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Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition
Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition includes key features below and more. PC Health Check provides 360° PC healthy status check. 1-click to check all the most important items of your PC & Windows and 1-click to fix all the weak items affecting your PC health. Windows Recovery provides a complete solution to recover your corrupt Windows. TuneUp Kit cleans your Windows registry; Enables you to ...
69.95 USD
Spotmau BootSuite 2011
Spotmau BootSuite2011 is a complete emergency toolkit that can best fit those users who are left at a loss when computers. It is the No.1 Boot Utility Disk - highly praised as “lifesaver� by world-famous PC Mag editor. It includes more than 40 utility functions: Boot up any computer, Rescue crashed Windows and hard drive, Rescue data from crashed or damaged computer, Partition, format, ...
49.95 USD
Spotmau PowerSuite 2011
Spotmau PowerSuite 2011 is a big helper for ordinary users who need assistance in computer maintenance and optimization. It includes more than 40 features, such as PC Health Check, Optimize and speed up computer, Diagnose and fix registry and system errors, Clean up computer activity tracks, Build "Personal Safe" for sensitive data, Backup and restore files and system, Clone, partition, and format ...
39.95 USD
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Spotmau Password Kit
Password Kit includes three modules: Windows Administrator/User Password, Password Finder and MS Key Finder. Windows Admin/User Password Recovery can easily clear or reset Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Vista/7 32/64 bits administrator/user password. Password Finder helps you instantly recover your passwor ...
34.95 USD
Spotmau TuneUp Kit
TuneUp Kit provides the full solution to Increase PC & Windows Performance, Clean and Customization your Windows. It includes 3 sections: Windows Speedup, Windows Cleaner and Customization. Windows Speedup performs system speedup to further optimize your system performance. Windows Cleaner intellect ...
34.95 USD
Spotmau Emergency Kit
Emergency Kit includes two tools: Windows Backup and Windows Recovery. Windows Backup will backup your entire system including your applications, personal settings and partition table. You can restore your corrupted Windows to original Windows before backup with a few clicks. Windows Recovery provid ...
34.95 USD
Spotmau Data Recovery Kit
Data Recovery Kit is a fast and reliable utility software to rescue/restore files and data from various data and drive problems. It can restore accidentally deleted, erased, formatted, lost or missing files; restore corrupted or damaged data and storage device; restore data from device access proble ...
29.95 USD
Spotmau Data Backup Kit
Data Backup Kit can clone/copy entire disk including Windows, programs, files and personal settings to a new disk/partition in several clicks. Never need to reinstall Windows and programs. Save your time and money. Clone Genius provides all kinds of clone options: Disk to Disk, Disk to Image, Disk f ...
29.95 USD
Spotmau Windows Password Finder
Windows Password Finder can instantly reset/find any Windows/Computer password. With only 3 steps, you can login computer again. It even can reset administrator password. It support all Windows versions, all computer models and support 32-bit/64-bit.
29.95 USD
Spotmau Password & Key Finder
Password & key finder can recover email password including hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL mail and more; recover messenger password including MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk; recover Outlook password, Access password; recover IE AutoComplete password, dialup and DSL connection password and more. I ...
29.95 USD
Spotmau Privacy Kit Pro 2011
Privacy Kit has four functions: Program Lockup, File Shredder, File Encryption, Personal Safe.Program Lockup will lock up your program(e.g. chatting tools, IE, office software) that you do not want others to use. File Shredder will delete files and folders permanently. No one in the world can recove ...
29.95 USD
Spotmau Partition Genius
This is a powerful tool which allows you to manage your hard disk partitions, such as creating partitions, deleting partitions, hiding partitions, formatting partitions, splitting partitions, merging partitions, resizing partitions and rebuilding the lost partition table. In addition, it provides so ...
24.95 USD
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