
'Home Story II' (2010) (Thailand)
The table is set, the candles are burning while everyone makes their way back home for dinner. A bird-like image seems to guard this happy home as it symbolizes all of nature's gifts in this original composition by Rawikan. "Everything that I have included here brings back happy memories and a comfo ...
'Pure and Impassioned' (2012) (Peru)
"I chose these colors for this composition because I associate them with purity and passion," confides Leonidas Zavaleta. Painting with oils, he conjures colorful atmospheres that captivate with their ethereal, harmonious essence. Titled "Pura y apasionada" in Spanish.
'Universe' (2011) (Peru)
Mixing a palette of warm earth tones, Leonidas Zavaleta conjures a universe of myriad possibilities. "In this composition you can see certain figures, and that's because I see the universe as filled with many colors which I find exciting, serene and wise all at once," exclaims the Peruvian artist. T ...
'Colorful Clouds' (2011) (Peru)
"In the sky therein lie hidden many colors, especially on a cloudy day," observes Leonidas Zavaleta. Painting with oils, he creates an abstract, nebulous composition as Zavaleta delights in the freedom afforded to him by lyrical abstraction. Titled "Nubes de colores" in Spanish.
'Woman of Huancavelica' (2011) (Peru)
Surprised by the viewer's attention, she covers her mouth with a kerchief. Maria Leon depicts an elderly woman from the Peruvian town of Huancavelica. She wears traditional Andean dress, revealing strength and determination in her expression. Titled "Huancavelicana" in Spanish.
'Peaceful Symbol' (Thailand)
Stone textures sophisticatedly emerge from the flat green background, as lichen accents on the Buddha image create an aged atmosphere. Elaborated in acrylics on canvas, the composition mesmerizes with its verdant harmony and distinctive Thai feel. This series of Buddha paintings by Tanachai Ekurucha ...
'Labor Women' (2005) (Brazil)
Anonymous and universal, three women move gracefully across a pastel canvas. Each carries vessels of different kinds yet all are united in a single purpose. Dino Castelli paints a sensitive portrait of the hardworking trio. "These women live in very poor communities where the system of water distrib ...
'Face with No Name II' (2008) (Peru)
Part of a series named "Portraits," this painting captures sensations of shock and grief. Anguished eyes gaze imploringly at the viewer, yet the person is mute with pain. Juan Carlos Ñañaque paints a haunting portrait of an anonymous victim of conflicts, wars, kidnapping and murder. "Of all the di ...
'Andean Hummingbirds' (2007) (Peru)
"Flowers are the nectar of nature, and nature is the continuity of life," believes Enrique Bustamante. Working with acrylics, he paints of Andean hummingbirds feasting on florid treats. Titled "Picaflores andinos" in Spanish.
'Face with No Name III' (2008) (Peru)
In protest against violence, Juan Carlos Ñañaque paints a haunting series he names "Portraits." He pays great attention to the individuality of each nameless person, victim of wars, murders and kidnappings. Riveting the viewer with his gaze, a skeletal man is pale as death. Titled "Rostro N. N 3" ...
'Over Time' (2007) (Peru)
Birds build their nest on a florid tree, their eyes lost into the distance. "This painting conveys the distancing in a couple as they wait for a new spring," confides Enrique Bustamante as he paints with a palette of intense acrylic colors. Titled "Sobre el tiempo" in Spanish.
'Dunes in Paracas' (2010) (Peru)
With mountains that reach into the Pacific and vast expanses of sand dunes, Paracas is a place of magical beauty. Raúl Cárdenas works in radiant oils to convey the sensations of the coast, as a boat bobs at anchor on glassy waters. Titled "Dunas en Paracas" in Spanish.
'Region of the Condor' (2010) (Peru)
With mighty wings spread, condors soar above rugged cliffs. Guardian of Andean cliffs, the majestic bird is revered in South America. The Inca called it Apu Kuntur and considered it as a guide and messenger of the gods. Raúl Cárdenas captures the beauty of Andean scenarios in this elegant portrait ...
'Tropical Toucan' (2007) (Brazil)
Dayse Diaz captures the gentle nature of a toucan in the Amazon forest. Surrounded by blossoming trees and verdant plant life, the bird dominates the canvas. His coloring is bold while his long beak is almost as large as the toucan. A master of realism, Diaz conveys a certain fragility in her subjec ...
'Bull with Lightning' (2011) (Peru)
Yellow lightning streaks through the sky in this dynamic painting by Martín Pescador. Dominating the composition, a white bull stands calmly in a verdant field. The young brahma's pose is one of pastoral peace. Titled "Toro con rayos de tormenta" in Spanish.
'Sunday Market in Pisac' (2010) (Peru)
Merchant women find a place and sit together to chat while they wait to offer their wares to passersby. In the shadow of the mighty Andes, Pisac is the site of a Sunday market where tourists can find a wealth of Peruvian handicrafts. Fernando Sayan Polo celebrates the town with its blend of Inca and ...
'The Sacrifice' (2005) (Brazil)
Artist Newton Reis conjures a contemporary urban setting, centering the composition with a cross. The heavy post and crossbeam tilt in what seems to be an icy wind, yet its image dominates the scene from all angles. The beautiful abstract is filled with symbolism surrounding the revered Christian ic ...
'Reflection' (2005) (Brazil)
Artist Newton Reis captures the beautiful forms that can be seen reflected in water. Mirror images seem to ripple across the canvas as he conjures calm blue moods. Steps invite the viewer inside, yet all is illusion in this beautiful painting. Titled "Reflexo" in Portuguese.
Bronze sculpture, 'A Woman's Elegance' (Brazil)
Portrayed in abstract angles, the female anatomy is shaped in pure lines and sensuous curves. Goga works in bronze, eliciting powerful planes and polished contours. Two different finishes create the illusion of dual color in this outstanding sculpture. The artist's stylized figure communicates a wom ...
'San Remo' (2008) (Brazil)
Urbano turns his gaze to the Italian city of San Remo, where the blue sea sparkles just outside an open window. Indoors, a beautiful young woman reclines in a chair. Her languid movements suggest a sensuous enjoyment of balmy breezes. Titled "San Remo" in Portuguese.
'Drumbeat' (2009) (Ghana)
Four women move in unison as they pound a beat on African drums. "Music and dance are part of everyday life," artist Agyarko Kotoko affirms. "One's mood can be expressed through dance. This piece is to express the joy of a good harvest."
'Home Story I' (2010) (Thailand)
From Rawikan's "Home Story" series, this vibrant composition is inspired by memories of a summer holiday spent at home. "I was very happy and busy with many activities such as watching movies, listening to music, house cleaning, sitting by the window to do homework, and talking on the phone with a c ...
'Violoncello' (2013) (Brazil)
Marcelo Moreno's passion for music is revealed in his choice of colors, as well as the smiling tailpiece. And yet, life's serendipitous nature plays with the artist. "I practice underwater fishing, and one day I was on my way out to go diving when I accidentally shot my harpoon… and it landed on m ...
'The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception' (2013) (Peru)
Edgar Aguirre sensitively portrays the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, her head backed by rays of divine light. Icons and symbols of her life surround the beautiful Madonna. Characteristic of the art of the Cuzco School, this work of art is based on colonial paintings found in the convents of C ...
'Flaming Up a Moody Heart' (2010) (Indonesia)
Fiery colors radiate warmth in this handsome abstract canvas. Balinese artist Sutianto explores human emotion. Diving the painting into quadrants, he centers the painting with a joyous flame of white light. "The heart holds the sun inside," he says. "I mixed warm colors to symbolize the moody heart. ...
'The Sunset' (2010) (Indonesia)
A yellow globe, the sun hangs low on the horizon as it bathes the earth in vivid orange. Low hills beckon the radiant orb, promising rest after a day's journey across the heavens. Yet the reflected glory of sheer light captivates both the solar disk and the viewer in this extraordinary landscape by ...
'Front of My House' (2007) (Peru)
"This painting reflects my fondest memories and experiences," says Julio Cuyro Ccahua as he shares this very personal composition. "This is the house where I was born, where I grew up, ran, and now live. It's the front part of my house, tranquil and beautiful. It's humble, but it's happy and cheerfu ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Caresses' (Brazil)
This bronze sculpture by Brazilian artist Goga reveals a moment of passion and intimacy between lovers. As they touch, their caresses become like sweet fruits. Goga expertly conveys sentiment in her search for translating feelings through her art. Titled "Carinho" in Portuguese, the sculpture stand ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Intertwined' (Brazil)
Abstract figures appear romantically entwined, their embrace sculpted from bronze. A work of sensuous beauty, it exalts the eternal theme of love. Goga creates a provocative sculpture in polished bronze. Set on a granite base, it evokes the flames of passion. Titled "Entrelaçados" in Portuguese.
'Encounter II' (2013) (Brazil)
Seen as abstract images, lovers meet, drawn together in a moment that seems eternal. Working in grey and icy white against a background of passionate crimson, Urbano seems to literally freeze the image in time and space. Titled "Encontro II" in Portuguese.
Bronze sculpture, 'Dancing' (Brazil)
Sensual imagery surrounds a dancing couple. Goga elaborates a provocative sculpture, where strong linear contours arch backward with supple grace. She contrasts polished and oxidized bronze, and presents the dynamic sculpture on a black granite base. Titled "Dançando" in Portuguese.
Bronze sculpture, 'The Couple' (Brazil)
Cheek to cheek, a couple sighs in silent bliss, losing themselves in the moment. Accentuating their intimacy, Flory Menezes adds subtle shine to the play of light and shadow as she creates the signature piece in bronze. Titled "O casal" in Portuguese.
'Urban Labyrinth' (2008) (Peru)
Clinging to a steep hillside, houses crowd a busy neighborhood. Joaquin Ramos explores their rectangular shapes and darkened windows, finding a human scale in the family that prepares to climb homeward. Brilliant color fills the composition with life and vigor in this portrait of an urban labyrinth. ...
'Amazing Houses' (2009) (Ghana)
"I live in the greater Accra region upon a hill top and this is the view that I have. The houses below seem to be sloping down, and it is especially beautiful in the evening when the lights are switched on," says Joseph Adibleku as he captures the inspiring scene with acrylics on canvas.
'Daily Activities' (2009) (Ghana)
Bustling activity fills the market as shoppers find foodstuffs, textiles and pottery amid the sounds of lively bargaining. Joseph Adibleku depicts Jamestown Park, one of the oldest parts of Accra. Balancing a basket of ripe tomatoes on her head, an enterprising woman offers her wares in a traditiona ...
'Mother's Dream' (2009) (Ghana)
Gazing forward, a mother carries her baby on her back, wrapped in a shawl. Yet the young woman walking ahead of her sparks a reverie. She imagines her child in the future, dreaming of a life of success and happiness for the baby. "A mother's dream is to see her children being cared for very well," s ...
Zapotec wool rug, 'Color Celebration' (5.5x8.5) (Mexico)
Oaxaca's golden sun caresses joyous colors that celebrate a fiesta. Wide black borders evoke the night sky. Eliciting intricate motifs from virgin wool, Alberto Ruiz and his wife craft this beautiful Zapotec rug on the handloom. They name the design "La alegría de mi pueblo" in Spanish. Because ea ...
'Mudra Gesture I' (2010) (Indonesia)
Hands emerge from a shadowy canvas, each finger taking a precise position. By Ketut Teler, this monochrome painting carries a spiritual portent. "A mudra is a bodily posture or symbolic gesture, usually of the hands, that locks and guides the energy flow and reflexes to the brain," he explains. "In ...
'Mudra Gesture II' (2010) (Indonesia)
Hands both smooth and wrinkled take a precise position as a person in yellow sits reverently in meditation. By Ketut Teler, this thoughtful painting carries a spiritual portent. "A mudra is a bodily posture or symbolic gesture, usually of the hands, that locks and guides the energy flow and reflexes ...
Zapotec wool rug, 'Color Celebration' (5.5x8.5) (Mexico)
Oaxaca's golden sun caresses joyous colors that celebrate a fiesta. Wide black borders evoke the night sky. Eliciting intricate motifs from virgin wool, Alberto Ruiz and his wife craft this beautiful Zapotec rug on the handloom. They name the design "La alegría de mi pueblo" in Spanish. Because ea ...
'Favela Girl and Her Little Doll, Marissa' (2005) (Brazil)
Alone with her doll, she sits outside her favela home. Ezequias depicts a young Brazilian girl with her toy, named "Little Marissa." Houses stretch toward the blue mountains beneath an azure sky, yet the child dominates this sensitive portrait. She is thoughtful and serious in her pink sundress. Ti ...
'Perfect Place' (2010) (Peru)
"To me, this is the perfect place in the world," confides Peruvian artist David Fernandez. "Being in the countryside, by a river, and surrounded by nature and her blessings." Fernandez uses oils to paint a composition brimming with serenity and life. Titled "Espacio perfecto" in Spanish.
'Goddess of Lightning' (2007) (Brazil)
Elaborately costumed, a dancer whirls in tribute to Iansã or Yansã, the energy in the air. She is the orixá, or "goddess" of wind and storms, venerated in the Candomblé religion, widely practiced in northeastern Brazil. The sky seems alive in this compelling portrait by Dera. Her cubist line su ...
'Walk in Spring' (2009) (Peru)
Abstract shapes fill this enigmatic canvas where flowers and butterflies appear. Like a goddess, a mysterious woman strolls toward the distance. "This painting represents those good moments when life is tranquil," artist David Fernandez explains. "The shapes and colors invite us to reflect on how sw ...
'Luminous Life' (2009) (Peru)
David Fernández's visual language is abstract as he assembles elements from nature. Suggesting leaves, trees and an apple, he creates layer after layer of warm color. "Its emblem is light," he says. "The transparency of the color flows in harmony like classical music." Titled "Vida luminosa" in Sp ...
'The Betrayal' (2010) (Guatemala)
Night's blue shadows envelop a solitary man whose quiet face is filled with grief. Beside him, a bag holds 30 pieces of silver – the price of betrayal. Carolina Cabrera explores the sensations of Christ on the night before his crucifixion. He is strong and valiant, yet resigned. Sadness permeates ...
'Transmitting the Maya Culture' (2011) (Mexico)
Moving across the centuries, a Maya lord reaches out to a young man from Mexico's modern native peoples. Cinnabar from grave offerings covers the ancient one who wears jade and quetzal feathers. Yet he seems as alive as the younger man. Ana Rosa Navarro explores the moment in which the Maya passed o ...
'Vision of the Landscape' (2008) (Peru)
Layers of lucid color and strong diagonals conjure rugged peaks. At the same time, they suggest both sunbeams that penetrate deep ravines and tall, imposing pines. Peruvian artist Teodoro Reque suggests objects, but his style is abstracted as he paints in oils. His work is magical and filled with li ...
'Expectation' (2010) (Ghana)
Shoppers file through a West African market, gracefully balancing brimming baskets on their heads. In the foreground, a merchant leans forward, observing them with satisfaction. She sits on the empty basin that carried the foodstuffs she has just sold. "High achievement always takes place in the fra ...
'Self Expression II' (2010) (Ghana)
Men in brilliant clothing dance with assured grace. Unseen drummers pound a compelling cadence, setting the stage for self expression. By Joseph Adibleku, this dynamic painting conveys West African spirit. "Complete self-confidence and self-expression are paramount to living a successful life, becau ...
'Self Expression' (2012) (Ghana)
"The complete self confidence of the African woman leads to a successful life," Ghanaian artist Joseph Adibleku says. He depicts two young women dressed in white and blue. Their physical grace, erect posture and natural beauty are inspiring.
'Market Lane' (2012) (Ghana)
Francis Amoah depicts a city market in West Africa, as merchants and shoppers push in throngs down the lane. Golden light floods the busy canvas, beautifully conveying the purposeful hustle and bustle, conjuring the cries of vendors hawking their wares. Bright color adds a sense of urgency to this v ...
Gold and quartz solitaire ring, 'Swing' (Brazil)
Quartz glows with pristine elegance as it crowns an 18k gold ring. The finely-faceted gem is accompanied by a swinging diamond in an original design by Ekaterina Pokrovskaya. Marked 750, the official designation for 75% gold and the equivalent of 18k.
'Star of the Future' (2006) (Ghana)
Concentrating on the soccer ball, a boy in shorts races straight ahead. The child shows the promise of becoming a star, practicing the sport from an early age. Ghanaian artist Thomas Greenslade often creates paintings with messages of hope and advice. Working in blue and yellow, he tells the viewer, ...
'Expectants' (2006) (Ghana)
Two expecting women converse about their babies, and their hopes and dreams for the little ones. Masterfully depicted against an abstract background, the young mothers radiate warmth and hope. Thomas Greenslade brings a universality to his beautiful canvas.
'Performers' (2009) (Ghana)
Women dance while men drum and sing in a beautiful display of tradition and custom. By Kofi Baiden, this splendid painting radiates color and energy. He names it "Abibrigromma Troupe." In the Akan language, abibri refers to native Africans and gromma means a display, or play. In this case, the term ...
'Flora' (2011) (Guatemala)
Covering the canvas in shades of orchid, Lilliana Guzman depicts a glorious blossom. Golden sunlight caresses blue petals in an exuberant floral expression. Titled "Flor" in Spanish.
'Vogue' (2009) (Ghana)
Enthralled with their beauty and grace, Kofi Baiden depicts a trio of young Ghanaian women. They flaunt the latest fashion vogue with elegant earrings and colorful gowns. Their headscarves are tied with imagination in a regional manifestation of individual creativity. "The favorite attire of some Gh ...
'Sadness' (1999) (Guatemala)
Pliers cut the strings of a guitar as Hermelindo Mux Yool decries the lack of support to musicians. "I dedicate this painting to all musicians in Guatemala. Lack of support and promotion has been the biggest obstacle in the pursuit of success in their art and vocation," says the talented artist. "It ...
'The Three Marias' (2007) (Guatemala)
Three little girls share the same name – Maria. By Carolina Cabrera, this charming portrait seems to look deep into their souls to reveal their hopes and illusions. The child in front wears the distinctive huipil blouse of Sololá and the girl in the back dresses in the distinctive style of Tecpan ...
'Shapes and Light' (2012) (Peru)
For Teodoro Reque, art is a study of light with influences from cubism. This elegant painting interprets an Andean landscape in planes of radiant color. Abstract figures dominate the center of the composition, giving it a sense of depth and reality. Titled "Formas y luces" in Spanish.
'Rhythm and Ambience' (2004) (Ghana)
Beating his drums in a rhythmic cadence, a man sings aloud. David Bamishile depicts the drummer with simplified line to confer universality on the African personage. Dreamy colors create an ambience of magic.
'Loving Each Other' (2007) (Peru)
"This is a pair of sweethearts who protect one another in the dark of the night. The color green symbolizes their hope for happiness," artist Juan Carlos Ñañaque says. He depicts the universal lovers with bright colors in his hallmark expressionist style. Titled "Amándonos siempre" in Spanish.
'Beautiful' (2011) (Peru)
Carefully, painstakingly, she engraves images on a dried mate gourd. Maria Leon depicts an elderly woman dressed in traditional highland style. "This is Catalina Dorregaray de Medina, a master artisan from the Peruvian town of Cochas," the artist explains. Titled "Sumac" (Beautiful) in Quechua.
'Andean Landscape' (2005) (Peru)
Tall trees, clear waters and blue skies make of this Peruvian land a paradise. Whitewashed houses with red brick roofs surround the fields and the lake, as people enjoy a day of leisure. Enrique Bustamante paints with acrylics, delivering an original composition that is inspired by tradition and cus ...
'The Dynamics of the Universe' (2011) (Brazil)
Brazilian artist Bell Costa takes her inspiration from an aerial photograph to create an abstract art of magical beauty. Drifting in the mist, lacy mandalas invite reverie. They suggest celestial bodies in eternal movement through the infinite universe. Titled "A dinâmica do universo" in Portugues ...
'Happy II' (2009) (Thailand)
Rawikan creates the "Happy" series to celebrate all those memories that have brought joy in her life. Mastering drypoint etching with ink on Fabriano paper, Rawikan recalls a visit to an amusement park. She details the rides she went on, as well as her childhood home.
'Gregory' (2011) (Peru)
His smile is captivating, his gaze clear and questioning. Maria Leon depicts a charming little boy she names "Gregorio." Dressed in a warm sweater and chullo cap with earflaps, he is one of the children who study art with the artist and her foundation. Titled "Gregorio" in Spanish.
'Man-Bridge' (2011) (Peru)
With eyes closed, an elderly man communes with the spirit world. He holds a coca leaf, used in the Andes since pre-Hispanic times. Fiery mist envelops him and the men who accompany him in this evocative portrait by Maria Leon. "In the Andean culture, everything has life, everything is personal," she ...
'Little Grandmother' (2011) (Peru)
Seated on a low stool, a diminutive woman engages the viewer's gaze. Her eyes crinkle with mirth and she laughs out loud. Maria Leon works in oils to depict the venerable elder woman, lovingly conveying her optimism and joyous heart. Titled "Abuelita" in Spanish.
'Your Memory in Me' (2011) (Peru)
Memories come to mind as images, flooding the senses with nostalgia. Caressed by a breeze that rustles drifting leaves, a graceful nude moves across the canvas. Towering shade trees and golden sunlight complement mysterious shadows that titillate the imagination. Andean artist David Fernández explo ...
'Symphony in Red' (2004) (Peru)
Emerging from a fiery canvas, a ballerina stands at rest. Her graceful posture seems surrounded by wings that whirr in the crimson light. Isabel Rejtman pays tribute to a classical dancer, capturing the fervor and passion of her dedication. Titled "Danzarina en rojo" in Spanish.
'The Holy Family' (2008) (Peru)
Mary, Joseph and Jesus stroll through a landscape of eerie beauty. The Holy Family wears gilded robes and they are crowned with golden halos. Flitting across the landscape, winged angels are joined by cherubim, those angelic spirits that surround the throne of God. Depicted as a bearded elder, God r ...
'Weavers' (2010) (Peru)
Working side by side, a man and a woman weave soft wool into Peru's extraordinary textiles. They weave in silence, each one bent to the task at hand as they repeat a ritual from ancient times. Fernando Sayan Polo exalts the traditions of the Andes with this beautiful and sensitive portrait. Titled ...
'Happy III' (2009) (Thailand)
All that makes Rawikan happy has made its way into her artistry, inspiring this series of drypoint prints. "Every time I look at the things around me, I am reminded of the happiness and warmth that I share with everyone in my family," confides the Thai artist. Shaped like her family home, the compos ...
'Happy I' (2009) (Thailand)
"This is a combination of things I see every day. It's the story about the different places, days, times and atmospheres. If the weather is hot, the color will be red. Orange is the twilight of the sun in the evening. Light blue indicates it’s sunny. The different weathers are suitable for each sp ...
'Time' (Thailand)
Rushing water cuts a channel through sheer rock; the effect over time is Seksan Sing-on's theme. "Year after year, century after century, the stream eventually wears through the stone," he says. "The series of natural rocks is meant to show my feelings toward nature. It is calm, powerful and fresh; ...
'Queen's Check' (2007) (Peru)
Images from the game of chess fill this dreamlike composition by Héctor Acevedo. Horses in medieval finery prance across the canvas where a woman stands. Superimposed against her hair, a castle tower appears as though inhabiting her thoughts. "Leaves take the place of her mouth," the artist says. " ...
'Yellow Melody II' (2011) (Peru)
Sunny yellow fills a canvas by Peru's Sessarego. Moving quickly across the center of the composition, slender lines host primary hues. The shapes explore the sensations caused by music and visions of an inner world. Titled "Melodía amarilla II" in Spanish.
'Amaryllis' (2004) (Brazil)
Filling the senses with a riot of color, amaryllis blooms briefly amid emerald foliage. Marisia Salomao depicts the beautiful flower, native to Brazil. Sunlight caresses the crimson petals in a wonderful and sensuous image. Titled "Amarilis" in Portuguese.
'Mirror IV' (2007) (Brazil)
A vase of flowers stands on a polished bureau. Reflected in the mirror, the blossoms seem to multiply in a splendid still life. Marisia Salomao brings cubist elements to this elegant painting as she demonstrates her mastery of form and color. Titled "Espelho IV" in Portuguese.
'City' (2008) (Peru)
Primary hues bring an urgent dynamic to shapes that seem to change before the viewer's eyes. Sessarego conjures an urban landscape in abstract language. "Through this painting, I express the force and vitality I can propose with color. You can see a panoramic vista of a city in constant movement," h ...
'In the Ocean Depths, Life' (2011) (Brazil)
Cold currents flow swiftly out to sea while warmer waters swirl in aqua shallows. Evoking flowers, Bell Costa hints at coral reefs – life in the ocean depths. Lacy mandalas suggest a colony of anemones frolicking in foamy waves. Titled "No oceano profundo, a vida" in Portuguese.
Bronze sculpture, 'The Victory' (Brazil)
Celebrating a victory with arm raised, this sculpture captivates with abstract aesthetics. Anamaria Vieira creates a stunning bronze sculpture suggesting movement through its fluid contours. The Brazilian artist creates a remarkable contrast by polishing the victorious arm to a golden finish. Title ...
'In a Different Angle' (Thailand)
Seen from three different perspectives, Buddha's face seems to flow across time and space. "I want to present Buddha and the deep meaning of his different teachings by depicting him from different angles. It is like understanding the different facets of someone's personality and character by shiftin ...
'Blue Bell' (2008) (Peru)
"There is music in the air, a transparent curtain that fills my longing like soft muslin. The sun with its brilliance looks more golden, and the blue bell whispers at my side. It says that the one I love also loves me, and places his loving caresses on my body," Dora Forletti says in her poem "Blue ...
'The Girls' (Thailand)
Holding lotus buds as offerings, three women dress in the traditional sarong of bygone days in Thailand. Orapin Seubtim imagines a scene from a legendary hidden city in Utaradit Province. Far from the capital, it is famed for its beautiful women. Seubtim captures the trio's innate grace in this love ...
'Mystic Expression' (2005) (Peru)
"A sign of life is an intense light, a road that permits us to reach the mysterious sensation of peace," Margarita Villalva says. Working with texture, light and shadow, the artist explores the customs and philosophy of Peru. Churches dot the luminous landscape where people live in harmony with natu ...
'The Prayer' (Ghana)
Soothing shades of blue swirl inward, spiraling toward a clear white light. From inside, a hand reaches out to pour wine from a bowl. "This painting depicts prayer. Prayer is the act of communicating with God. The faces fading at the background represent gods and the spirits which are called," Ghana ...
'Great Expectations' (Ghana)
Turquoise waters and azure skies create great expectations among a group of fishermen. Pulling together to haul in a cast net, the optimistic men are hoping for a huge catch. This evocative work by Geoffrey K. Hlorgbey creates sensations of a summer afternoon by the sea.
'Showoff Time' (Ghana)
Dressed in their best, fashionable ladies show off their style while admiring one another's colorful attire. Artist Geoffrey K. Hlorgbey exalts their beauty in this elegant painting. "Ghanaian women dress up to show off the numerous clothes they have. They sew different outfits for each occasion," h ...
'Melodic Fantasy I' (2008) (Ghana)
Clad in sapphire robes, musicians stretch as far as the eye can see. Samuel Asamoah evokes the throbbing of an infinity of drums using sheer layers of color and stylized forms. "Music is the food for man's soul," he exclaims. He signs his work as "Prophask."
'Bus Stop' (Ghana)
Outside the terminal, passengers queue up to board the bus. Each is lost in his or her own thoughts, already looking forward to the destination. "This work teaches that life in this world is not a race," Ghanaian artist Naab-Morg Musah Abdallah says. "Be disciplined and patiently wait for your turn. ...
'The Bicycle' (Mexico)
"When I painted this composition I wanted to present a different way of valuing the movement of life," confides Ana Rubí Panduro as she paints a bicycle with a flower pot in the front basket. Behind, Panduro includes Albert Einstein's quote, "Life is like riding a bicycle; in order to keep your bal ...
'Born to Be?' (2005) (Thailand)
Voluptuous blue fins undulate through a universe of green and yellow. This stylized image depicts a magical fish, as imagined by the talented artist Juthabusakorn. "The fish is a symbol of higher life. In human life, one must follow the cycle of birth, aging, illness and death. But this fish is immo ...
'Next to You' (2007) (Ghana)
Two women stand side by side, talking about everything that happens in their lives. By Evans Nii Adjetey Adjei, this elegant painting explores lifelong friendship. "I use the sea to symbolize the peace in the relationship," he says, intensifying the sweet sensations with a palette based on blue. "If ...
'A Flower for You' (2009) (Indonesia)
Embracing his sweetheart, he offers her a red flower as a token of love. Looking on with approval, the family chaperones the young couple, and even the family cat observes them with somewhat hurt feelings. Delving into the psyche of a Balinese family and their feline, Made Suraja paints a celebratio ...
'Forest' (Guatemala)
Autumn covers the forest with the colors of nostalgia as barren trees long for their luscious leaves. In the distance, a bush has turned golden while the fertile land braces itself for the coming cooler temperatures. Painting with acrylics, Lilliana Guzman creates a stunning contrast between dry bro ...
'Water' (Guatemala)
Water rushing and cascading inspires this composition by Lilliana Guzman. She prepares a palette of rich and intense hues of red, yellow, green, brown and gray. Abstract in nature, the composition celebrates the environment. Titled "Agua" in Spanish.
'Houses' (Guatemala)
The colorful houses of a Guatemalan village appear like a mirage, their sturdy architecture becoming a blur of colors. Lilliana Guzman paints with acrylics creating a composition of abstract stylizations. Titled "Caserio" in Spanish.
'Exodus of Africa' (2007) (Ghana)
Evans Nii Adjetey Adjei depicts a festival filled with color and joy. Drumming is an essential feature of the Hogbetsotso festival, also known as the Exodus festival. Each year during the first week of November, the Anlo people from the Volta Region celebrate their escape from the rule of King Agoko ...
'Journey Across the Baltic' (2008) (Brazil)
Tall ships ply the Baltic sea, journeying from port to port in Marisia Salomao's memory. The daughter of Polish emigrants, the artist's grandfather set out from the Port of Gdynia to seek a new life in Brazil. "My daughter was born in this port," Salomao says. Titled "Passeio pelo Báltico" in Port ...
Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Water Spirit' (Peru)
Rosa Pariona creates an underwater fantasy where fish and eels dance in celebration in a fabulous tapestry. Pariona works with an alpaca wool blend along with natural and artificial dyes as she weaves this tapestry on a traditional loom. Pariona includes hand-braided ropes to create a three-dimensio ...
Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Life in the Water' (Peru)
Working in an ancient Andean craft technique, Rosa Pariona conjures a modern art composition in deep, rich colors. Motifs from Inca art cover fantastical creatures that inhabit an underwater world. The artisan weaves the tapestry by hand, then adds extravagant details with hand embroidery. Titled " ...
Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Chacana Rituals' (Peru)
Rosa Pariona celebrates Inca art with a feast of colors as she weaves this tapestry on a traditional loom. Underscored by sapphire blue, golden chacanas appear in myriad abstract forms. Also known as the "Andean cross," the chacana features 12 points or ladders that symbolize the passage between the ...
Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Voices from the Deep Sea' (Peru)
Rosa Pariona evokes powerful visual imagery in this alpaca blend tapestry. Her inspiration comes from the way the ancient Inca revered the sea and its creatures, especially as a source of nourishment. Fish seem to swim out of the tapestry as a choir raises their voices in praise. Pariona uses natura ...
Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Life Underwater' (Peru)
Working in ancient Andean craft techniques, Rosa Pariona conjures a modern art composition in deep, rich colors. Motifs from Inca art embellish fantastical creatures that inhabit an underwater world. The tapestry is woven by hand, then lavishly embroidered, which results in fabulous textures. A disp ...
'Washing of Bonfim' (2007) (Brazil)
Second to Carnival, washing the steps of this church is the most important celebration of Bahia. Thousands of people gather on Mondays and Thursdays in January at 10 a.m. for the eight-kilometer walk to the church of Bonfim. The procession, repeated each year since 1754, is led by women in full skir ...
'Reflection' (2007) (Brazil)
Urbano's visual language is abstract as quiet colors flow across his intriguing canvas. Juxtaposed with fluid forms, rectangles make vertical and horizontal statements. The Brazilian artist's palette is significant. White suggests tranquility, balanced with black, red and gold – colors of peace. ...
'Cloning' (2009) (Peru)
By David Fernandez, this elongated canvas is divided into five spaces of unequal size. Flowing across them, abstract images suggest people, plants and animals. "The transforming habitat of life recreates itself in new spaces. I contemplate the future, the condensation of these forms as a vital eleme ...
'Sacred Space' (2009) (Peru)
Warm colors embrace abstracted objects in an elongated canvas that suggests a storyboard. Working in oil on canvas, Peru's David Fernandez contemplates humanity's inner space as a manifestation of all life. Everything becomes a universal project of existence, seen as a sacred space. Titled "Espacio ...
'Dreams of Grandeur' (2009) (Peru)
By Peru's David Fernandez, this dramatic canvas conjures a dream world of vibrant color. "This work outlines an active exaltation of the life processes between nature and humanity," he explains. "The conceived fruit is delighted, the being rests and awaits a substantial communication perceived by th ...
'Freedom' (2009) (Peru)
A female torso, leaves and flowers seem to emerge from an abstract background of quiet beauty. "In this painting, the colors subtly represent memories," Peruvian artist David Fernandez explains. "Time has gone by and opens up to new changes. All forms have a time to convert themselves into something ...
Wool rug, 'Hummingbird' (6x9.5) (Peru)
Geometric hummingbirds hover on fields of sunny color. Working in the style of the Nazca plains, Cerapio Vallejo creates his own interpretation of the renowned geoglyphs. He weaves the precise lines on a traditional handloom, and finishes the starkly contemporary rug with fringe. Titled "Picaflor" ...
'Boys in a River' (2012) (Peru)
Wet little boys wade into the shallows at the edge of the river. Each holds a shining fish that will be a part of the family's meal. Yet the pair pauses to observe their reflections, quivering in the rippling water. Working in watercolors, Carlos Morales achieves a lovely clarity in this charming po ...
'Interiors' (2012) (Peru)
"This is an expression of my emotions, my feelings, my inner world," confides Olimpio Pozos. "I always paint compositions with a sense of movement, putting in order my shapes and my colors to impress the viewer. I want the suggestive images that come from my imagination to occupy a determined space, ...
Alpaca blend tapestry, 'Full Moon' (Peru)
The many phases of the moon inspire this colorful tapestry by Rosa Pariona. Underscored by a brown background, the moons are accompanied by Inca personages speaking in many tongues to revere them. Pariona combines abstract patterns with figurative images as she weaves the alpaca blend tapestry on a ...
'Girl with Bucket' (2008) (Peru)
Dressed in clothes that have lived longer than she has, a little girl shyly poses while sucking her thumb. She holds a bucket in her hand, which at times becomes a toy, and others an instrument with which to help at home. Carlos Morales masterfully captures the poignant essence of poverty in this vi ...
'Happy Porter' (2008) (Peru)
"With this portrait I wanted to represent a human being within a social context," begins Carlos Morales as he confides his intentions. "I depict a man taking a rest after a hard day's work. Despite his tired state, his face is full of vitality and joy. He is a porter at the fruit market and even tho ...
'Marshland II' (2013) (Brazil)
Deep, rich shades of fuchsia, lime and green conjure fish that flourish amid the mangroves. Aurora Bicalho creates a colorful world inspired by the dense marshland of Mato Grosso. She works in oils and acrylics, meticulously applying each color by hand to create this beautiful painting. Titled "Pan ...
'Curiosity of a Child' (2004) (Peru)
Sitting to play with a tin bucket, a tiny boy places a thoughtful finger on his lip. A warm sweater protects him from the frosty Andean wind, and tenuous sunshine illuminates his solemn face. Carlos Morales paints a loving portrait of a child from the Andean highlands, sensitively revealing the todd ...
'Delfina II' (2005) (Peru)
Thoughtfully nibbling on a chubby finger, a little Delfina sits beside empty buckets. As is the custom, the little girl fetches water to help with the household chores. Carlos Morales presents a lifestyle that reigns in the Andean highlands, capturing the child's charm and innocence in an exquisite ...
'Little Brothers' (2004) (Peru)
Perched on an adobe wall, big sister looks warily at the viewer in a gesture of protection. Her little brother plays happily with found objects, safe in her care. Shoelaces come untied and overall straps slide off narrow shoulders as the result of a day of play. Carlos Morales realistically portrays ...
'Marine Reflections IV' (2008) (Peru)
At anchor on a glassy sea, a fishing boat reveals its age and the wear of many years. Nets and buoys are heaped in the stern as the fisherman pulls yet another net from the water. Lovingly depicted in watercolor, his age, weariness and determination are conveyed through his posture. This exquisite w ...
'Push and Pull' (2006) (Ghana)
By Ghanaian artist Thomas Greenslade, this beautiful painting combines jewel-like colors with dizzying movement. His visual language is an abstract one as he explores tremendous effort. White spirals are superimposed upon bright, concentric circles on a black background to convey a powerful message. ...
'The Beauty of Color from Nature I' (Thailand)
Chaiya Wannalert creates the series "The Beauty of Color from Nature" to share the magnificence of Thailand's natural landscapes. This woodcut print captures the colorful fields of Salaeng Luang National Park, a place of historic importance where once the guerrilla hid and now hill tribes call home. ...
'Birds from Paradise' (Peru)
In the depths of a bamboo forest, hummingbirds flit from flower to flower rejoicing in the sweet nature. Painting with a palette of bright and intense oil colors, Franco Belli creates a composition that is filled with energy and yet transmits serenity. Titled "Aves del paraiso" in Spanish
'Ladder' (2007) (Guatemala)
A ladder stands tall in a fallow field, reaching toward a glowering sky. Stretching laboriously, one rung at a time, a woman in traditional dress struggles up the ladder to the prize at the top – a single piece of bread. "The bread represents the effort it takes to get food in my country," says ar ...
'End of the Feat' (2012) (Peru)
Nets laden with fish, boats return to dock in this painting by Teodoro Reque Liza. Painting with oils in a palette of purple, pink and brown hues, the Peruvian artist masterfully creates a three-plane perspective with a subtle cubist influence. Titled "Finalizando la faena" in Spanish.
'Tin Pots' (2011) (Brazil)
Creating the illusion of gleaming metal in multiple planes of light, Tônia Parreira paints a beautiful still life. Her palette of greens and golden yellow results in a canvas of exceptional warmth. Titled "Potes de Estanho" in Portuguese.
'Young Blonde' (2012) (Brazil)
Sitting with her back to the viewer, this young blonde woman poses for Yara Osório. The Brazilian artist captures the beauty of her muse with a soft palette of colors, contrasting her nude skin with a dark background and the light green draping over her. Titled "Jovem loura" in Portuguese
'Amazon-Rio Negro' (2008) (Brazil)
The exotic flora of the Amazons and the Rio Negro tributary inspires Matilde Toledo. Painting with acrylics, Toledo evokes nature's beauty with a palette of rich colors in this abstract composition. Titled "Amazônia - Rio Negro" in Portuguese.
'Without Pollution We Will Live A Better World' (2009) (Guatemala)
"The Maya people in Guatemala believe the only way we can save Mother Earth is by letting her rest, so she may be reborn with renewed strength," says Otto Cajbón as he begins to explain this acrylic on canvas. "The woman sees with sadness how devastated Mother Earth is because of the human's carele ...
'Memories From A Past' (Guatemala)
"For this painting I was inspired by the life of a woman who leaves behind so many memories as she flows in the river of life," confides Guatemalan artist Otto Cajbón. In this surreal composition, the woman's wings symbolize endless imagination, whereas the apple by the doorway is symbolic of the p ...
'Freedom' (2010) (Peru)
Horses gallop in complete freedom rejoicing in liberation. Franco Belli paints with acute realism while boldly defying surrealism in the way he portrays the stallions as if sharing just the one body. Titled "Libertad" in Spanish
'Intoxicating Daydream' (2011) (Peru)
Deep hues and strong color closures give a surreal air to this elegant still life. By Emmanuel, it depicts bottles and goblets juxtaposed upon one another in such a way that they seem like echos. "The subtle figures of rounded glasses, the bottles filled with intoxicating liquors that, once imbibed, ...
'Couple' (2007) (Peru)
"An Andean couple is the main productive center of the family. They usually divide work and responsibilities under conditions of equality," explains Peruvian artist Edgardo Crovetto. "I wanted to include elements that are representative of the Andes, that's why I painted my abstract composition with ...
'A Fragmented World' (2007) (Peru)
"The conflicts between cultures, race, religion and language are fragmenting our world," laments Peruvian artist Edgardo Crovetto as he explains the message behind his composition. "We should work towards building unity through diversity by emphasizing our similarities rather than focusing on our di ...
'You Are My Paradise' (2007) (Peru)
Enigmatic images and textural contrasts recall the grandeur of Moche artistry in a mixed media composition by Jesus Millones. He uses color with passionate intensity to translate the images wrought by poetry. "I lose myself in the paradise of your eyes, I lose because I am lost. I find myself in the ...
'Native Mind' (Ghana)
Seen in silhouette, four personages exhibit unique characters. David Bamishile explores each individual psyche through color and line. Yet all share an introspective posture in this handsome abstract. Warm colors and ethnic motifs emphasize the men's African identity.
'Blue Floral' (Brazil)
Nature's glorious beauty assumes florid shapes in a fascinating composition by Brazilian artist Goga. She delineates flowers and leaves in rich hues of blue and green. Painting with luminous acrylics, the composition exudes a sense of tranquil serenity. Titled "Floral azul" in Portuguese.
'The Lair of Desires' (2006) (Peru)
At the heart of a radiant canvas, purple shadows enclose a secret lair where passion lurks. "There are certain desires that one holds in a world full of fantasies and abstract situations," says Peruvian artist José Matos. Titled "El cubil de los deseos" in Spanish.
'Looking Through the Window' (Peru)
Geometric shapes are a blend of pre-Hispanic motifs and cave art, yet their impact is paradoxically modern. Primary hues speak to the collective unconscious in this fascinating abstract. Miriam Chipana suggests windows that open onto a world of the spirit. Titled "Mirando a través de la ventana" i ...
'Half of My Body' (2002) (Peru)
On a mountain peak, the silhouette of a woman stands tall, proud and filled with power. Yet she hovers in the foreground in great detail but with only half a body. The inert torso seems stitched together. Julia Salinas transmits her subject's fragility, her repressions, ties and frustrations. "This ...
'The Beauty of Decay I' (2006) (Thailand)
New life blossoms amid mangled cars as Jit Suttivong finds fascination in the relativity of time. "Once this car was new and shiny, now it is old and rusty, but it doesn't mean it's completely useless. It serves a purpose in the cycle of life, where grass and weeds can grow. There is beauty within d ...
'Depths' (2011) (Peru)
Kenneth Hurtado explores the collective unconscious, discovering a world of color in its mysterious depths. "I depict emotions, the essence of situations we have lived. The moving horizon, that subtle line that divides earth and sky – almost a metaphor for mankind: our nature, our aspirations and ...
'Ditirambo Boronco' (Peru)
Dressed like a mystical harlequin, Ditirambo Borronco exudes charismatic energy. "The name itself doesn't mean anything," says Francisco Vilchez of this enigmatic name with rhythmic undertones. "I want to transmit happiness and overflowing enthusiasm with this painting." Working with acrylics, his c ...
'Watermelon Women' (Peru)
Sánchez makes reference to the rich agricultural heritage of Piura in this colorful painting. Faces with shared features gaze past the viewer into the distance. Enveloped in sunny color, women reach forward to proffer ripe red watermelon, the fruit of their labor. Titled "Sandilleras" in Spanish.
'Luminous Lady' (2009) (Peru)
Gazing at the viewer with an enigmatic smile, she strolls across the canvas with a parasol. "This represents the passing by of a young girl whose life is peaceful, who illuminates the entire landscape with a light of her own," artist David Fernandez explains. "The presence of trees represents fertil ...
'Rebirth' (2009) (Peru)
Luminous and beautiful, this abstract is filled with light. David Fernandez explores the concept of rebirth, adding leaves to rectilinear shapes with softened edges. A tree seems to hover amid amorphous forms. Titled "Renacer" in Spanish.
'After the Rain II' (2012) (Peru)
The shower is over and people come out to run errands. After the rain, the air is clean and fresh, the colors clear. Puddles fill the unpaved street of an Andean town in Huancayo, reflecting buildings are sky in the glassy water. Artist Carlos Morales captures a little boy who can't resist splashing ...
'Challenging' (Indonesia)
Hand on hips, she strikes a provocative pose. Her challenge awaits a response in this thoughtful portrait by Aricadia. Golden light caresses her nude contours, filling her body with life. Yet uncertain shadows surround the lovely woman.
'Wondering' (Indonesia)
Celebrating a woman's beauty, Aricadia paints a portrait of radiant sensuality. His subject is a young nude who closes her eyes while golden light plays across her face and body. He communicates her innate strength through this superb figure study.
'Hiding Man' (Indonesia)
Wrapped in his thoughts, a man's posture looks inward. Aricadia paints a beautiful figure study filled with light. "I want to convey his silent thoughts, his longing," the artist says. "The light accentuates the sensuality of his body while I explore the untold story of a man's thoughts."
'Albarracin Teruel' (2005) (Mexico)
Capital of Teruel province in Aragon, the picturesque town of Teruel inspires artist Mauricio Turu. Venerable homes line cobblestone streets and the legacy of the Moors can be seen everywhere in art and architecture. Turu captures the quiet charm of a beautiful part of Spain in this masterful waterc ...
'Personages' (2006) (Peru)
Abstract faces express a multitude of thoughts and moods in this perceptive study. Artist Wilmer Lalupu Flores delves beneath the surface to explore the psyche of his subjects. "In this work, you can appreciate the true self of these personages – the internal, what they hide inside themselves," he ...
'Cross Legs' (2009) (Ghana)
Blue light permeates a busy canvas where women dance to unheard drumbeats. Bursts of white illuminate their faces and lithe bodies, while shafts of red suggest the passion in their performance. "It is their exciting movements of body and legs that put African women on top of their festive moods," Gh ...
'Hope of Life' (2010) (Ghana)
Heaped in voluptuous array, calabashes seem to radiate a pure, white light. Prince Asher conceives this fluid composition where blue and terracotta tones express generous forms in a geometric study. "Calabash gourds enclose dreams," he confides, "the spirit of hope that keeps generations of Africans ...
'Mother's Day' (2010) (Ghana)
"It is the roles of the women that have shaped our traditions for centuries," says Ghanaian artist Prince Asher. "I wanted to recognize this. I show the faces of three women wearing colorful headscarves, and they cover the canvas." He selects a glowing palette of primary tones for this tribute to fe ...
'Beyond Dreams' (Ghana)
A man on his boat crosses to the other side of sunset in this inspired painting by Prince Asher. "The deep abstract expression of the world beyond our very eyes, thus there is more to what we normally see," muses the artist as he explores the dreamscape with intense colors obtained by mixing acrylic ...
'One Soul' (Ghana)
Two women reach out to one another, clasping hands in a sincere handshake. Indistinct, nebulous figures seem to hover in the background, yet Prince Asher focuses his attention on the friends. "This is about the common bonds and values that exist between African women," the Ghanaian artist says. "The ...
'Motherhood' (Ghana)
Bright colors set a festive mood as Prince Asher celebrates the relationship between a mother and daughter. "The bond between mothers and their children is unlimited," observes the Ghanaian artist as he paints with a palette of colors obtained from oils and acrylics that includes yellow, red, black, ...
'No Comment' (Ghana)
Leaning forward, she gestures to unseen shoppers. Blue mist envelops the woman dressed in red, and voluptuous line brings a sense of optimism to an evocative portrait by Prince Asher. "This is a market woman quietly looking forward to the best that the day will bring," he explains. "It's her usual d ...
'Invitations' (Peru)
Quick, liquid strokes give shape to hills and palm trees in a lucid seascape by Flor Pachas. Working with pools of clear color, she evokes the peace of the Peruvian coast, inviting the viewer to linger a while. Titled "Invitaciones" in Spanish.
Bronze sculpture, 'African Heritage' (Brazil)
Sensuous and lovely, a nude poses on a marble slab. This exquisite sculpture by Goga pays tribute to Brazil's West African heritage. The artist givers her sculpture a rich, dark patina. Titled "Mulher afro-brasileira " in Portuguese.
'Picking Flowers' (Brazil)
Dressed in white, a woman seems pensive as she picks flowers for her home in this painting from Brazil. Yara Osório works with acrylics in a palette of warm comforting colors to create a composition of inspired artistry. Titled "Colhendo flores" in Portuguese
Garnet choker, 'Crimson Spratling' (Mexico)
An elegant wave of stylized "X"s finds superb beauty with tiny garnet bubbles. An original design, this necklace is from the "Spratling" collection by Alicia de la Paz. William Spratling was a professor of architecture at Tulane before he arrived in Taxco from the U.S. in 1929; he is credited with e ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Bright Ballerina' (Brazil)
"My granddaughter is a ballerina, and she inspired this piece," says Goga of her muse. "One day I went to see her on stage, and this is one of the movements she made during her performance. That day, when I came back from the show, I started sculpting this piece." Goga works with bronze and displays ...
'The Cyclists' (2007) (Brazil)
"I decided to paint this scene in a classic style, mixing it with some impressionism," says Luiz Badia as he reveals his technique. Painting with acrylics, he successfully transmits the vibrant energy of cyclists pedaling towards the finish line. Titled "Os ciclistas" in Portuguese.
Bronze sculpture, 'Self Confidence' (Brazil)
By Anamaria Vieira this elegant sculpture illustrates a play on words. She names the piece Desenvoltura, meaning "self confidence." Yet the figure's movement also suggests an unwrapping, a freedom from its envoltura. Polished contours take shape in bronze with a dark, antique finish, the lithe body ...
'Green Pots' (2011) (Brazil)
Creating the illusion of crystalline jars and opaque bottles in multiple planes of light, Tônia Parreira paints a beautiful still life. Her verdant palette results in an abstract canvas of exceptional fascination. Titled "Potes verdes" in Portuguese.
'Admiration' (Ghana)
In her prime of beauty, a young woman feels admiration for her wonderful body, its strength and vitality. Ghana's traditional adinkra symbols surround her; these convey popular wisdom. Artist Agyarko Kotoko brings his own message to this elegant figure study. "Beauty fades. Do not be too proud. Our ...
'Pots' (2011) (Brazil)
Abstract shapes evoke terracotta pots and jars that mingle on a dynamic canvas. Suggesting the caress of dappled sunshine, textured color makes this work fascinating. Tônia Parreira's language is abstract, yet figurative elements seem to hover at the edge of consciousness. Titled "Potes" in Portug ...
'Symbol of Unity II' (Ghana)
Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae selects rich shades of green, blue and violet to create a landscape of great peace and beauty. "This painting is a combination of two sketches of a church and a mosque, put together to show people that there is unity in living together," the Nigerian artist explains. "Ther ...
'Symbols of Unity' (Ghana)
Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae reveals a cubist influence with bright color closures. "This painting is a combination of two sketches of a church and a mosque, and put together to show people that there is unity in living together," the Nigerian artist explains. "There is unity in living together as wor ...
'Celebration' (Ghana)
Musicians play horns, drums and flutes as dancers move in unison. By Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae, this painting depicts the event in colors that shade from golden sunshine to deep blue shadows. "This is my impression of joyful moments in the life of my people, that peace is very necessary and war sho ...
'Home at Last II' (Ghana)
Blue dusk settles on a traditional village in Nigeria. Circular homes cluster beneath trees where people return from work at the end of the day. "This is the way of life of the Plateau people, a typical village scene on the Plateau," says artist Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae.
'Back Home II' (Ghana)
Daylight fades into the horizon, heralding the arrival of night that welcomes families back home. Women are the first to arrive, their children beside them or safely strapped to their backs. Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae prepares a palette of blue, green, yellow, black, and brown, masterfully capturing ...
'Colors and Shapes' (Ghana)
"In this painting, I use lines and shapes to create a pleasant effect on the canvas with abstracted circular forms," says Nigerian artist Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae. "Forms of nature — the artist world is full of forms created by God." He works in primary colors, using bold, diagonal lines to crea ...
'City of Hope' (Ghana)
Seated beneath a shade tree at the edge of a village, an elderly man is hopeful. "There is an old African saying that all fingers are not equal. This man is waiting for people to give him alms for his daily bread," says Nigerian artist Ezekiel Emealereta Udubrae. "When necessary, we should be our br ...
'Prayer' (Ghana)
Autumn fills the forest with color where a woman bows in prayer and a man lifts his arms in praise. Luqman Boateng conveys the joy of their faith with a radiant palette of sunny hues. "Prayer is important," he says. "In this painting, even trees worship and praise God. How much more we humans should ...
'Cheat Not' (Ghana)
A young boy guards a heap of golden mangoes while another child looks on. Compassion fills the heart of the first and he shares the ripe fruit with the other boy. Luqman Boateng depicts them in brilliant color, evoking translucent bubbles with deft brushstrokes. "Brothers love each other when they a ...
Silver choker, 'Aztec Queen' (Mexico)
Sleek and beautiful, this sumptuous necklace depicts pre-Hispanic motifs in silhouette. "This is a design of my grandmother's from the 1950s or '60s. She was inspired by the breastplates worn by Aztec and Maya warriors," artisan Ana Brilanti says. .950
Bronze sculpture, 'Conquistador' (Brazil)
Sharp angles blend with graceful contours to evoke the captivating spirit of a conquistador. Polished surfaces suggest regal aspirations, his proud pose presented atop an empowered granite base. Goga shapes the image from select bronze, each patient detail pulsating with aesthetic allure. A stunning ...
'Thailand in the Morning' (Thailand)
Robed in saffron cloaks, Buddhist novices smile as they hold their sky-blue alms bowl. In the Buddhist tradition, people seeking to make merits bring food offerings or flowers, which constitute the monks’ daily nourishment. When they are ordained, they are only allowed one begging bowl, one saffro ...
'Hello, Thailand II' (Thailand)
Two little boys gesture whai by bowing their heads to their hands in the Thai greeting, sawasdee (hello). Rutchanok Jinapun depicts young Buddhist novices. These charming children must shave their heads, cut their nails and wear the robes of a monk. However they must obey only ten precepts instead o ...
'Moche Elements' (2009) (Peru)
Suggestive, brush strokes descend in brilliant light on searing tones of copper, ochre and red. A dim background retreats into the distance, pushing the abstract forms into the foreground. Teodoro Reque suggests corn and peanuts, the staff of life for ancient peoples, while Moche symbols mingle in a ...
'Flutist III' (Ghana)
"The sweet music of a flute has the power to call people together," believes John Atta Mensah, inspiring him to paint the portrait of a woman playing the flute. As if hypnotized by her melodious call, people emerge from the background to stand right behind her. On the lower left corner, the image of ...
'Violin' (2011) (Brazil)
Marcelo Moreno translates the melodies of a violin into a harmonious orchestration of colors. Moreno paints with oils in a cubist composition of fluid artistry as he honors his eternal muse, music. Titled "Violin" in Portuguese.
'Geometric' (2011) (Brazil)
By Osvaldo Marci Cardoso, shadows in black and gray are pierced by rays of clear white light. His precise geometry creates the illusion of a puzzle in three dimensions. Signed on the back, the painting is designed to be displayed in any orientation the viewer chooses. Titled "Geométrica" in Portug ...
'Bar' (2008) (Brazil)
She strolls into a crowded bar and pauses to observe the people watching a big-screen TV. The ambience is cozy and inviting for an evening social hour. Luiz Tristao employs a warm palette to convey the muted lights, warm wood paneling and the woman's golden hair. Titled "Bar" in Portuguese.
'Madonna' (2012) (Brazil)
Depicted in modern style and radiant color, Mary embraces little Jesus. The solemn Madonna gazes directly at the viewer with deep, fervent eyes. Safe in her arms, the child also engages the viewer in this reverent painting by Raphael Medeiros. Titled "Madona" in Portuguese.
'Brazilian Heart' (Brazil)
A colorful heart is filled with song and dance, kisses and caresses, turtles, palm trees and more. Enveloped in lush green leaves, this fascinating image invites a second glance and then a third. Marlene Essucy explores the identity of Brazil. "In our hearts are a mixture of ideas, desires, aspirati ...
Bronze sculpture, 'In Confidence' (Brazil)
With abstract line, Goga creates a couple who lean close to whisper secrets. The featureless figures nonetheless convey sensations of complicity, trust and desire. The Brazilian artist works in bronze, giving one person a dark finish while describing the other with golden tones. The signature piece ...
'Woman and Landscape' (2008) (Brazil)
A woman is pensive as she gazes into the distance. Her pose is self-assured as she dominates a landscape of brilliant color. In the distance, a purple haze cools fiery sands, while a royal blue chair contrasts with crimson. This enigmatic portrait is the work of Luiz Tristao. Titled "Mulher e paisa ...
'Satyr and Bacchante' (2009) (Brazil)
Together in passionate complicity, man and wife share a moment of ecstasy. Brazilian artist Dayse Diaz finds inspiration in Greek mythology to transmit the beauty of their naked bodies and the intimacy and joy of two lovers. Titled "Satyre e Bacante" in Portuguese.
'Pots and Apples' (2004) (Brazil)
With her hallmark use of color, Marisia Salomao creates a vibrant still life. Apples cluster with copper pots in a fiery ambience. The painting gives the impression of a stained glass window. Titled "Potes e maçãs" in Portuguese.
'Florist' (2010) (Brazil)
Three women work together in a setting of pastoral beauty. All is peace as they create dazzling floral bouquets. Artist Raphael Medeiros conjures their murmured conversation punctuated by birdsong as he works in glowing color. Titled "Florista" in Portuguese.
'Merchants' (2010) (Brazil)
The morning light is hidden in blue shadows as itinerant merchants gather to buy and sell. They carry basins and baskets; one offers ripe bananas still on the stem. Exalting their hard work and enterprising spirit, Raphael Medeiros creates this evocative portrait. Titled "Mercadores" in Portuguese.
'In the Market' (2011) (Brazil)
A woman and her daughter sell fresh tropical fruit from a Brazilian market stand. Working in her hallmark style, Goga conveys the warmth and color of rural Brazil. Bright color closures and assured brushwork conjure warm sunshine and fragrant fruit. Titled "No mercado" in Portuguese.
'Rio de Janeiro' (2010) (Brazil)
The sun tinges the sky a golden yellow while Sugarloaf Mountain stands in proud salute. All is calm as sailboats ply the quiet waters off Rio de Janeiro. For Brazilian artist Luiz Tristao, the city is a magical place filled with light and life. Titled "Rio de Janeiro" in Portuguese.
'Sunflowers' (1999) (Brazil)
Dazzling in a misty landscape, sunflowers open their golden petals and seek the sun. In the background, a vast blue lake is serene and cool. Luiz Tristao works in impressionist style to create this magical landscape. Titled "Girassóis" in Portuguese.
'Tropical Garden' (Brazil)
Inspired by Brazil's exuberant flora as evidenced in her own garden, Marlene Essucy paints a vivid abstract. The brilliant images reach toward a serene background that suggests the tropical sky. Titled "Jardim tropical" in Portuguese.
'My Red House' (2006) (Peru)
Houses nestle amid trees in an emerald forest. Soft, undulating shapes suggest a fertile world of fantasy where nature reigns supreme. "I dreamed of having a home in such a magical place as the forest," artist José Matos confides. Titled "Mi casa roja" in Spanish.
'Futuristic Woman' (2007) (Peru)
"I depict a woman," Juan Carlos Ñañaque says. "She has filled jars with water to keep it for the immediate future, when it could become scarce. The woman represents the human being in his or her totality; the blues show the diversity of the water in oceans, lakes and rivers." Titled "Mujer futuri ...
Gold and quartz ring, 'Twinkling Triangle' (Brazil)
Quartz twinkles with radiant sophistication in a design by Ekaterina Pokrovskaya. She sets the faceted gem on an 18k gold ring adorned with a twinkling brilliant dangling at the side. Marked 750, the official designation for 75% gold and the equivalent of 18k.
Bronze sculpture, 'Admiration' (Brazil)
Rectilinear form gives an abstract feel to this handsome sculpture. By Goga, it depicts a human form. Kneeling, the personage reaches upward in a gesture of adoration. "To admire is to express a feeling of valorization," the Brazilian artist says. She presents the fascinating bronze image on a marbl ...
'Carver' (Ghana)
Engrossed in his work, a Ghanaian man coaxes a mask from a piece of wood. He sits on the ground, perfectly visualizing the design he will create. Around him, finished pieces of sculpture exemplify an ancestral West African art. Jake Kwesi Bennett paints this intriguing portrait.
'Smiling at Freedom' (Peru)
Seducing all the senses, this exquisite still life juxtaposes shining brass and copper vessels with glorious flowers and succulent fruit. David Fernández demonstrates his vision and expertise in luminous oils. "Its message emanates from the desire to achieve everything we set out to do with style a ...
'Harvest in Golden Fields' (Thailand)
Wearing wide-brimmed straw hats, nine farmers can barely be seen as they bend collecting rice. The field's golden hue announces the harvest season in a painting by Thailand's Graison. Working with acrylics, he paints a composition that inspires quiet serenity.
'Fantastic Image of You' (Peru)
Warm colors conjure a languid summer afternoon. Sauntering out of the house into the garden, a stylized nude basks in tropical breezes that rustle fertile leaves. "The abstract woman in the upper right hand side of the painting is a person filled with life," Andean artist David Fernández says. Tit ...
'Zebra' (Peru)
A master of realism, Alberto Herrera captures the beauty of an African zebra. Intricate patterns of white and black reveal the contours of the furry head and neck. Limpid brown eyes, long lashes and a soft coat distinguish a portrait so vivid it seems to convey the animal's spirit. Titled "Cebra" i ...
'Fleeing from the Storm' (Peru)
Inspired by Montague Dawson's 18th century painting, "The Sir Lancelot," Rivero recreates the ship in an exciting setting. Roiling clouds above the turbulent sea announce an oncoming storm. Churning through frothy whitecaps, the ship races ahead, impelled by wind in its billowing sails. Titled "Huy ...
'Submerged Garden' (Brazil)
Pastel tones come to life in a garden of flowers beneath the sea. Delicate petals fan outward in elongated spirals, framed by emerald foliage. Inspired by Brazil's exuberant flora, Marlene Essucy paints an enchanting floral landscape. Titled "Jardim submerso" in Portuguese.
'The Family' (Peru)
Nesting beneath a golden sky, a father bird spreads protective wings in a display of breathtaking beauty. Nestled close are a rotund female and their baby. Extravagant color and simplified lines form a splendid portrait of Peru's delightful fauna. Always mindful of fragile ecosystems and endangered ...
'Offering for the Sun' (2006) (Peru)
Sizzling color permeates this handsome abstract by Peru's Juan Carlos Ñañake. Standing impassively before the brilliant sun, an effigy holds an offering. The sun was perhaps the most important of all deities for ancient Andean civilizations. Titled "Ofrenda Para el Sol" in Spanish.
'Xylophone Player' (2007) (Ghana)
The sweet melodies of an African xylophone invite dancing and singing, as well as inspire Jake Kwesi Bennett's art. Painting with acrylics, he details a traditional xylophone that is built over gourds. The artist seems to identify with the musician's devotion to his art as he transforms the canvas i ...
'The Harbor III' (2008) (Thailand)
The harbor is replete with fishing boats with masts down waiting for a new expedition. Seksan Sing-on carefully details each boat and their contents, their languid presence mirrored in the water. Painting with watercolors on Arches paper, Sing-on reveals an aspect of Thailand's fishing customs.
'Contemplation' (Peru)
Seen in silhouette, a young woman is pensive. Her abstracted surroundings suggest a magical forest filled with light and mystery. "The warm colors express unity and an integration of human harmony with nature," artist David Fernández says. "This painting is a visual representation of feelings." Ti ...
'Urban Processes' (Peru)
By David Fernandez, this elongated canvas shows images that change from nature themes to culminate in a square filled with people in orderly formation. "This painting reflects the sentiment of humanity," he muses. "It recreates a parcel of interaction where the imaginary is processed toward a new ur ...
'Women' (Peru)
Abstract shapes are soft and voluptuous, created in warm tones of rose and beige. They suggest elements of the female body and a warm and generous spirit. "This painting is the harmonious consolidation of movement. Its beauty of color and form identify women's figures," artist David Fernández expla ...
'From Above' (Peru)
Abstract in nature, this bold painting juxtaposes pools of luminous color with lines sketched in black. "This is a panoramic vision of the buildings of a city seen from high above," artist David Fernandez says. "It signifies the power of a very busy city." Titled "Desde lo alto" in Spanish.
'Personage' (Peru)
Seen in profile, a beautiful young woman glides gracefully across a landscape of fiery color. "The gaze of a woman who lives a moment of passion, and for this reason the horizon has that passionate atmosphere filled with energy… the road symbolizes the future," artist David Fernandez muses. Title ...
'Tribute to the Painter' (Peru)
His model is a statue; his studio is his world as a painter works, enveloped in the intensity of the creative process. Colors flood the canvas, expressing an artist's own unique view. Sharing a part of his own life, Juan Carlos Ñañake pays tribute to all painters. Titled "Homenaje al pintor" in S ...
'Village from My Land' (Peru)
Carrying firewood, donkeys travel cobbled paths through the village of Condorama, in the Andes. "I wanted to paint about it because I really like the way customs are preserved in villages such as this one, where adobe houses have thatched roofs and people wear traditional clothes," confides Alcides ...
'Fragmented Guitar' (2013) (Brazil)
Rotating in bright fragments, a guitar deforms to meld with a fanciful backdrop. Color flows independently throughout this bold cubist composition. Taking music as his theme, Marcelo Moreno paints a dynamic work filled with passion. Titled "Violão fatiado" in Portuguese.
'A Portrait of a Geisha' (2009) (Indonesia)
Wayan Suarjiwatman depicts a Japanese geisha in a long, flowing kimono over layers of other beautiful garments. She wears her hair in a traditional chignon and holds a fan. Representing refined Japanese culture, she sings, dances, plays instruments and tells stories.
'Akuaba in Retrospect' (Ghana)
Ghanaian artist Eric Nii Addy Jr honors women everywhere with an inspired composition. "This is a modern interpretation of the Akuaba fertility doll of the Akan people. In this composition Akuaba represents all the values and virtues of women. I believe womanhood is a gift and blessing from God," ...
'Time Fast I' (2009) (Thailand)
Primary colors stream across the canvas from left to right and back. Urgent streaks of light seem impelled by an unseen force. By Rattapon Pirat, this dynamic canvas is flooded vibrant with energy. "I explore the relationship between time and speed. The city has so much light, sound and competition, ...
'Coca Cola in Bali' (2011) (Indonesia)
Coca Cola bottles stand in front of an ancient temple wall in a clear example of acculturation. Balinese dragons cap the bottles, which have been refilled with arak, a drink elaborated from palm sap. "Coca Cola as an American pop icon has influenced many aspects of Balinese life," says artist Ketut ...
Sterling silver choker, 'Crimson Spratling' (Mexico)
An inspired design by Alicia de la Paz this choker featuring an elegant wave of stylized "X"s comes from her "Spratling" collection. It is her way of paying homage to the talented silversmiths who learned their craft from William Spratling, such as Hector Aguilar. Spratling was a professor of archit ...
'Making Balloons' (Guatemala)
Calla lilies and bougainvillea bloom beneath the blue skies of autumn. Wearing the traditional red and blue of Comalapa, women work alongside men crafting balloons while a flute and drum convey the excitement of the occasion. "The balloons of Comalapa date back to about 1940," artist Filiberto Chal ...
Gold earrings, 'Golden Crystals' (Brazil)
Dazzling with esthetic minimalism, this pair of earrings accessorizes with harmonious elegance. Ekaterina Pokrovskaya selects quartz that is heat treated to a unique green-gold glow, and faceted to create a starlight illusion. The ravishing gems hang from 18k gold semi-hoops. Marked 750, the offici ...
'Bridges' (2010) (Indonesia)
Sutianto shares his thoughts and beliefs through his unique abstract artistry. "The brown line symbolizes the shortest bridge, which symbolizes decision. Yellow symbolizes the longest bridge, hope. I chose white for the strongest bridge, which is faith. The orange line symbolizes the most expensive ...
'Passion' (2010) (Indonesia)
"If there is room for anger, lust, ambition, revenge, envy or jealousy it will haunt the soul and alienate the hearts of love and passion," believes Javanese artist Sutianto. Personal introspection inspires this powerful composition which Sutianto paints with a palette of intense acrylic colors in b ...
'Balance II' (2010) (Indonesia)
In his unique abstract style, Sutianto depicts the state of nature today through a powerful composition. "The black circle represents Earth, which has been severely damaged," says the Javanese artist as he describes his composition. "I chose orange, black, brown, yellow, and white to describe that n ...
'Repentance' (Guatemala)
Kneeling, he leans on his walking stick and closes his eyes in prayer. Regret and sorrow contort his features and his voice breaks as he asks for forgiveness. Always near, his guardian angel hovers close to the repentant man. Carolina Cabrera compassionately depicts an older man from the Guatemalan ...
Zapotec wool rug, 'Gray Sky' (5x7.5) (Mexico)
Rich color evokes gray sky and warm earth. Superbly woven geometric shapes are calm and harmonious. Alberto Ruiz García and his wife craft this beautiful Zapotec rug on the handloom, naming the design "Cielo gris" in Spanish. Because each rug is individually woven, measurements could vary +/- 10 c ...
Zapotec wool rug, 'Gray Sky' (5x7.5) (Mexico)
Rich color evokes gray sky and warm earth. Superbly woven geometric shapes are calm and harmonious. Alberto Ruiz García and his wife craft this beautiful Zapotec rug on the handloom, naming the design "Cielo gris" in Spanish. Because each rug is individually woven, measurements could vary +/- 10 c ...
'Blinds' (Peru)
Glimpsed as though through blinds on a window, trees rustle in the summer breeze. Leaves are erect; all symbolize virility in a landscape by David Fernandez. To the left in shadow, the torso of a nude woman is luminous and mysterious. "The painting's name is quite subliminal," the artist confides. " ...
'Wat Arun' (Thailand)
On the shore of the Chao Phraya, Wat Arun lifts its tower to the sky. Boats ply the placid waters on a peaceful morning in Thailand. Panich depicts a beloved Buddhist temple that dates from the Ayutthaya Kingdom in this exquisite landscape. He presents his work in a pinewood frame.
'Houseboat' (Thailand)
Houseboats line both banks of the Nan River in Phitsanulok. On the riverbanks, farmers harvest vegetables in quiet garden plots. Panich works in lucid oils to capture the lovely landscape bathed in golden sunshine. He frames the painting in pinewood.
'Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park' (Thailand)
With lush green forests, plains strewn with boulders, spectacular waterfalls and beautiful wildflowers, Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park is home to important historical sites. "I was so impressed with the park's beauty, I wanted to share it in a painting. Here I depict the rhythm of rocks with a cypre ...
'The Canal' (Thailand)
Mesmerized by sunset's glow, Panich captures this beautiful landscape in lucid oils. A warm breeze rustles ancestral trees that line a wide canal. In the foreground, a fisherman paddles homeward. The artist presents the painting in a pinewood frame.
'Mekong River' (Thailand)
A lone fisherman pauses to gaze at the horizon as the setting sun sinks into the river. Working in impressionist style, Panich captures its splendor in oils on canvas. The Thai artist transmits sensations of peace and beauty along the Mekong River. He presents his work in a pinewood frame.
'Back to the Root' (Ghana)
Ghanaian artist Bukola Eyitayo works with acrylics to paint a touching composition as a tribute to his mother. "A mighty tree has its source from the roots, so also a man has his roots from his biological parent, his mother," says Eyitayo as he presents this pictorial metaphor. "An African adage say ...
Wool rug, 'Hummingbirds' (6x8) (Peru)
This breathtaking Ayacucho rug comes from Cerapio Vallejo. This amazing craft has been around for centuries in the state of Ayacucho, having been passed down to the Incas after originating among the ancient Wari culture of Peru. Vallejo's preferred technique, called kilin, is characterized by a tigh ...
'The Sling' (Ghana)
Cradling her child with one hand, a woman balances a load of firewood on her head. "In Tanzania, mothers carry their children in slings across their chest rather than on their back. They say they prefer being able to see the baby's face. Others say this makes them feel very safe and offers direct co ...
'The Beauty of Color from Nature VI' (Thailand)
Flowers blossom and trees stretch their branches as the sun heralds the arrival of a new day in Phu Kradueng National Park. The morning mist begins to dispel to reveal the magnificence of the location, which attracts myriad visitors each year. Chaiya Wannalert masters woodcut techniques to capture t ...
'The Beauty of Color from Nature V' (Thailand)
Famed for its natural beauty, Phu Kradueng National Park becomes a muse in "The Beauty of Color from Nature" series by Chaiya Wannalert. He masters woodcut techniques to capture the serene magnificence of the location, which is crowned with a bell-shaped mountain. "I wanted to capture the magical co ...
'The Beauty of Color from Nature III' (Thailand)
Jutting out from florid fields, tall trees stand like timeless sentinels guarding the natural magnificence of Phu Kradueng National Park. Its mystical landscape, crowned with a bell-shaped mountain, has inspired many a legend as well as the art of Chaiya Wannalert. Mastering woodcut techniques with ...
'Faithful' (Thailand)
Gesturing the whai greeting with his hands toward his face, a young novice learns Buddhist practices from his teacher. To be initiated as a novice, he’s had to shave his head and eyebrows, cut his nails, dress in saffron robes, and practice meditation. He will learn to read and write, as well as ...
'Ancestors' (Ghana)
Eugene Okertchiri conjures a dramatic scene from bygone days in Africa before the Christian religion arrived on the continent. A fetish priest holds a chicken aloft as he communicates with the creator, and golden light illuminates the figures.
'Players of the Talking Drums' (Ghana)
Brilliant color conjures excitement and anticipation as people pause to listen. Drummers pound out a message on Ghana's famous "talking drums," used to communicate in West African communities. By Kofi Baiden, this elegant painting exalts the traditions of the Akan people.
'Disappointed Porters' (Ghana)
Balancing large basins on their heads, women await work in a public market. They lend their services as porters, carrying purchases for busy shoppers. "But they have had no loads to carry today and they look so disappointed. It means no money for them or their families," artist Kofi Baiden laments.
'Traditional Horn Blowers' (Ghana)
"Music is very much loved in Ghanaian society," says artist Kofi Baiden. He depicts two men blowing horns in a manifestation of West African tradition. Strips of kente cloth adorn their clothing and brilliant color surrounds the musicians.
'Substance Woman' (Ghana)
Women cover a tall, narrow canvas, filling the colorful composition with feminine warmth. "This is a surrealist painting, dealing with the many facets of women considered to be substantial. They are spiritual, sensitive, sleek, social and also appreciate their sexuality. The hidden and true potentia ...
'Watermelons' (Guatemala)
Glistening with sweet moisture, watermelons reveal shiny black seeds and succulent flesh. Lilliana Guzmán creates sensations of abundance with this elegant still life. The black background intensifies the contrast of the ruby fruit with its emerald rind. Titled "Sandías" in Spanish.
'The Escape' (Peru)
Pausing for a moment on their hurried flight to Egypt, Mary comforts the Christ child as Joseph stands watch. In an effort to wipe out all competition to his throne, Herod ordered the death of every child in Bethlehem under the age of two. To save the life of their baby, the Holy Family sought refug ...
'Waiting for the Moon' (diptych) (Indonesia)
Serene fields of tan meld into deep blue in a mysterious universe. Complex planes of color suggest depth and movement as one canvas connects with the other. Sutianto paints a landscape in this diptych. "It's a coastal landscape waiting for the moon to rise. Ochre represents the beach, and gray- brow ...
'The Whiny Alligator' (2008) (Brazil)
Long ago, an old hunter who was returning home brought an alligator to the village. The creature was alive, and because the old hunter wished it, the alligator lived there for many years at the edge of the village. The alligator was whiny and it didn't like it when the villagers would bathe in the r ...
Zapotec wool rug, 'Quiet Sunrise' (5x7) (Mexico)
Golden sunlight peeks from the blue horizon, tinting clouds with a scarlet blush. Working in soft virgin wool, the Ruiz Bazan Family evokes the Mexican sierra at dawn. The elegant rug exemplifies traditional Zapotec textile art. They name this design "Camino." Because each rug is individually woven ...
'Downtown Rio de Janeiro' (2010) (Brazil)
The historical center of Rio de Janeiro entices the viewer to walk its wide avenues and linger in shady parks. Antonio Meijueiro conveys the beauty of classic Brazilian architecture, conjuring bygone days in the shadow of skyscrapers. Known as Cinelândia, the Marechal Floriano Peixoto plaza on Rio ...
'Harvesting Corn' (Guatemala)
Inspired by his life in the fields, Boni paints a beautiful portrait of tradition. He depicts a woman wearing traditional Guatemalan attire harvesting corn. Boni depicts the woman with an elongated torso and oversized bare feet, stylizations peculiar to his artistic identity. He also prepares an esp ...
'Enjekan Kebo,' wall hanging (Indonesia)
Quartets of petals delicately grace this wall hanging by Ni Luh Suryati, as beige outlines transform the dark, earthen background. Woven entirely by hand from cotton threads, the piece reflects ancient gerinsing techniques of tie-dyeing. In Bali, these cloths are often considered to possess magical ...
Wool rug and covers, 'Wari Star' (6x9) (Peru)
Stylized stars with eight points shine on a bold patchwork by Cerapio Vallejo. A design motif of the ancient Wari culture, it brings pre-Hispanic intrigue to today's interiors. Two generous cushion covers accompany a matching rug; they are design as floor cushions for the informal décor. Titled "E ...
'Beach Woman' (2005) (Brazil)
In this work, Ezequias depicts a beautiful praiana or woman of the beach as she relaxes on a wooden bench. Coconuts cluster at her feet, one open to permit its sweet milk to be enjoyed. The sky is clear and blue in a tropical paradise where the woman's voluptuous body spills generously from her red ...
'Scarlet Macaw and Nature' (Peru)
Alone in the deep Amazon rainforest, a woman finds company in a brilliant bird. She gazes at the viewer with a quiet intensity and the macaw turns to look as well. Scarlet, blue and yellow feathers find an echo in the lush, tropical vegetation. "This painting tries to convey both love and nature," M ...
'Enjekan Kebo,' wall hanging (Indonesia)
Quartets of petals delicately grace this wall hanging by Ni Luh Suryati, as beige outlines transform the dark, earthen background. Woven entirely by hand from cotton threads, the piece reflects ancient gerinsing techniques of tie-dyeing. In Bali, these cloths are often considered to possess magical ...
'My Family' (2009) (Indonesia)
Lavender light envelops five women in attitude of prayer. Frangipani blossoms crown the quintet, as Hadi Siswanto depicts them in the style of Cili. Revered as the goddess of fertility, Cili is invoked to ensure a plentiful rice harvest, for in ancient Balinese her name, Ibu Pertiwi, referred to her ...
'Sensuality III' (Peru)
Dressed in delicious crimson, a ballerina performs on the hallways of imagination. Violet lights melt under beams of warm reds and pinks, allowing the composition to acquire an energetic and dynamic quality. Teodoro Reque Liza's brushwork is assertive as he successfully conveys the audience's devote ...
'Chancay Effigies' (triptych) (Peru)
With abstracted line, Pantigoso depicts a group of cuchimilcos, or sacred figures of the Chancay culture, which flourished to the north of the present day city of Lima. Always presented as a couple, they symbolize fertility and abundance in newly formed families. Archaeologists have often found cuch ...
'Morning in Thailand III' (Thailand)
Morning dawns with sunny serenity, eliciting happy smiles from these sweet little boys. Carrying blue offering bowls, they venture out to ask for alms. Rutchanok Jinapun depicts three young Buddhist novices, the first step before becoming a monk. In the foreground, a dog seeks their company.
'Hello, Thailand' (Thailand)
Folding their hands, two little boys incline their heads in the Thai greeting, sawasdee (hello). Rutchanok Jinapun depicts young Buddhist novices. These charming children must shave their heads, cut their nails and wear the robes of a monk. However they must obey only ten precepts instead of the 227 ...
'Unanswerable' (2009) (Brazil)
Slender shapes thrust upward and outward, suggesting a bouquet of colors. By Brazil's Verita, the dynamic abstract juxtaposes deep, clear blue with coppery brown, white and yellow. Forms and colors seem to move, to undulate, drawing the viewer into planes of lighthearted beauty. Titled "Incontestá ...
'Morning in Thailand I' (Thailand)
Three little boys smile as they hold blue offering bowls. Wearing saffron robes, with their heads and eyebrows shaved, they emulate Buddhist monks. However these young novices need to obey only ten precepts instead of the 227 precepts held to by monks. Rutchanok Jinapun depicts these charming childr ...
'Morning in Thailand II' (Thailand)
Three little boys smile happily. Wearing saffron robes, with their heads and eyebrows shaved, they emulate Buddhist monks. However these young novices need to obey only ten precepts instead of the 227 precepts held to by monks. Rutchanok Jinapun depicts the charming children in a simplified naïf st ...
Batik wall art, 'The Rice Crop' (Indonesia)
Terraces curve up the mountainsides, far as the eye can see. Amid the lush panorama, people bend to the tasks of the rice harvest. It is Bali's fertile fields and plentiful water that allow the so-called Island of the Gods the leisure time to develop and maintain its highly creative spiritual cultur ...
'Machu Picchu and Mother Earth' (Peru)
A place of architectural beauty and strong mysticism, Machu Picchu inspires this extraordinary composition by Alberto Caballero Valdelomar. "Machu Picchu is a vertical city, religious yet profane, military yet monastic," says Caballero as he describes the sacred city atop the Andes. "Machu Picchu is ...
'Machu Picchu II' (Peru)
Emerging from a fiery mist, a doorway beckons the viewer into a temple, hewn from living rock. In the distance, the citadel of Machu Picchu can be seen. Using geometric segments, Teodoro Reque recreates one of the most impressive scenes that Peru has to offer. The ancient Inca city rests atop the to ...
'Party at the Lighthouse' (2007) (Brazil)
Wearing their traditional full skirts and turbans, bahianas (women from Bahia) enjoy a party at the foot of the lighthouse. Children romp and play while their mothers watch, and one woman sells sweets from a tray. Women are an important theme for Dera, who celebrates Brazilian culture in every paint ...
'Colonial Patio' (Peru)
Brightly colored flowers frame the tranquil aura that reigns over the convent's courtyard. Built with sturdy brick walls during Colonial times in the city of Arequipa, it is at the center of Kenneth Hurtado's inspiration. He paints with precious details over molded textures, creating a composition o ...
'The Fisherman' (Brazil)
A young indigenous man rows through the still waters of the Amazon, his stature imposing amid a graceful rainforest of natural colors and movements. Birds and butterflies live among proud trees, while hanging vines obscure their vivid forms. Rendered in acrylics on canvas by Berenice, the painting o ...
'Tucuy Ricuy -- Royal Messengers' (Peru)
Tito Julio Tarqui Prado re-tells the history of his predecessors through his admirable abstract artistry. The artist portrays three very prominent visitors to the Inca community that once lived in Tarqui's hometown. The visitors were collectively known as Tucuy Ricuy, and they enjoyed the emperor's ...
'Pre-Inca Ceramics and Fish' (Peru)
Working in ochre, brown and fiery red – colors favored by the Inca – Tito Julio Tarqui Prado explores the legacy of ancient man. Their rich textile tradition is manifest in this work in which elaborate ceramic jars attest to the ancestors' skill. A fish from the seacoast drifts through the enigm ...
'What It's About' (2006) (Brazil)
Abstract motifs appear against a background of deep blue. Iraceia Guerra achieves the textures of bubbling water as she conjures images that suggest a series of dreams. Inviting the viewer's complicity, she leaves the interpretation to each person. Titled "De Que se Trata" in Portuguese.
'Down the Avenue' (2007) (Brazil)
Dressed in their finest, women from a favela descend the hillside to dance in the avenue. Dera takes her inspiration from Carnaval, the festivities that precede Lent. Neighborhood dance groups parade their skills to lively Brazilian music. Dera's style is cubist, her palette warm and fanciful. Titl ...
'Elephant with Her Young' (2008) (Brazil)
Arruda Camara demonstrates an absolute mastery of realism with this endearing animal portrait. It depicts a baby elephant hiding beneath his mother's massive stomach. The female reaches out to her young with a reassuring trunk. "This work represents maternal love," the Brazilian artist explains. Ti ...
'Spotted Jaguar' (2008) (Brazil)
Safe on a tree branch, a young jaguar surveys his domain in the Amazon rainforest. The large, powerful cat is a native of the Americas and is distinguished by his tawny coat with black spots. Arruda Camara depicts the nocturnal feline against a midnight sky, its darkness intensifying the drama of th ...
'Buena Vista Social Club' (Brazil)
Arruda Camara celebrates the Cuban son and its legendary performers with this acrylic on canvas. Set in 1940's in the legendary Buena Vista Social Club, the musicians' inviting melodies are almost audible.
'Relaxed with Books' (India)
"Nothing is more relaxing than reading a book on a sunny day," admits Geetha as she contemplates her work. Working with oils, Geetha paints the image of a man dressed in white, sitting comfortably on chair in front of a window. He reads incessantly, only once in a while looking out the window on a b ...
'Field in Evening' (Thailand)
Innop captures a golden field in evening's last sunlight in this extravagantly lovely landscape. The purple of distant mountains heightens the intensity of sunlight. Capturing the countryside's solitude and peace, Innop paints a scene of summer enchantment.
'Ancestral Melody II' (Peru)
A stylized figure plays the zampoña panpipes in a backdrop of abstract shapes. Working with a fiery palette, Peruvian artist Tito Julio Tarqui Prado invokes ancient musicians. A marked pre-Hispanic influence is seen in each image in this magical painting. Titled "Melodía ancestral II" in Spanish.
'Pan-Piper I' (Peru)
Abstracted figures depict ancient musicians who play the zampoña panpipes, their plaintive melody still heard today. Resurrecting pre-Hispanic icons, Peruvian artist Tito Julio Tarqui Prado invokes ghosts of the Inca. Titled "Zampoñero I" in Spanish.
'Earlier Generation' (Peru)
Working in oil on canvas, Tito Julio Tarqui Prado transports the viewer to another time, that of an earlier generation. Golden light bathes two Inca warriors surrounded by the bounty of a great civilization. Ornate ceramic jars mingle with the jewelry of noblemen and sumptuous hand woven treasures. ...
'The Warriors' (Peru)
Stylized figures evoke images on ancient ceramics, yet Tito Julio Tarqui Prado instills them with an urgent sensation of life. They parade proudly from left to right, as though from past to future. The Peruvian artist depicts warriors in full regalia, paying tribute to the brave Inca who resisted th ...
'The Safest Road' (diptych) (Peru)
"Through this work I've let myself be carried intuitively by the forms on the canvas," says Andean artist Leontina. "I believe that the person I depict is also looking inside himself, by way of a path that perhaps he doesn't know. He draws away from a landscape of intense yellows." The emotive image ...
'Paper History' (Mexico)
Omar Centeno allows his spiritual inclinations to give form to this extraordinary composition, presented in triptych form. He paints the portrait of a magician holding what he calls a 'paper history.' "The Magician symbolizes what humans want to be, and all that humans are," explains Centeno. "He is ...
'Fleeting and Permanent' (Peru)
"This work brings me great satisfaction as I have tried to represent the essence of life," says artist David Fernández of this beautiful abstract. "Nature creates the body of an insinuating figure whose profile is both fleeting and permanent. Pink leaves express a constant energy and force." Title ...
Wool rug, 'Labyrinths of Fire' (6x8.5) (Peru)
Cerapio Vallejo weaves a tantalizing labyrinth that invites the viewer into a journey through history. Inspired by Peru's Wari art, the rug reveals its characteristic logic, structure and stylized geometry. A fiery palette of virgin wool is transformed into an Andean masterpiece. Titled "Wari" in Q ...
'So Close To Reach' (Ghana)
The setting sun escorts the women returning home in a settlement under tall palm trees. Birds herald their arrival in a painting by Ghana's Mawuli Quartey. "After a hard day's work at Makola market in Accra, the women are happy to arrive home," explains the artist.
'A Searching' (2009) (Indonesia)
Stylized fish swim in circles, moving closer and closer to the center of their spiral path. "I symbolize the searching of one's soul through fish moving in a circle with some shadow and light," Javanese artist Narto confides. "I hope to convey the courage needed and the challenges encountered in thi ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Tenderness I' (Brazil)
With a gesture of infinite tenderness, a father holds his tiny infant against his strong chest. His hands are disproportionately large in a symbol for his immense paternal love. Julieta Sathler depicts the pair in a modern bronze sculpture with a green patina. Featureless faces convey the universali ...
'Two Heads are Better than One' (Ghana)
Emerging from a colorful background, geometric shapes depict two human figures. They seem to mingle as shapes overlap as Nii Teiko Aryeetey conveys the traditional wisdom of a Ghanaian saying. "Two heads are better than one," the Ghanaian artist affirms.
'Calling for a Message' (Ghana)
Working in his hallmark style, Nii Teiko Aryeetey creates compelling images seen as though through a curtain of rain. He depicts a man striking the gong gong – a metal bell – with a stick to call the attention of people who are in the background. "This was the means by which messages were convey ...
'Glow' (Peru)
Conjuring a crowded stage, Sessarego invokes bass and baritone, drums and voice. A chorus of clear soprano lends a sense of urgency to this elegant abstract. Classical Italian music of the 19th century inspires the Andean artist, who explores the force and intensity of a heroic opera. Titled "Respl ...
'Spectrum in Violet' (Peru)
Radiating from the center of a warm golden canvas, waves of lilac and violet move gracefully, as though dancing. A closer look reveals layers of yellow, ochre and brown that host lyrical line. A music lover, artist Sessarego explains, "This painting doesn't represent an opera. It takes its inspirati ...
'Silver Bowl' (Thailand)
Elegantly dressed, a girl represents Lanna (northern Thai) traditions. A pink pha sabai (bodice wrap) and green sarong represent Thailand's millennial custom of hand-loomed textiles. Portrayed in moonlight, the young woman carries a sa-lung, or silver bowl in Orapin Seubtim's beautiful image of her ...
'Ka-sa-long Flowers' (Thailand)
Exploring the traditions of her homeland, Orapin Seubtim creates an enchanting portrait filled with subtle symbols. She realistically portrays a young woman wearing ancestral Thai textiles; the graceful sarong skirt is an element of cultural identity. The girl cradles a silver sa-lung, a bowl someti ...
'Worship' (Thailand)
Her face serenely composed, a young woman seeks the proper attitude for worship. Orapin Seubtim paints an exquisite portrait of a girl in traditional Thai attire. A pale pink pha sabai (bodice wrap) and striped sarong speak of generations of Thai textile expertise. Her ornate silver bowl carries off ...
'Rio of My Loves' (2006) (Brazil)
Iraceia Guerra selects an unusual perspective for this portrait of Rio de Janeiro. Depicting the high rises that line the shore, she evokes an aerial photograph. Verdant urban parks and the ever present ocean make this a composition of cool colors. Titled "Rio dos Meus Amores" in Portuguese.
'Reflection' (Peru)
"Through texture, line and color, I strive to reflect the melodies of an opera's musical notes. The tonalities are diverse, but blue predominates," Sessarego says. His abstract painting is delightfully complex. Titled "Reflejo" in Spanish.
'Blue Atmosphere' (Peru)
Transforming music into color, Sessarego conjures a blue rhapsody. A golden melody dances across the canvas while notes rise with buoyant jubilee. Dark bass tones give depth and movement to this elegant painting. Titled "Atmósfera azul" in Spanish.
'Rhyming with Geometry' (Peru)
Dissimilar forms in hot and cool colors mingle in a dazzling composition of movement, balance and harmony. Enveloped in white light, rectilinear shapes anchor the painting; they suggest architectural elements. Fluffy dawn clouds and deep blue shadows come together in this handsome abstract by Teodor ...
'Vision of the Andean Landscape III' (Peru)
Dawn illuminates an abstract landscape, caressing mountains and majestic pines that suggest ancient pyramids. Teodoro Reque Liza gives an enigmatic tone to this Andean landscape. Working in luminous planes of color, he creates a world of magic where all is peace. Titled "Visión del paisaje andino ...
'Traditional Symbols' (Ghana)
Joseph Adibleku pays tribute to the ancestors and their wisdom through Ghana's traditional adinkra symbols. He depicts them as though on squares of cloth that are sewn together. At the top to the left, funtunfunefu dnkyemfunefu or Siamese crocodiles form a cross with their slender bodies. They repre ...
'Yellow Melody' (Peru)
With colors as ardent as their love, Sessarego conveys the pathos of Aida and Radamès in the 1871 opera by Guiseppe Verdi. Set in ancient Egypt, Aida tells the story of a doomed romance between an Egyptian military commander and a captive princess of Ethiopia. Scarlet flows like blood across the vi ...
'The Magic' (2012) (Brazil)
A hummingbird hovers amid fragrant flowers while butterflies revel in their freedom. Kika Sevn invites the mind to rejoice in this magical work filled with colorful mandalas. Titled "A magia" in Portuguese.
'Mandala of Forgiveness' (2012) (Brazil)
Invoking love, inspiration and peace, this elegant painting inspires forgiveness in a world of harmony. Brazil's Kika Sevn focuses on a mandala. Flowers and butterflies drift in a vivid sky while a hummingbird flutters amid stars. Titled "Mandala do perdão" in Portuguese.
'Amazon Party' (2012) (Brazil)
Kika Sevn demonstrates her mastery of both geometry and realism in this delightful painting. Birds of all colors sing in the verdant Amazon jungle, and mandalas represent a connection with the divine. The result is a festive and beautiful tribute to nature Titled "Amazônia em festa" in Portuguese.
'Journey of Man' (Ghana)
An unborn child awaits his entry into the world, as brilliant colors whirl around the baby. Meandering from the womb to the foreground of the painting, footprints suggest the path he will take. "We know where a person's life journey begins, but we don't know where it ends," artist Samuel Asamoah mus ...
'The Reprieve' (2005) (Mexico)
Rays of light fall like a shower from a streetlamp. Perching on the post, an owl watches as hands take aim at the light bulb, or perhaps the bird. Yet the act of vandalism never takes place. This enigmatic work comes from Israel Villanueva. The artist does not coat his canvas with gesso, but applies ...
'Lion Head Knocker' (Guatemala)
Inspired by the architecture of yore, Tania Barros focuses on the knocker on the door of Our Lady of Mercy church in Guatemala City. Barrios masterfully details the lion and the garland above it as they stand out from the wooden door. Built in the 1700's, this great church is renowned for the vast p ...
Bronze sculpture, 'Intense Love' (2011) (Brazil)
A couple expresses the intensity of their love in a sensual embrace sculpted in bronze by Anamaria Vieira. Their bodies intertwine in the complicity of their love when she reaches out towards his neck as he holds her close to him. The Brazilian artist sets her admirable sculpture on a granite base. ...
'Holy Family of the Eternal Father' (Peru)
Dressed in gilded robes, the Holy Family is protected by the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. Above them, God the Father stretches out his arms in blessing. Remarkably detailed, this painting captures the essence of divine love that unites them. Alberto Torres creates a beautiful work, with a ceda ...
'Faithfulness I' (Thailand)
Peering through the ornate frame of a door, Buddha smiles a welcoming smile. Aeknarin Chuanglao is inspired by the artistic styles of ancient Lanna, which were influenced by the Khmer, Sukhothai period, India, Burma and Sri Lanka.
'Food for Life' (Ghana)
Two young women enjoy conversation as one stirs a pot of food. Their relaxed demeanor conveys enjoyment of the everyday activities that fill their lives. Joseph Kwaw Besoabewie envelops each in rings of color that suggest both movement and joy. "Food is life and life is also precious, so to preserve ...
'Boats in Cabo Frio' (2009) (Brazil)
Anna Trancoso creates the illusion of looking through a porthole window to find docked boats lulling in the tranquil sea. The sky is welcoming dusk's amazing palette of colors. Trancoso is inspired by Cabo Frio, in the Lagos region of Rio de Janeiro. It is famed for its crystal clear waters, fine wh ...
'Motherly Love II' (Ghana)
Two women and their babies emerge from a busy composition as warm as their affection. Working in scarlet, Samuel Asamoah pays tribute to endless love of a mother toward her child. Styled objects are images from everyday life in West Africa. He signs his work as "Prophask."
'Sweet Melody' (Ghana)
A Ghanaian musician entertains passersby with the sweet melody of his flute. Fertile green envelops the trio who wear the traditional attire of West Africa. Artist Geoffrey K. Hlorgbey works in expressionistic style to create this engaging portrait. "Take a trip to Ghana," he says. "Come enjoy our b ...
'Little Square' (Peru)
Alcides Medina travels to Peru's past as he paints this vivid oil on canvas. "In times of the Spanish Colony huge storage rooms were built for food and for the fairs where people exchanged goods," explains the Peruvian artist. "These days, those large houses are falling down and will only exist in o ...
'The Beauty of Nature' (Ghana)
Asayaw Osahene Asante mixes a palette of brown, black and gray shades in a composition that celebrates women. "To me women are naturally beautiful and don't need any artifices," believes the Ghanaian artist. He depicts various faces, some in profile, along with traditional African combs to symbolize ...
'Northern Sunset' (Ghana)
As the sun sets, a fiery red light takes over the land to bid the day farewell. "At that time people hurry home after a hard day’s work," comments Asayaw Osahene Asante. Enjoying the freedom of abstraction he delineates a village just like the ones in northern Ghana. The houses are separated by ta ...
'Vase of Red and White Roses' (2011) (Brazil)
Red and white roses fill a crystal vase with their fragrant beauty. Buana depicts the voluptuous blossoms in an exuberant still life. Her expressionist style and startling hues charge the work with energy. Titled "Vaso de rosas vermelhas e brancas" in Portuguese.
'The Perfect Finish' (Ghana)
Relaxing at day's end, a woman leans back to play a melody on the goje, her notes resonating in the hollow gourd instrument. A sunset glow envelops the scene, while ornate geometric motifs give it a surreal feeling. "I use an artistic fusion to take an ordinary scene and make it extraordinary," Ghan ...
'Vase of Roses and Wildflowers' (2011) (Brazil)
Clustered in a green glass vase, wildflowers from the Brazilian countryside mingle with red roses. Buana conveys their sweet fragrance with quick, assured brushstrokes and a palette of vivid colors. Titled "Vaso de rosas e flores do campo" in Portuguese.
'Blue Macaw II' (Brazil)
Nature inspires Kika Sevn in this elegant painting that captures the enchantment of the Amazon. Set amid verdant vegetation, bright mandalas invoke life's creator. Butterflies, blossoms and birds pay tribute to a proud blue macaw. Titled "Arara Azul II" in Portuguese.
'Recollection II' (Ghana)
Working in dazzling color, Samuel Asamoah assembles an abstract composition with fragments of memories. Circular calabash gourds mingle with masks in this elegant work. "This painting reminds us of the times in the olden days when our forefathers used symbols for communication," he says. Asamoah si ...
'Harquebusier' (2005) (Peru)
With a wary glance about him, an angel stands guard. He holds a harquebus, the 15th century matchlock gun. All is color in this beautiful work by Percy Lenin. Taking his inspiration from 17th and 18th century religious painting, he brings his own modern interpretation to the portrait, a popular them ...
'Faithful' (Thailand)
Aeknarin Chuanglao adapts traditional Thai style for a modern portrait of a deity. Yellow light surrounds the smiling god, and wine colored mountains represent the power that comes from doing good. "When humans live a good life, they will be gods when they die. They will stay in the pleasure place o ...
'Movement of Line and Color III' (Thailand)
Spinning and whirling, amusement park rides create circles of motion that intersect and intertwine. Fascinated by their movement and colored lights, Thailand's Autoomporn works in the silk screen technique, masterfully conveying sensations, sights and sounds. "I use the structure of the rides, creat ...
'Mexican Sunflower II' (Thailand)
The Thai landscape is dotted with bright yellow Mexican sunflowers, inspiring Innop to immortalize them in this painting. Also known as tree marigold, the blossoms appear in a composition of impressionist artistry as the Thai artist paints with oils on canvas.
'Florid Feast' (Brazil)
Flowers blossom into a colorful feast in a spectacular acrylic on canvas by Marlene Essucy. Confiding a fascination with Brazilian flora, Essucy creates a composition that is alive with color and happy sentiment. Titled "Festa florida" in Portuguese.
Wool tapestry, 'A Mother's Love' (Peru)
She sits on the floor with a clay jar and cup, stealing a moment of rest in her busy day. But first of all, she turns toward the child tied in a shawl on her back. She tenderly kisses the chubby-cheeked toddler, who returns a look of sheer contentment. Leoncio Tinoco's extraordinary handloomed tapes ...
'Birth of the Elves' (Peru)
"This depicts the birth of the elves that spring from the body of Imir, the giant. They emerge in the form of small insects. Divided into two groups, they head either skyward or toward the earth. Those of the air are elves and the others are gnomes," Edgar Aguirre explains. His bright palette of pri ...
'Colombina's Mother' (Peru)
Little Colombina and her mother pose for the artist. The Harlequin's sweetheart in the 16th century Italian commedia dell'arte, she is a beloved personage. Edgar Aguirre depicts the women in a moody blue portrait. "This is a portrait of my three-year-old daughter, Paula," he confides. Titled "La ma ...
'Marechal Hermes Station' (1998) (Brazil)
Railroad tracks stretch toward the horizon as they leave a beautiful train station in northern Rio de Janeiro. Named for Brazil's President Marechal Hermes, it was built in 1913. Mauricio Solano paints a nostalgic portrait of the elegant old building and the enchanted countryside that surrounds it. ...
'National History Museum' (Guatemala)
"I was really impressed with the masonry at the Museum of National History. It is decorated with fauns from Roman mythology," explains Tania Barros. The legendary Guatemalan museum opened its doors in 1896, though back then the building function as a registry office. Painting with watercolors on Gua ...
'Elegant Door Knocker' (Guatemala)
"This painting is inspired by the beautiful details embellishing the buildings of yesteryear," says Tania Barrios as she works with watercolors on Guarro paper. She replicates the imagery on the door's brass knocker featuring a creature of fierce disposition, the perfect guardian. It has the feature ...
'Movement of Line and Color II' (Thailand)
A roller coaster snakes around the amusement park, seeming to embrace the whirling ferris wheel. Fascinated by their movement and colored lights, Thailand's Autoomporn works in the silk screen technique, masterfully conveying the sensations, sights and sounds. "I realize I love toys that rotate. The ...
'Movement of Line and Color IV' (Thailand)
Fascinated by their movement and colored lights, Thailand's Autoomporn loves amusement park rides. She works in the silk screen technique, masterfully conveying the sensations, sights and sounds. "I create layers of color to recreate the excitement and feelings you have with these rides, and the sen ...
'Movement of Line and Color V' (Thailand)
Roller coasters, ferris wheels and the tilt-a-whirl spin and spiral, leaving paths of color with flashing lights. Thailand's Autoomporn loves carnival rides. She works in the silk screen technique, masterfully conveying the sensations, sights and sounds. "I create layers of color to recreate the exc ...
'Mercy Parish Higher Knocker' (Guatemala)
"I thought it interesting that the door at Our Lady of Mercy church had two knockers, and this one was higher up. It was designed for those arriving on horseback," explains Guatemalan artist Tania Barrios. Watercolors serve her well as she paints of the warrior depicted in the original brass knocker ...
'The Light on the Way' (2006) (Thailand)
Yothin Narasak depicts Buddha as an ancient image carved in stone. Sunlight plays over the shadowy face, seeming to come from within. Emanating peace and beauty, the symmetrical features are timeless. "I wanted to compare the light around Buddha's face during meditation with the people's faith in th ...
'Visconde de Rio Branco, Rio de Janeiro' (2005) (Brazil)
Setting his easel on Visconde de Rio Branco Street, Carlos A. Miranda captures time passing down the city of Rio de Janeiro. He contrasts the old architecture with elements of modern urban times, myriad cars and busy people marching down the sidewalk. Rio Branco is one of the city's main arteries, h ...
'The Light of Warmth' (2006) (Thailand)
Golden light plays across Buddha's face, turning the features to gold. Filled with warmth and beauty, this portrait is a manifestation of Yothin Narasak's deep faith. The master is youthful yet seems to possess a timeless wisdom, inviting contemplation. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation, ...
'Sea' (2011) (Brazil)
Autumn turns emerald leaves to lemon yellow and sizzling orange. Leaning over a tidal lagoon, they contrast with the verdant splendor of the Brazilian shore. Julieta Sathler paints this radiant landscape, inviting the viewer to linger a while in paradise. Titled "Marinha" in Portuguese.
'A Piece of Heaven' (2010) (Brazil)
Wafting a delicate perfume, ruffled petals represent a bit of heaven itself for Brazilian artist M. Paiva. Breathtaking blossoms in orange and vermilion flood the senses with beauty. Paiva works in acrylics on canvas. Titled "Um pedaço do céu" in Portuguese.
'The Great Mountain' (Thailand)
Samoeng Mountain proves an impressive muse for Thai artist Innop. He captures the majesty of the land surrounding Chiang Mai as he paints this composition on canvas with oils in vivid green hues.
'Looking at the Landscape' (Peru)
Rich textures fill geometric shapes in a powerful painting by Teodoro Reque. Flooded by white light, his composition reveals layers of luminous color. "This is a mountain landscape where silhouettes of snow-capped mountains can be seen along the horizon," the Andean artist confides. Titled "Mirando ...
'Come In' (Ghana)
Memories from his days in the National Service spent in northern Ghana serve as inspiration to David Mawunya Charway. "The people of this area are very hospitable!," confides the Ghanaian artist. "I especially recall the architectural style of the region and its dry withered trees during Harmattan s ...
'Black Veil' (Brazil)
She stands before a mirror, gazing at the voluptuous body that peeks through its black veil. The curves are those of a mature woman, still beautiful. Kassabian captures the poignancy of a woman who is aging as she suggests the subtle changes wrought by time. "The eternal search for youth," she lamen ...
'Dance' (Mexico)
Speaking an abstract language of color, Gerard Terrien conveys his perception of dance. Amorphous shapes move together with grace and harmony, performing a folk dance with a sense of ritual. Rippling line conjures full, ruffled skirts. Titled "Danza" in Spanish.
'The Soul' (Mexico)
Overpowering fields of darkness, the soul emerges in deep, warm colors. Gerard Terrien gives form to the unseen, fusing the texture of each hue as an element of its own. This dramatic abstract is a work of deep reflection. Titled "El alma" in Spanish.
'Life' (Mexico)
Superimposed upon the intensity and vibration of hot orange, Gerard Terrien represents life in an explosion of color. The vivid contrast of clear yellow, dominant black, shades of rose and delicate traces of white suggest endless change. Titled "La vida" in Spanish.
'Window' (Mexico)
Strong and rigid, a window dominates this abstract by Gerard Terrien. It overlooks a vast landscape of flower-filled meadows at sunset. The artist suggests a hot wind that blows through tall grasses. Titled "Ventana" in Spanish.
'Melody of Hope II' (Peru)
Wind caresses her flowing tresses while she strums a red mandolin. A green bird wings its way across the canvas and the red moon hovers low in the sky. "Human sweetness is expressed in the tenderness of a woman's eyes, the beauty of her continuing song, making music and art in every time and moment. ...
'Target' (Ghana)
"All the different faces have one eye closed as people try to focus their aim," says Nii Teiko Aryeetey as he explains his composition. "They are trying to keep their eye on the goal. They want to be focused on what they want and not be distracted by other things."
'Lilies' (Guatemala)
Lilliana Guzman compares the fresh beauty of a bouquet of white calla lilies against the aged appearance of weathered walls that have been painted over and over through time. And yet the walls will remain and the natural beauty of the flowers will fade away. Working with acrylics, Guzman paints a co ...